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Adult Diapers: Ratings of Sources

Total of 16 Sources
1. XP Medical.com
Not dated
Adult Diaper Review and Testing
by Gary Evans
Our AssessmentThis adult diaper retailer does extensive testing on the products it carries. It provides a wealth of information on the dimensions, absorbency and capabilities of a number of adult briefs, and it also supplies a brief review of each product. Even though this is a retail website, we found the testing to be appropriate and balanced. Downsides are that comfort is not addressed, and mainstream supermarket brands such as Depend are not included.
Disposable Adult Diapers Reviews
by Editors of IncontinenceSupport.info
Our AssessmentIncontinence Resource Center rates 13 brands of diapers according to several criteria, including both wet and dry comfort, absorbency, rewet absorbency and ease of removal. The authors fail to describe how they conduct the testing. Abena, Molicare and DryCare get the highest ratings here, with top marks for fit, ease of use, comfort while dry and absorbency. The reviews, although a little informal and anecdotal, are detailed and informative.
The New Diaper Primer
by Editors of IncontinentSupport.org
Our AssessmentThe New Diaper Primer is an excellent source of information on wearing diapers for incontinence. While diapers aren't compared directly, the authors say Molicare makes an excellent premium diaper. They caution against what they call "cheaper store brand diapers," saying they are prone to leakage. However, no test results are provided to back up that assessment.
Tips & Advice: Breathable Outer Layer Briefs Comparison Chart
by Editors of NationalIncontinence .com
Our AssessmentThis retailer offers several informative, comprehensive comparison charts on different types of adult diapers and incontinence products. Each list is comprised of over a dozen premium products, which are ranked as "Good," "Better" or "Best." National Incontinence says the ratings are based on absorbency, cost and wearability, although the website doesn't appear to have conducted any formal testing. The charts also list the cost per diaper and delineate key features of the products.
Molicare Super Plus Briefs
by Editors of NewFreedomSolutions.com
Our AssessmentNewFreedomSolutions.com, another incontinence management products retailer, gives the Molicare Super Plus its official recommendation, saying it works well for "severe bladder and bowel leakage with heavy gushes of urine" and provides "[m]aximum security for day and night use." The website doesn't appear to have done any testing on the product, but its key features are listed.
6. NorthShoreCare.com
Not dated
Adult Diapers & Pads
by Editors of NorthShoreCare.com
Our AssessmentNorthShore Care Supply doesn't review adult diapers, but it does give Abena's Abri-Form X-Plus brief its top recommendation. While the descriptions mention excellent absorbency, it's not clear how this was determined or if Abena was compared to other brands of adult diapers.
7. Slate.com
Sept. 10, 2008
What's the Best Adult Diaper?
by Justin Peters
Our AssessmentThis lighthearted feature about adult diapers was written for Slate's "Geezers" issue. The author, a 27-year-old man, personally field-tests a variety of adult diapers and rates them for wearability, absorbency, longevity and style, although his methods are far from scientific. He tests a Kroger store brand diaper, a Depend Super Plus, an Attends Super Plus and a Molicare Super Plus. Ultimately, he names the Molicare Super Plus the superior product, saying it has a better fit and that it is "orders of magnitude more absorbent" than the other products.
8. Amazon.com
As of July 2013
Protective Briefs & Underwear
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com is an online retailer that allows users to post reviews of the products it sells, including a good selection of incontinence supplies. Several adult diapers have only one or two user reviews, though, and most have none at all. The few reviews that are posted provide a good balance between positive and negative.
9. Walgreens.com
As of July 2013
Incontinence Products
by Contributors to Walgreens.com
Our AssessmentWalgreens.com is the online presence of the ubiquitous American pharmacy. It has a fairly large selection of incontinence products, and many of the user reviews are descriptive and informative. Walgreens Certainty Fitted Briefs, Depend Silhouette and Depend Real Fit all are reviewed about 50 times and get mostly positive reviews.
10. Drugstore.com
As of July 2013
Incontinence Aids
by Contributors to Drugstore.com
Our AssessmentThis online pharmacy offers a wide range of adult incontinence products. While some of the diapers it sells have only a few user reviews, quite a few get more than 30. The reviewers are asked to list pros, cons, the best uses for the product and whether they would recommend the product to a friend.
11. Overstock.com
As of July 2013
by Contributors to Overstock.com
Our AssessmentOverstock.com is a discount-price online retailer that sells a number of premium adult incontinence products. It allows users to post reviews based on their experiences with their purchases. Most of the products aren't reviewed more than 10 times.
12. Walmart.com
As of July 2013
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentThe online outpost of Walmart offers a place for users to review a variety of incontinence products. Not all of the diapers have been reviewed, but the site is a good source of owner opinions for some products. Brands including Tena, Assurance and Depend are reviewed most often.
13. ParentGiving.com
As of July 2013
Adult Diapers & Incontinence
by Contributors to ParentGiving.com
Our AssessmentThis website provides information on elder care, and it also sells incontinence products. Some of the user reviews are particularly informative. The senior care resource also has a helpful Buyer's Guide that recommends a few specific products, including the Molicare Super Plus and the Tranquility Premium Overnight diaper.
14. EMedicalNow.com
Oct. 10, 2012
Tranquility Diaper Review -- Tranquility Overnight Underwear
by Editors of EMedicalNow.com
Our AssessmentEMedical, an incontinence supply source, provides what it calls a "review" of Tranquility Overnight Underwear, although the text reads more like marketing copy than thoughtful analysis. The article refers to the Overnight diaper as "Tranquility's highest absorbing disposable underwear."
15. BedwettingStore.com
As of July 2013
Disposable Products
by Contributors to BedwettingStore.com
Our AssessmentThis online adult diaper retailer allows users to post reviews and ratings of the products it carries. While some products have few reviews or none at all, a few have over a dozen. Users are asked to list pros, cons, best uses and whether they would recommend the product to a friend.
16. Magic Medical
Not dated
Which Adult Diaper Is for You?
by Editors of MagicMedical .com
Our AssessmentMagic Medical carries a good selection of adult diapers, including both brief and pull-up styles. Although it doesn't include full reviews, their comparison chart contains useful information on absorbency and features. Molicare's Super Plus is rated the most absorbent and gets their top recommendation.
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