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Air Mattresses: Ratings of Sources

Total of 12 Sources
1. SleepLikeTheDead.com
July 2, 2013
Air Mattresses for Temporary/Occasional Use
by Editors of SleepLikeTheDead.com
Our AssessmentThe editors of SleepLikeTheDead.com have analyzed nearly 3,500 individual owner reviews for portable air mattresses (as opposed to permanent air mattresses, covered elsewhere on the site). Based on this data, they rate overall consumer satisfaction with this type of mattress, as well as with specific models. The editors name four specific models that have at least 80 percent owner satisfaction, based on a sample size of at least 75.
2. Buzzillions.com
As of August 2013
Inflatable Mattress and Air Bed Reviews
by Contributors to Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillions.com compiles owner reviews from a variety of online retailers and provides a snapshot of reviews for each product, with an overall rating and a list of the most commonly cited pros and cons. You can sort products by star rating, price or number of reviews, making it easy to find top picks. The reviews here overlap with some of our other user review sources, but not with the two biggest (Amazon.com and Walmart.com).
3. Amazon.com
As of August 2013
Inflatable Beds
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com offers hundreds of airbeds for sale, and some receive hundreds or even thousands of reviews. We found the largest number of reviews for air mattresses made by a low-end brand called Intex, which generally receives above average but not exceptionally high ratings. Other widely reviewed brands are Aerobed and Wenzel Insta-Bed. The top-rated air mattress here is the AeroBed for Kids, which earns 4.7 stars overall from more than 870 owners.
4. Walmart.com
As of August 2013
Air Beds
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentWalmart.com has over 150 products listed under Air Beds, which can be sorted by brand, size, price and star rating. Some of the most popular products here are actually noninflatable cots, but there are a few genuine air mattresses with strong overall ratings. Individual reviews are generally short, but they include information about durability and usage, as well as ratings for value, performance and features.
Air Mattress Buyer's Guide
by Editors of AirMattressInfo.com
Our AssessmentThe editors of this site have personally tested several air mattresses, noting how the controls work, how long each mattress takes to inflate and how well it holds air over time. There's no direct comparison made between mattress models, however, and no mention of any tested mattresses that didn't make the grade. The site was last updated in 2010, but most of the reviewed models are still available.
6. AirMattressBest.com
March 15 , 2013
Best Air Mattress -- Air Mattress Reviews
by "Lisa"
Our AssessmentThe author of this site, "Lisa," is a camping enthusiast who reviews and recommends air mattresses based on her family's experience. Her overall top pick, the AeroBed Guest Choice Air Bed, is now discontinued. However, several of her picks in other categories, such as Best Durable Queen Air Mattress, are still available. Reviews are short and to the point, focusing on each air mattress's pros and cons.
7. Cabelas.com
As of August 2013
by Contributors to Cabelas.com
Our AssessmentCabela's is the single largest seller of outdoor equipment in the world. Its selection of air mattresses is limited -- fewer than 30 models -- but a few of these have dozens or even hundreds of reviews. Individual reviews, which tend to be fairly short, can be sorted by date or star rating. There is also a Q&A section for each air mattress in which store personnel answer users' questions about the product.
8. Viewpoints.com
As of August 2013
Air Beds Reviews
by Contributors to Viewpoints.com
Our AssessmentMany of the airbeds listed here are now discontinued, and few airbeds receive more than a handful of consumer reviews. The only air mattress we found with more than a dozen reviews is the Coleman Double High Quickbed Airbed, with an overall score of 78 out of 100 from over 30 users. Reading through reviews can be tedious, as the site shows only the first few lines of each review unless you click on it.
9. Sears.com
As of August 2013
Air Mattresses
by Contributors to Sears.com
Our AssessmentAbout 50 air mattresses are sold at Sears.com, but most have few or no reviews. We found only one product with a good overall rating from at least 20 users: the Intex Supreme Air-Flow. Although this air mattress gets 4 stars overall, there are many complaints about leaks, and less than 60 percent of buyers say they would recommend the mattress to a friend.
10. ExpoTV.com
As of August 2013
Air Mattress Reviews
by Contributors to ExpoTV.com
Our AssessmentExpoTV.com is a review website where consumers can post video reviews of various products. No air mattress has more than a handful of reviews here, but the individual reviews are useful because they can visually demonstrate the problems and features of a product rather than relying on a verbal description. Two air mattresses earn 5-star overall ratings from multiple users, but one of them is discontinued.
11. GadgetReview.com
Aug. 25, 2010
This Air Mattress Deflates and Stores Itself in the Air Pump
by Chris Gullo
Our AssessmentThis brief single-product review covers the Aerobed Pakmat, which stows away in the pump used to inflate it. Author Chris Gullo touts this air mattress for its easy storage and time-saving characteristics, but it's not clear whether he has actually tested it.
12. MadeMan.com
March 10, 2010
5 Best Air Mattresses with Built In Pump
by Lindsay Noyes
Our AssessmentThis informal review recommends five air mattresses with built-in pumps and provides a brief description of each. It's not clear how author Lindsay Noyes selected these five products, but she doesn't appear to have conducted any formal testing. Her picks include models from Aerobed, Wenzel Insta-Bed and Intex, as well as a discount brand called Home Trends. There's no mention of what other air mattresses she compared them to, however.
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