Abena Abri-San Premium Review

Abena Abri-San Premium Review
Bottom Line

If your incontinence is mild to moderate and you don't want to wear a brief-style diaper or disposable underwear, reviewers say Abena Abri-San pads are one of the most absorbent pads on the market. While the Abena Abri-San is constructed with a leak guard and a waterproof plastic backing, the product is not nearly as leak-proof as a brief-style adult diaper fastened with tape. Pads, however, are less bulky while still offering reasonable protection.

ProsCan be worn with regular underwear, Good for mild incontinence, Discreet under clothingConsNot as leak-proof as adult diapers

Breaking it down


A great solution for occasional or mild-to-moderate incontinence. Abena Abri-San Premium pads come in a variety of sizes, ranging from a mono (1) pad that's rated to absorb 200 ml (6.7 ounces) to the Abri-San X-Plus (11), which absorbs a total of 3,400 ml (114 ounces) -- a shockingly high capacity for a disposable pad; the normal (4) pad is rated at 800 ml (around 27 ounces). However, regardless of the capacity, pads like these may be better suited to people with mild to moderate incontinence than those with severe incontinence because they can be prone to leaks, users say.

Ease of use

Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to remove. Abena Abri-San Premium pads aren't as bulky as traditional disposable diapers, so they can be worn discreetly inside regular underwear or optionally under specially designed washable mesh pants. The largest sizes provide nearly the same absorbency levels as the best full adult diapers without the hassle of tape tabs. Abena Abri-San's design also allows for easy removal, as users can simply tear them out of the host underwear and replace them without getting undressed.

Odor absorption

Double absorption core designed to neutralize smells. Abena Abri-San Premium pads contain a two-layer, super-absorbent core designed to protect the skin and prevent the development of unpleasant odors. However, we did not find enough feedback to rate how effective the pads are in controlling smells.

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