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Kenmore 70101

Est. $330
June 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Kenmore 70101 (10,000 BTU)

  • Efficient cooling performance
  • Easy to install
  • Variety of features
  • A bit loud
  • Limited airflow to right side
  • A few durability complaints; poor customer service
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Bottom Line

Like the best rated Frigidaire FRA106CV1 (Est. $310) , the Kenmore 70101 has enough power to cool a room of around 400 square feet. Its efficiency, cooling performance, noise level, ease of use and warranty are comparable to the Frigidaire's. However, it's a bit more expensive, and reviews indicate that it's not as durable. It also lacks the Frigidaire's remote-sensing thermostat, though it does have a variety of other features.


Powerful but directionally challenged. With an EER of 10.8, the Kenmore is just as efficient as the best rated Frigidaire FRA106CV1 (Est. $310) . Its scores in professional tests for cooling performance and noise level are also identical to the Frigidaire's, but it's not as good at directing airflow to the right. Most users agree with the professionals that this air conditioner delivers good cooling power but doesn't direct airflow well: One complains that "we either freeze or sweat" depending on the air direction. Users are divided over the Kenmore's noise level, with some praising its quietness and others complaining that it's much too loud.

Ease Of Use

Nice features. In professional tests, the Kenmore gets only average scores for ease of use, just like the Frigidaire. It doesn't have the remote-sensing thermostat found on the Frigidaire, but it does have other useful features, such as a remote control, auto fan speed and a dirty-filter alert. At 59 pounds, this unit is lighter than other units in its size class, making it easier to install. However, one owner still says that "lugging it up four flights of stairs is a bit of a pain," but that would be true for any window unit.


A few durability problems. At $330, this Kenmore is a bit more expensive than the Frigidaire, and it's lacking the same good durability record. Out of roughly 50 user reviews, we found three reports of mechanical failures. One unit never worked, one broke down after 18 months and a third owner got a nonfunctioning remote control. Although this unit is backed by a standard warranty that includes labor, one owner had to wait more than two weeks for a repair, and another was asked to return the whole unit to receive a functioning remote.

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Kenmore 10,000 BTU Room Air Conditioner ENERGY STAR-70101

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1. rates 44 room air conditioners, including the Kenmore 70101, on such factors as comfort, performance under brownout conditions, directional airflow, noise level and ease of use. They recommend models in three size categories, and ratings are summarized in an easy-to-read chart. Some models are discontinued, however.

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In nearly 60 reviews, the Kenmore 70101 gets an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 at (the only site that sells Kenmore appliances). Users praise its cooling performance and ease of use but are split over its noise level. We also saw a handful of durability complaints.

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