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Est. $68 for 64 pads
Abena Abri-San X-Plus

  • Can be worn with regular underwear
  • Good for mild incontinence
  • Discrete under clothing
  • Not as absorbent as adult diapers
  • Not as leak-proof as adult diapers
Where to Buy conducts the best testing of adult diapers, although the only pads rated are made by Abena. User reviews are scarce for any kind of adult diapers. We found a brief message-board discussion on, where users agree the Abena Abri-San is a good pad, and there is some advice about how best to hold them in place.

If your incontinence is mild and you don't want to wear a briefs-style diaper or disposable underwear, reviewers say the Abena Abri-San X-Plus is the most absorbent pad. Pads can be worn with snug-fitting regular underwear, or with special underwear designed to hold the pads in place. While the Abena Abri-San X-Plus is constructed with a "leak guard" and a waterproof plastic backing, these are not nearly as leak-proof as a briefs-style adult diaper that is fastened with tape. Pads, however, are less bulky while still offering a reasonable absorbency. The Abena Abri-San also comes in two lower absorbencies – midi and super. If your incontinence is moderate to severe, reviewers most frequently recommend the high-absorbency Abena Abri-Form X-Plus brief-style diaper (*est. $15 for a package of 14 medium), which attaches with tape in four places. Disposable underwear like the Abena Abri-Flex (*est. $16 for a package of 14 medium) is another option.

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Abena Abri-San Premium Pads, X-Plus 11, Case/64 (4/16s)

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1. XP, a retailer website, tests the pads it sells in a lab, although there's no indication that anyone wore these as part of the lab exercises. Only Abena Abri-Form pads are rated by absorbency, and the Abena Abri-San X-Plus has the highest such rating.

Review: Incontinence Pads, Guards and Booster Inserts, Gary Evans


On this informal message-board thread, two posters discuss how well the Abena Abri-San pads stay in place.

Review: Thread: Abri-San Pads, Contributors to

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