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Air Purifiers: Ratings of Sources

1. Air Purifiers, Editors of, Not Dated
Credibility: conducts hands-on tests of room air purifiers and furnace filters. Each is ranked from best to worst and some are recommended models; a few also get a Best Buy nod. Testers rate each model for dust, pollen and smoke removal (testing room filters on both low and high speeds) and noise at low and high speeds. Editors also estimate the annual cost of ownership for each model, based on energy and filter costs.
2. Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers The AHAM Verification Program for Portable Electric Room Air Cleaners, Editors of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers , As of June 2016
The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) uses an outside lab to verify clean air delivery rates (CADRs) quoted by manufacturers for dust, tobacco smoke and pollen. Manufacturer participation is voluntary, and tested samples are taken randomly from factories, warehouses and dealer showrooms. Air purifiers that are certified to meet Energy Star standards and UL safety standards for ozone emissions are also identified, but that certification is not independently tested.
3. The Best Air Purifier, John Holecek , March 22, 2106
John Holecek, an NOAA scientist, finds the top rated and most popular air purifiers and then subjects them to his own testing. Air purifiers are tested for particle and odor removal, and the methodology is thoroughly explained. One purifier is named best overall, while others that are nearly as good are identified.
4. Air Purifiers, Editors of, As of June 2016
Credibility: is a retail website specializing in products that make life easier for allergy sufferers. Editors rate air purifiers on particle removal, noise level, ease of use, value, build quality and more. Users weigh in with their own feedback as well. Air purifiers are available in a variety of categories, from pet air purifiers to whole-house air purifiers.
5. Furnace Filters and Air Conditioning Filters , Editors of, As of June 2016
Retailer also reviews furnace filters. The top ratings go to pricey washable furnace filters; they cost hundreds of dollars initially, but save money in the long term by eliminating the need for disposable filters. Customer reviews are posted as well, but most filters get little feedback.
6. Air Purifiers , Contributors to, As of June 2016
There are thousands of products listed at in the air purifiers category, consisting of air purifiers, filters and related products and accessories. Honeywell air purifiers consistently get high ratings here, as well as some less expensive models by Holmes, GermGuardian and others. Several air purifiers have accumulated hundreds of owner-written reviews, and some have more than 1,000. Furnace filters are also rated and ranked elsewhere on this site
7. Air Purifiers, Contributors to, As of June 2016
Credibility: lists dozens of home air purifiers. Most receive at least a handful of ratings, though others have more than 100. The write ups tend to be short, but most note whether or not they would recommend an air purifier to a friend.
8. Top 5 HEPA Air Purifiers , Editors and Contributors to , As of June 2016
Credibility: is a site dedicated to products for allergy sufferers. Editors do test some of the units, although the testing process is not well explained. Users also weigh in with their opinions. A list of top 5 HEPA air purifiers is provided.
9. HEPA Air Purifier Reviews , Editors and Contributors to, As of June 2016
This is another retail site that provides expert opinions as well as user feedback. carries fewer brands than some others, however, and the reviews aren't particularly detailed, but some might find the customer case studies and articles on allergies and other topics helpful.