Air Mattresses : Ratings of Sources

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Air Mattresses: Ratings of Sources

1. Air Mattresses for Temporary/Occasional Use, Editors of, April 2, 2016
The editors of have analyzed 19,645 individual owner reviews for portable air mattresses (as opposed to permanent air mattresses, covered elsewhere on the site). Based on this data, they rate overall consumer satisfaction with this type of mattress, as well as with specific models. The editors name six specific models that have owner satisfaction ratings of 78 to 93 percent, but these are not reviewed in any further detail.
2. Air Mattresses, Contributors to, As of August 2016
Credibility: offers hundreds of airbeds for sale, and some receive hundreds or even thousands of reviews. By far the top-rated brands are SoundAsleep (which is sold exclusively at and Fox Air. This is a great resource for determining the durability of any given air mattress over long-term, real-world use.
3. Air Mattresses, Contributors to, As of August 2016
Credibility: has thousands of products listed under air mattresses, which can be sorted by brand, size, price and star rating. Less expensive brands like Intex and Coleman are prominent here, and they get strong overall ratings. Individual reviews are generally short, but they include information about durability and usage, as well as ratings for value, performance and features. Reviewers can indicate if they would recommend the air bed to a friend.
4. Air Mattress, Contributors to, As of August 2016
There are a good number of air beds available at, both for indoor and for outdoor use. Many get dozens of reviews and very good ratings. Reviews tend to be detailed and helpful, and reviewers have the option to include demographic information. The site also asks specific questions about the product with each review to ensure descriptive accuracy, such as how the color of the actual product compares with the item as pictured.
5. Air Mattresses, Contributors to, As of August 2016
Cabela's carries a large selection of air mattresses for the serious and the casual camper. Some have dozens or even hundreds of reviews, though others have little to no feedback. Individual reviews, which tend to be fairly short, can be sorted by date or star rating. There is also a Q&A section for each air mattress in which store personnel answer users' questions about the product, and they're quite good about doing so.
6. Sleeping Pads, Contributors to, As of August 2016
Geared toward the serious outdoorsperson, carries a good selection of sleeping pads and camping air mattresses for every purpose from cabin or car camping to in-country backpacking excursions. The reviewers here tend to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced campers and speak to what a camper or backpacker wants from an air mattress.
7. Sleep Pad, Contributors to, As of August 2016
Like caters to the serious camper and backpacker. There are fewer sleep pads available here and they get fewer reviews overall, but, again, the reviewers are highly knowledgeable.