Quicken 2012

Best personal accounting software

  • Detailed account tracking
  • Budgeting, planning and savings tools
  • Debt-reduction tool
  • Automatic data downloads and categorization
  • Automatic currency exchange rate download
  • Installation populates desktop with ads
  • Expensive phone support
  • More complexity than some will want
  • No mobile apps (at all)
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Following on from previous successful Quicken software, the Quicken 2012 suite of products (*Est. $30 and up) continue to receive praise from reviewers for the longevity of the products and for the completeness of their features. Note: Quicken's policy is to support the online features of yearly versions of its products for two years prior to the current version. Therefore, Quicken 2010 users will be able to use its online features (downloading transactions, online bill pay) only until April 30, 2013.

There are several features new to the Quicken 2012 personal finance line of software. The budget feature has been redesigned to automatically create a budget for your top five spending categories, and you can also create a customized debt repayment plan. Investors will appreciate the automatic downloading of transactions into their investment accounts, and people dealing in multiple currencies can now download the latest currency exchange rates, instead of having to enter them manually. The addition of large-size fonts and more account bars is designed to help the ease of use of Quicken programs.

Quicken 2012, like its predecessors, comes in four PC versions as well as one for Mac computer users -- Quicken Essentials (*Est. $60). The PC versions include Quicken Starter (*Est. $30), which has basic tools for tracking accounts, bills, debt and investments, documenting tax deductions, and paying bills online; and Quicken Deluxe (*Est. $35), which adds the ability to download and track your 401(k), IRA and investment account information, along with more advanced portfolio management, savings and tax-planning tools. For most users, Quicken Premier (*Est. $50) offers more features than they'll ever need, with great home page displays of cash flow and other financials, document scanning, the ability to attach documents electronically to transactions, superior management and planning tools, stronger reports and excellent portfolio tracking. 

Quicken is widely reviewed. The software receives accolades from TopTenReviews.com, About.com and others. However, users as a group at Amazon.com are not overly pleased with their Quicken personal software.

Quicken Essentials for Mac [Old Version]
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Quicken Starter Edition 2012 [Download] [OLD VERSION]
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Quicken Deluxe 2012 [OLD VERSION]
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Quicken Premier 2012 [Download] [OLD VERSION]
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Intuit Quicken Deluxe 2012 Set Goals & Manage Your Finances

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The Editors of TopTenReviews award Quicken Starter edition 2012 the silver medal in their 2012 roundup of personal finance software. Receiving full marks for banking and bill paying as well as tax options, they state that Quicken Starter edition 2012 was easy to install, requiring just a few hours to set up the system. However, they note that the ability to import old files from previous versions of the product is difficult.

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2. About.com

Shelley Elmblad reviews the Quicken suite of personal finance products, including the 2012 Starter edition, the Deluxe edition and the Premier edition. She says that, overall, Quicken 2012 offers "some solid feature enhancements" and has a cleaner look compared to previous versions.

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3. Amazon.com

The user reviewers at Amazon.com are not overly pleased with their Quicken 2012 personal finance software. More than 200 contributors give the Quicken 2012 Premier edition an average of 2.5 stars out of 5, and more than 400 reviewers award the 2012 Deluxe edition the same score. The 2012 Starter edition does as poorly. Most of the complaints cite the limited feature upgrades from Quicken 2011.

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This review of Quicken Deluxe 2012 is more of a list of its features than a considered evaluation of the product. The reviewer says that it has a "well-designed and intuitive interface", and praises its online banking features.

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