LG LW1216ER Review
Bottom Line

The LG LW1216ER is a top choice for big rooms, according to experts. It's rated at 12,000 BTUs, which is appropriate for a room up to 550 square feet. It's energy efficient, too, earning Energy Star Certified status. Noise levels, while not the absolute lowest in expert testing, are on a par with competing models. You may be able to knock off a few decibels by opting for its non-Energy Certified, but otherwise identical sibling, the LG LW1215ER (Est. $350).

  • Cools quickly and efficiently
  • Dedicated dehumidifier setting
  • Very simple to operate
  • Basic features
  • Difficult installation

Breaking it down


It's the strong, sort-of-silent type. Expert reviews and user feedback indicate that the LG LW1216ER does a great job cooling down spaces up to 550 square feet. In professional testing, it gets an Excellent rating for comfort, a Very Good for noise on low, and a Good for noise on high. In a free article for ConsumerReports.org, the LW1216ER lands on Mary H.J. Farrell's list of the top performing medium-sized air conditioners for 2016, along with it's almost identical twin, the LG LW1215ER. At TheSweethome.com, Liam McCabe tests the LW1216ER's smaller sibling, the LG LW8016ER ($240), and finds the LG's pitch is somewhat less annoying than other units they tested. Because this model is brand new as this report is being compiled (the 16 in the model number stands for 2016), there are no user reviews. And we can't extrapolate comments about noise from reviews of last year's model, the LG LW1215ER, because the LW1216ER is Energy Star Certified, which tends to make the decibel level seem a few ticks higher.

Ease of use

Basic operation, but call a friend for install. There are no specific reviews for the LG LW1216ER regarding installation, but one can certainly extrapolate from the equally sized-and-weighted LG LW1215ER -- and they say it's definitely a task. At TheSweethome.com, McCabe describes the installation of the smaller unit as "cumbersome," so the 81 pound LW1216ER almost definitely will require you to get someone's assistance. However, once it's in place the LG LW1216ER is very simple and straightforward to use: the digital controls are easy to operate and the remote control sticks with the basics. This is a unit built not for luxury, but for performance. However, it may be that minimalist vibe that resulted in LG LW1216ER earning a Best Buy designation in one comparative review.


Standard, one-year warranty. The warranty on the LG LW1216ER is as basic as its operation: one-year. We saw few complaints of durability issues, but LG is notorious for its poor customer service. The comments we saw from those who had issues with various units in this line under warranty simply reinforce that reputation. In some cases, if you buy from a local retail store, you may be better off appealing to their customer service departments. Otherwise, be prepared to be persistent, patient and polite.

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