Bottom Line

The LG LW8015ER is a top-rated window air conditioner for medium rooms, cooling up to 340 square feet with ease. This unit has a decent array of features, including a 24-hour programmable timer, a three-speed fan, auto restart for power failures and a remote with the same controls as the onboard digital display. The energy-saver mode works well, and a separate dry mode removes extra moisture from the air without adding an icy breeze. Installation is judged to be just a touch harder than with some other models.

ProsCools quickly and efficiently, Dedicated dehumidifier setting, Versatile air flow controlConsNot Energy Star Certified, Basic remote control

Breaking it down


Quiet and powerful. The LG LW8015ER is a favorite of owners and experts for its powerful performance. ConsumerReports.org, in a free article, identifies the LW8015ER as one of the top performers in its size class for 2016. Performance is rated as Excellent in professional testing, and noise on the low setting as well as ease of use are rated as Very Good. User reviews for the LW8015ER are strong, overall, most of the complaints we see have to do with noisy operation -- a common issue with all window air conditioners. The LG LW8015ER is not Energy Star Certified, but, with an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 11.3, it's pretty close (the requirement for 2016 is 12 EER). Also, Liam McCabe, responding to a comment at TheSweethome.com notes that a modest increase in energy efficiency often results in a noisier unit. If Energy Star Certification is more important to you than relative noise level, we recommend you buy the LG LW8016 (Est. $240) instead. It's new for 2016, has an EER of 12 and is Energy Star Certified, but is otherwise very similar.

Ease of use

Easy use, harder installation. Like all of the models in this line, the LG LW8015ER has a pretty basic set of features -- there's an on/off timer, but no sleep timer, and buttons to set fan speed and temperature. The remote turns the unit off and on, chooses a mode and changes the temperature, but that's it. The washable filter is easy to access after pulling the front cover down. The four-way vent and louver system make it simple to direct air to the spot you want it. While a few decry the lack of bells and whistles, even more seem to appreciate the simple, straightforward functions. Quite a few people agree that installation is a bit harder than with some competing models, including the necessity of adding sill supports to handle this air conditioner's weight, but McCabe says that if you enlist a friend's help it's not a big deal.


Good feedback. Owner feedback for the LG LW8015ER is pretty positive. Most are pleased with the performance, noise level and build quality, but there is a minority that say their units did not cool sufficiently or otherwise failed shortly after delivery. If things should go wrong, LG's one-year warranty covers parts and labor, sending a service person to your home (or covering the cost of transportation if this is unavailable). This is standard coverage for a window air conditioner, but LG tends to get poor feedback for customer service.

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