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Apple Laptops and Desktops: Ratings of Sources

Total of 19 Sources
1. PCMag.com
As of July 2013
by Editors of PCMag.com
Our AssessmentPCMag.com covers most Apple laptops and desktops in thorough test-based reviews. Pros and cons are clearly noted, and each computer is rated on a 5-point scale. Benchmark results are also published. PCMag is also one of the best at comparing Apple computers to their PC competitors, so this site is a must-visit if you're still deciding between a Mac and a PC.
2. Macworld
As of July 2012
by Editors of Macworld
Our AssessmentMacworld's reviews are very good, but comparisons to PCs are not made. However, editors do a great job of comparing Apple computers to each other and detailing the differences among them. Each computer is thoroughly tested and rated on a 5-point scale, with all versions of all models rating highly.
As of July 2013
Reviews by Category
by Editors of CNET
Our AssessmentCNET's reviews are thorough and backed by relevant testing data. Most Apple laptops, desktops and tablets are covered in detail, with comparisons made to other Apple models as well as to those from other makers. Ratings are provided, and the very best Apple laptops and desktops are singled out for Editors' Choice recognition.
4. Computer Shopper
As of July 2013
Reviews by Category
by Editors of ComputerShopper.com
Our AssessmentComputerShopper.com has detailed reviews of laptops and desktops. The site covers most of the Apple lineup. Most earn an Editors' Choice award, with the Mac mini the only current Apple computer that fails to earn that distinction.
5. Laptop Magazine
As of July 2013
Apple Laptop Reviews
by Editors of Laptop Magazine
Our AssessmentAs its name suggests, Laptop Magazine mainly tests notebook computers and tablets, so it is not a good source for desktop reviews. Also, it covers fewer Apple devices than some other reviewers. However, the reviews are in-depth and comprehensive, making this a site that's well worth consulting.
6. Engadget.com
As of July 2013
Topic: Apple
by Editors of Engadget.com
Our AssessmentEngadget.com is fast becoming a go-to source for computer reviews. The site has ramped up its coverage of laptops and desktops, though it has abandoned its rating system. Reviews are hands-on and testing based, and the depth of discussion is excellent. Comparisons to competing Windows-based machines are often, but not always, made.
7. The Verge
As of July 2013
Reviews Index
by Editors of TheVerge.com
Our AssessmentTheVerge.com is a relative newcomer among online reviewers, but is already making its mark. Reports are hands-on, comprehensive and critical. The site is not bashful when it comes to handing out less than stellar ratings, which makes it easy to see which desktop and laptop computers are best. This is especially helpful in evaluating Apple products, as the site's scores show greater variation than we see at most other sites.
8. ConsumerReports.org
Not Dated
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumerReports.org rates lots of laptops and desktops, including many made by Apple. Each system is evaluated on performance, ergonomics, features and display; for laptops, battery life is also published. Highs, lows and detailed test results are provided, but discussion is far briefer than what's offered by most other quality reviewers.
9. Anandtech.com
As of July 2013
by Editors of AnandTech.com
Our AssessmentAnandTech.com has some of the most detailed computer reviews online. The multipage analysis is thorough and balanced, and test results are published. The downsides are that no ratings are given and that only a handful of Apple laptops are reviewed.
10. AppleInsider.com
As of July 2013
by Editors of AppleInsider.com
Our AssessmentAppleInsider.com, a Mac-enthusiast website, reviews lots of current Apple devices, but at last glance only a couple of laptops. The analysis is detailed and covers pertinent aspects of performance and usability.
11. TechRadar.com
As of July 2013
PC & Mac Reviews
by Editors of TechRadar.com
Our AssessmentThe write-ups at U.K. site TechRadar.com are less detailed than at some other websites, but the reviewers do personally test the computers with various applications and software. Each computer is also rated on a 5-point scale.
12. TrustedReviews.com
As of July 2013
by Editors of TrustedReviews.com
Our AssessmentBritain's TrustedReviews.com editors write detailed reviews of laptops, desktops and other technology products. In addition to an overall rating, each computer receives subratings for battery life, design, features, performance and value. The best models earn a Recommended award.
13. T3.com
As of July 2013
by Editors of T3.com
Our AssessmentT3.com, based in Great Britain, tests a number of Apple computers -- although reviews are much shorter than those from the sources above, can sometimes be a challenge to find and often come in the form of a brief video. Most Apple models earn the same 4-star rating.
14. PC Advisor
As of July 2013
Most Popular Reviews
by Editors of PC Advisor
Our AssessmentBritain's PC Advisor has solid reviews of Apple laptops and desktops. The magazine assigns each computer an overall rating, in addition to individual ratings on build quality, features and value. Most Apple laptops, desktops and tablets score very well.
15. PC Pro
As of July 2013
Apple Reviews
by Editors of PC Pro
Our AssessmentPC Pro is another U.K.-based technology site that posts brief reviews of laptops, tablets and desktops. Although its analysis is not on par with sites like PCMag.com or Macworld, PC Pro does publish illustrated benchmark results, and each Apple computer is rated. Individual ratings are also given for features, value and performance. The best computers earn a Recommended label, but relatively few Apple laptops or desktops have been reviewed of late.
16. Arstechnica.com
As of July 2013
Mac Hardware
by Editors of ArsTechnica.com
Our AssessmentArsTechnica.com has excellent reviews of Apple laptops and desktops that are comprehensive, balanced and backed by thorough testing. The site doesn't test as many models as other sources, however, and ratings are not given.
17. Expert Reviews
As of July 2013
by Editors of Expert Reviews
Our AssessmentWhile England's Expert Reviews used to have hit-and-miss coverage of Apple products, it now reviews all current Apple laptops. Reviews are relatively short compared to sources like Laptop Magazine or PCMag.com, but they do a good job of covering the highlights and lowlights of any given product.
18. Amazon.com
As of July 2013
Apple Computers & Accessories
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com is a good spot for user reviews of Apple desktops and laptops. Amazon.com sells a good assortment, and despite the wide variety one common thread can be found throughout: Customers are very happy with all of the products Apple offers.
19. PCMag.com
Feb. 20, 2013
Readers' Choice Awards 2013: Laptops and Desktops
by Ben Gottesman
Our AssessmentPCMag.com conducts yearly surveys to gauge reader satisfaction with various products, including laptops, desktops and tablet computers. Respondents report instances of repair (both quantity and quality), experiences with tech support (quantity of instances, quality of problem solving) and other information about contact with manufacturers. Apple scores 2013 Readers' Choice awards in the laptops and desktops categories, though some PC vendors have closed the gap and are honored as well.

Apple Laptops and Desktops Runners Up:

13-inch MacBook Pro Est. $1,200 and up

5 picks including: Amazon.com, Anandtech.com…

15-inch MacBook Pro Est. $1,800 and up

4 picks including: About.com, Amazon.com…

21-inch iMac Est. $1,300 and up

2 picks including: Amazon.com, Arstechnica.com…

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