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Air Conditioners: Ratings of Sources

Total of 12 Sources
1. ConsumerReports.org
May 2013
Air Conditioners
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumerReports.org rates 44 room air conditioners in this report -- some based on test performance and others based on their similarity to tested models. Editors rate each unit for such factors as comfort, performance under brownout conditions, directional airflow, noise level and ease of use. They recommend models in three size categories, and ratings are summarized in an easy-to-read chart. Some of the recommended models are discontinued, however.
2. TheSweetHome.com
Updated May 29, 2013
Best Air Conditioners
by Seamus Bellamy
Our AssessmentSeamus Bellamy did research online and talked to salespeople in 10 different retail stores to learn about the different types of air conditioners that are available and the factors to consider when choosing one. He also compared professional and user reviews to select his picks for the best air conditioners.
3. Walmart.com
As of June 2013
Air Conditioners
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentWalmart.com has a good selection of window air conditioners, including a few with over 100 reviews. This is one of the few sites that includes user comments on a large variety of air conditioner brands, including Frigidaire, GE, LG and Haier. Frigidaire and GE make all the top-rated models sold here, and a few of them are exclusive to Walmart.
Air Conditioning
by Editors of ACEEE.org
Our AssessmentThe American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency. Its website has lots of information relating to energy-efficient appliances and government tax incentive programs. This page provides advice on how to reduce your need for air conditioning, choose a window air conditioner the right size for your room and keep it running efficiently. However, it does not evaluate or compare specific brands or models.
5. Amazon.com
As of June 2013
Air Conditioners & Accessories
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAlthough hundreds of window air conditioners are sold at Amazon.com, most receive few user reviews or none at all. However, we found four units that receive positive overall ratings from at least 50 owners. We also found somewhat mixed reviews here for three Frigidaire units that are highly rated on other sites. User reviews range from technical, detailed analyses to three-sentence summaries, and they can be sorted by date, rating and helpfulness.
6. Lowes.com
As of June 2013
Room Air Conditioners
by Contributors to Lowes.com
Our AssessmentLowes.com sells half a dozen window air conditioners, all made by Frigidaire. Model numbers here begin with "LRA" to indicate that these units are sold exclusively through Lowe's, but the specs match those of units listed on Frigidaire's site. User reviews include separate ratings for features, quality, design, value and ease of use. Two units here receive more than 100 reviews each, with overall ratings of at least 4.5 stars out of 5.
7. Sears.com
As of June 2013
Window Air Conditioners
by Contributors to Sears.com
Our AssessmentKenmore products are available only at Sears, making this site the best place to find consumer reviews for these units. We found Kenmore models with 4- to 5-star ratings in every size range, from a 5,200-Btu unit suitable for small rooms to a pricey 18,500-Btu unit that some reviews say can cool a whole house. One Frigidaire unit also earns a high overall rating from nearly 100 users.
Air Conditioning, Room
by Editors of EnergyStar.gov
Our AssessmentThe Energy Star program is a voluntary program run by the Environmental Protection Agency to help Americans save energy. It explains the federal Energy Star efficiency criteria for room air conditioners and provides a complete list of all the products that earn the label. This list can be sorted by type, capacity and brand name. The site also provides guidelines on air conditioner sizing.
9. BestBuy.com
As of June 2013
Window Air Conditioners
by Contributors to BestBuy.com
Our AssessmentOver 60 window air conditioners are sold at Best Buy, but few receive more than a handful of owner reviews. A few units -- all Frigidaire models -- have more than 25 reviews and just two of these score better than 4 out of 5 stars. Reviews can be sorted by date, rating and helpfulness, and the site also shows the percentage of reviewers who recommend each product.
10. HomeDepot.com
As of June 2013
Window Air Conditioners
by Contributors to HomeDepot.com
Our AssessmentHomeDepot.com sells more than 80 window air conditioning units, but they come from only a handful of brands. Finding the best-rated models here is a little confusing, as the same air conditioner may appear on two different pages with different reviews on each page. However, we were able to identify two clear standouts: the 8,000-Btu LG LW8012ER and the 6,000-Btu GE AEL06LQ.
11. AJMadison.com
As of June 2013
Room Air Conditioners
by Contributors to AJMadison.com
Our AssessmentMost of the reviews at this appliance retailer are picked up from the manufacturers' websites. This creates a problem with air conditioners from the little-known Friedrich brand, since that site lists reviews for all its air conditioners as a group, rather than for specific models. Thus, the recommendations here for Friedrich air conditioners can't be considered reliable. However, we did find one LG unit that gets strong reviews from at least 25 owners.
12. Good Housekeeping
Not dated
Buying an Air Conditioner
by Editors of Good Housekeeping
Our AssessmentThis article offers useful background information and buying advice for different types of air conditioners, including how to choose the right size unit and what features are most useful. There's also a handy calculator for determining what size unit you need to cool your space. However, no specific models are tested or recommended.
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