July 2013
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Est. $65 for 90 briefs
Molicare Super Plus Adult Diapers

Best brief-style disposable adult diaper

  • Highly absorbent
  • Comfortable padded panels
  • Hardly ever leaks
  • A little bulky
  • Plastic covering can irritate skin
  • Larger sizes may run small
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Bottom line

Widely regarded as one of the best high-absorbency adult diapers on the market today, the Molicare Super Plus brief is an excellent answer to daily incontinence. Its super-absorbent core makes it ideal for overnight use or heavy bladder and bowel leakage, and reviewers say the padded panels make for a comfortable fit. These briefs also feature DryPlus polymer fiber filling and standing anti-leak guards for containment. All in all, expect both protection and comfort.


Protects all through the night, and then some. In XP Medical's comparative absorbency test, the Molicare Super Plus took in a total of 46 ounces of fluid -- an admirable yield, in league with some of the other most absorbent brands of adult briefs. But the Super Plus truly shines in the test's "wicking distance" category. Outdoing any of the other contenders, it absorbed fluid over the space of 18 inches, allowing much of the padding to be used before needing to change.

Users at and agree that the diaper holds up for overnight use and that the extra coverage offers plenty of security, and one owner at said that the diapers still provide protection after three separate wettings.

Ease of use

A secure, snug fit. The general consensus seems to be that the briefs are comfortable to wear, although a review by the Incontinence Resource Center warns that the brand's sizing at the larger end of the spectrum is somewhat skewed. (They advise taking four to five inches off the size specifications for the larger sizes.) praises the Super Plus for its comfortable fit, and reviewers at agree but say the briefs are a little bulky. In his review for Slate, Justin Peters writes, "Bulkier than its domestic counterparts, the Molicare is nonetheless a more wearable product, thanks to its superior fit, which envelops your netherlands snugly and completely." One user at complained that the tape was difficult to attach.

Odor absorption

High-tech materials keep odors at bay. The Super Plus' three-part absorbent core is designed to neutralize odor, and most users seemed satisfied with this feature, as it went mostly unmentioned in owner reviews.

A reviewer at Incontinence Resource Center writes, "Over the last several years, the Molicare Super Plus has really shot up in price in comparison to other premium imported adult diapers ... Do I think this product is worth that kind of price? For the peace of mind it gives me in leakage and odor control protection ... absolutely!"

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Our Sources

1. XP is an adult diaper retailer website that puts its products through rigorous testing in a lab. The research sheds much light on how the briefs perform in real-life use. In a pool of 10 products, the Super Plus came in the mid-range for capacity, but excelled in wicking.

Review: Adult Diaper Review and Testing, Gary Evans, Not dated


The Incontinence Resource Center on rates adult briefs in a number of categories, such as fit and absorbency, and goes on to detail some of the product's features. The Super Plus receives high marks in almost every category, but receives an "Average" score for fit, ease of putting on and ease of removal.

Review: Molicare Super Plus Adult Briefs Full Review, Editors of, Not dated

3. Magic Medical

This retailer website compares a number of adult briefs based on absorbency and other features. The Molicare Super Plus is one of two briefs recommended. The briefs don't appear to be tested, and the website doesn't list any methodology for recommendations.

Review: Which Adult Diaper Is for You?, Editors of, Not dated


This incontinence product retailer recommends Molicare Super Plus Briefs for "very severe bladder and bowel leakage with heavy gushes of urine." It classifies them as "Heavy/Plus Extended Wear," the highest absorbency rating, and claims they hold 60 ounces more than the Molicare Super Brief. The website does not list any details about testing.

Review: Molicare Super Plus Briefs, Editors of, Not dated


This highly informative how-to guide for newly incontinent adults repeatedly recommends Molicare disposable diapers, saying that their absorbency is worth the premium price. The article is conversational and the author doesn't appear to have conducted any sort of formal testing, but it's still a good resource.

Review: The New Diaper Primer: Chapter 1A: Disposable Diapers, Editors of, Not dated


NorthShore Care Supply, an incontinence product retailer, does not review any of the diapers it sells, but it places the Molicare Super Plus among its recommended overnight briefs, saying it provides moderate protection. The Abena Abri-Form X-Plus takes the top spot.

Review: Overnight Fitted Briefs, Editors of, Not dated


This article takes a lighthearted tone. Peters performs his own makeshift field-test, ranking a few brands of diapers based on absorbency, longevity and style. The write-up, while humorous, is hardly comprehensive, although it is nice to get a detailed description of how it feels to wear the different diapers. Molicare Super Plus gets a perfect score for absorbency and longevity, making it the highest-ranking adult diaper tested.

Review: What's the Best Adult Diaper?, Justin Peters, Sept. 10, 2008


Molicare Super Plus briefs receive an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Almost a dozen users give the briefs stellar marks, while one user gives them 1 star, complaining that he believed their quality had recently gone downhill. Most users praise the diapers' absorbency and comfort.

Review: Molicare Super-Plus Briefs Size Medium Pk/14, Contributors to, As of June 2013


The briefs receive a nearly perfect score here, based on about 15 reviews. All but one user said they would recommend them to a friend. While most of the users lauded the Super Plus as one of the best briefs on the market, one reviewer complained that the plastic coverings could lead to skin issues.

Review: Molicare Super Plus Briefs, Contributors to, As of June 2013

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