Drift HD Ghost Review

Updated January 31, 2014
Drift HD Ghost
Bottom Line

The Drift HD Ghost definitely won't give you the best possible video quality. However, it has other advantages that may outweigh this drawback for some users. It includes tons of useful features: a rotating lens, an LCD viewscreen and a handy wrist remote. Reviewers say it's really easy to use right out of the box. And finally, its battery life is the best we've seen, at three hours per charge.

Ease of use

Packed with features. The Drift HD Ghost has lots of features that reviewers love. Its lens rotates a full 300 degrees, letting you position the camera pretty much anywhere on your body and capture the angle you want. Its 2-inch LCD viewscreen makes it much easier to frame shots, adjust settings and review your footage. Reviewers also love the wireless remote you can strap to your wrist. Moreover, most reviews describe the Ghost as easy to use right out of the box. The menu system is easy to follow (though Joshua Goldman at CNET says it "can be a pain to navigate"), and the smartphone app is described as "intuitive" and "robust."

ProsUseful features, Excellent battery life, Waterproof coreConsMixed reviews on video quality, Heavy


Video quality is iffy. Reviewers differ widely over the Ghost's video and audio performance. Eugene Kim of PCMag.com praises its "crisp, detail-rich video footage," while Brent Rose and Michael Hession of Gizmodo.com say it's lacking in detail and the color skews toward green. Several reviews note that images taken in low light are very grainy. In a head-to-head test at MTBR.com, the Ghost comes out best among six cameras for audio quality, yet another comparison test says the audio quality is poor, and Rose and Hession complain of a "high-pitched shrieking tone." One thing all reviewers agree on, however, is that the Ghost is absolutely tops for battery life, holding a charge for as long as three hours.


Hefty build. One of the biggest complaints about the Drift HD Ghost is that, at 5.9 ounces, it's heavier than most action cameras. The Telegraph's Paul Davies says its utilitarian styling is "unlikely to win any prizes for beauty." However, the camera does win some points for its sturdiness. Davies says it "feels reassuringly tough," and Gizmodo.com's Rose and Hession note that the viewscreen is protected by Gorilla Glass. One big advantage is that the Ghost is waterproof right out of the box, with no need for a case. However, it can only go down to a depth of 9 feet; beyond that, you'll need a waterproof housing (not included).

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Billy Brown of Wired likes the Drift HD Ghost better than most of his colleagues. He awards it 8 points out of 10 ("Excellent, with room to kvetch") for its "simple out of box-use," long battery life and great features. On the downside, he says it's heavy and pricey.

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