LG LW6016R Review
Bottom Line

For small rooms, experts say that the LG LW6016R is a great combination of performance and features. On hot days it quickly cools and dehumidifies a hot, stuffy room of up to 250 square feet. It also includes a 24-hour programmable timer and remote control (which can adjust the temperature, fan speed and timer). It's not the quietest AC unit out there, but it's not the loudest either, and most say they get used to it quickly.  

  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Relatively quiet
  • Good array of features
  • Auto restart after power failure
  • Not Energy Star Certified
  • Lower ratings for ease of use

Breaking it down


Cools quickly and quietly. In a professional comparison, editors say the LG LW6016R is one of the top performing window air conditioners for small rooms. In that test, it quickly cooled a 250 square foot room, accurately meeting the temperature set point. Noise was rated as well, and this model was one of the best rated for noise on low speed, earning a score of Very Good, and a Good for noise on high speed. At TheSweethome.com, Liam McCabe tests the larger, 8,000 BTU model, and calls it the "least worst" of the AC's they've tested, noise-wise; both models have decibel ratings of 54 dBA, so can be expected to have similar noise levels. McCabe ultimately recommends the LG LW6016R for a small room based upon the efficiency of the larger unit. The LW6016R is not Energy Star Certified. There are no user reviews of this model yet, since it is very new to the market.

Ease of use

May need to recruit a friend. In the same professional test we mention above, the LG LW6016R earns just a Good for ease of use -- an average score, in other words. That is based upon the layout and intuitive nature of the controls, however, not on installation. At TheSweethome.com, McCabe found that the larger, 8,000 unit was more difficult to install than comparable units he tested, saying that it's, "deeper and heavier toward the back, so it's the trickiest to lift and maneuver onto the windowsill." The model he tested weighs 58 pounds, whereas the LW6016R is slightly lighter at 50 pounds. Still, it's not a deal breaker for him, he says to find a buddy to help and it shouldn't be too difficult. The LG LW6016R includes a 24-hour timer that can turn the unit on and off as needed, cutting down on energy costs, and the remote control lets users adjust the temperature, timer and fan speed from across the room. The filter is washable and a light on the front of the unit reminds you when it's time to clean it.


Standard warranty, below average customer service. Because the LG LW6016R is new for 2016, we saw no feedback regarding durability. This window air conditioner is covered by a one-year warranty that includes in-home service. However, LG gets very poor reviews for its customer service process, not just for air conditioners, but all appliances, with consumers saying they had to call repeatedly, had extreme communication issues with overseas representatives, or that LG took forever to send a repair person. However, keeping a detailed log of your interactions and, if necessary, requesting a supervisor, may be helpful.

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