Bottom Line

The Blueair 503 is a solid performer capable of cleaning moderately large rooms, such as a living room. Though not inexpensive -- especially if you opt for the optional SmokeStop Filter (Est. $150) for better odor suppression -- both the purchase price and ongoing operating costs are lower than some other well-regarded air cleaners. The Blueair is both fast and effective, tests say. The five year warranty is another plus -- but you'll need to register (free) to get that and remember to change the filters as recommended.

ProsExceptionally quiet at low speed, Ability to clean air in large areas, Captures particles down to 0.1 micron, Energy Star-qualifiedConsNoisy at high speed, Filters must be changed every six months

Breaking it down


Noticeable improvement in air quality. The Blueair 503 is capable of filtering air from medium to large rooms, up to 580 square feet according to its AHAM rating, though some experts say that 400 square feet -- or the size of a typical living room is more realistic. Testing at TheSweethome.com revealed that the 503 was the fastest of any air cleaner tested, making it an especially good choice for busy spots. According to testers at one professional consumer organization, the Blueair 503 does an excellent job at removing dust, pollen and cigarette smoke at its highest setting, and a good job at the low setting. The best results in removing odors requires upgrading to the SmokeStop filters set, but with those in place, the 503 is competitive with the best air purifiers in that regard. Owners note that they notice a difference in allergy symptoms within hours of turning the unit on. The Blueair 503's filter is capable of removing 99.7 percent of particles down to 0.1 microns in size.

Ease of use

Easy to use, simple filter changes. The expert reviewer at AllergyBuyersClub.com give the Blueair 503 a perfect 5-star rating for ease of operation and filter changing. The filters do require replacing every six months, although a filter-change indicator lets owners know when it's time for a replacement and the task is said to be easy. This air purifier weighs about 35 pounds, but caster wheels make the Blueair 503 easier to move from room to room.


Low noise in most regards. In one professional test, the Blueair 503 gets only a fair rating for noise level at the highest speed setting, but an excellent score for noise at the low setting. However, we saw few complaints from owners about the noise levels, even at the highest settings. A few even say they find the noise Òsoothing,Ó more like white noise than an annoyance. As we see with any product that produces any sound at all, there are those who complain that it's too loud.

Cost of ownership

Filter changes every six months add up. The Blueair 503 is one of the more expensive room air purifiers available, although it costs less than some other premium models. It uses Blueair Particle Filters (Est. $80 per set) that must be changed every six months. This ongoing cost contributes to the overall cost of ownership -- and that goes up even more if you opt for the upgraded SmokeStop filters instead. The Blueair 503 is backed by a five-year warranty in case of defects or malfunctions, but you must register the air cleaner to qualify (free), and be able to prove that you've kept up with the filter replacement schedule, so hang on to your receipts.

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