Ahh Bra Review
Bottom Line

The Pitch: No more poking, prodding, itching or scratching!

The Verdict: Itching or scratching? What does that have to do with bras?

  • Comfortable
  • Doubles as a layered camisole
  • No support
  • Thin, flimsy material
  • Rolls up
  • Runs small

Sorry, we got distracted by the whole itching and scratching thing. Yes, we know bras can be uncomfortable and they can poke and you can prod to try to keep them from poking, but itching and scratching? We're scratching our heads on that one.

But we digress. The Ahh Bra claims to be the most comfortable bra you will ever own, and say it will eliminate pinching, binding, chafing, discomfort, bra bulge and underarm cleavage. That's a tall order for such a little bra. Except it's not really little at all, rather the Ahh Bra seems to be a cross between a tank top, sports bra, camisole and upper body shaper (in that it extends down past the traditional bra under band by several inches). The Ahh Bra was developed by former Playboy Bunny Rhonda Shear, a profession that one would assume makes you an expert in all things bra.

Alas, in spite of that high level of expertise, the Ahh Bra is not a perfect solution for everyone -- especially if you're big-busted. It's comfortable, for the most part, but finding the right fit is a bit of a crapshoot. Unlike traditional bras, which take your band size and cup size into account, the Ahh Bra is based upon what size shirt you wear. In other words, if you wear a medium shirt, you buy a medium bra. I'm sure anyone who wears a bra understands the problem with that system: It doesn't take into account the differences in a "medium-sized" female person. As a result, many owners report too-tight (or too-loose) fitting bras, as well as bunching, rolling, binding and unsightly bulges. All of those issues the Ahh Bra claims to prevent.

Also problematic is the lack of support you get with the Ahh Bra. It's a light cotton material with no padding or lift system, just darted cups. That can mean showing a bit more "headlight" than you're comfortable with, or, if you're large busted, dealing with a distracting level of jiggle. The Ahh Bra also does not provide the type of lift and definition that give you a smooth silhouette and keep your clothes from wrinkling, pulling and bunching that a good bra offers.

Some less-well-endowed women say it's a fine bra for light exercise, but we wouldn't recommend it for anything beyond that. A supportive bra is a must for anyone who exercises at any level faster than a leisurely stroll. For suggestions that will fit you, see our separate report on sports bras.

The best use of the Ahh Bra, almost all agree, is as a bra for wearing around the house when you're in your comfy clothes, or as a nighttime bra. If you do need a basic, comfortable bra, there's no reason not to buy the Ahh Bra. It's not particularly pricey, it comes in a wide range of colors, and, if you can hit on the right size, you'll probably be very satisfied.

Our Sources

1. Amazon.com

Ahh By Rhonda Shear Women's Ahh Bra, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of March 2016

The Ahh Bra earns an overall rating here of 3.8 stars out of 5. Those who get the right fit say it's very comfortable, but not really thick enough or supportive enough for anything other than an around-the-house or sleep bra. There are quite a few issues with bras not fitting, either being too small or too large.

2. HSN.com

Rhonda Shear Seamless "Ahh Bra" 2-pack, Contributors to HSN.com, As of March 2016

In more than 1,640 reviews, the Ahh Bra earns a rating of 3 stars out of 5, with a lot of fit complaints -- especially from larger-busted women who say the bra is uncomfortably tight. Those who get the right fit say they are very comfortable, but the bra is too thin to wear under form fitting clothing.

3. Walmart.com

As Seen on TV Ahh Bra, Nude, Contributors to Walmart.com, As of March 2016

About 40 reviewers give the Ahh Bra an overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5, with most saying the support is nonexistent and the bra is too thin and unsubstantial. Again, those who get the right fit say it's very comfortable.

4. Boosaurus.com

Ahh Bra Review, Editor of Boosaurus.com, Sept. 27, 2012

This anonymous bra fit blogger received an Ahh Bra in exchange for a review, and what follows is a thorough and obviously honest overview -- with accompanying pictures showing how her clothes fit while wearing the Ahh Bra and with her normal bra. She concludes that it's best for casual wear around the house.

5. SophisticatedPair.com

Product Review: The Ahh Bra, "Erica", Sept. 18, 2012

As with the editor of Boosaurus.com, "Erica" received a free Ahh Bra in exchange for her review, and, again, it's thorough, honest and includes helpful photos to show the difference between the bra's hype and the bra's reality. Her conclusion is that the Ahh Bra does not live up to its hype.

Cami Secret Review
Bottom Line

The Pitch: The layered look without the bulk!

The Verdict: Only if you're a size medium or smaller!

  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Covers décolletage
  • Machine washable
  • Too skimpy for larger bustlines; bigger women
  • Doesn't work with all bra straps
  • Low-quality fabric

The Pitch: The layered look without the bulk!

The Verdict: Only if you're a size medium or smaller!

The infomercial for Cami Secret features a lecherous-looking boss leaning over a pretty young office assistant wearing a low-cut blouse.  If only she had Cami Secret, a square of cloth, embellished with a strip of lace trim at the top and two snaps at the sides, her closet full of low-cut dresses and tops would transform into a wardrobe with suitable for a professional setting. Using the Cami Secret looks easy; just slip the fabric between your bra and clothing, snap it onto your bra straps and voilà -- instant camisole look. When it works properly and doesn't slip, it appears that you're wearing a full camisole or tank top underneath.

But, according to some reviewers, that little square of cloth isn't big enough and just doesn't help much if your bust is larger than that of the model in the commercial. Although the infomercial claims that the Cami Secret will fit all sizes, it apparently isn't large enough to work properly for plus-sized women, or those with full chests or broad shoulders. Quite a few also say it only works with bras with thin straps.

About half of the reviews we saw say that the Cami Secret doesn't fit well and looks cheap, and that they hate the lace -- they wish it came in just plain fabric. Some say the lace is so tacky-looking that it can actually ruin a nice outfit. Many also claim that whenever they bend over the Cami Secret flips out. Others say that the Cami Secret is a great idea but should be of better quality; they cite poor, cheap fabric and snaps that don't work.

Still, quite a few users really love the Cami Secret for adding some versatility to their wardrobe, but even they admit that they can see how the dimensions might be a bit skimpy for some users. Those who do like it don't seem to have any complaints about the fabric, and say it's easy to use and stays in place nicely. However, it seems that it works best for a medium to small body type without a large bust.

The basic Cami Secret set of three in black, beige and white. They cost $10 plus $6.99 for shipping and handling. For an additional shipping charge of $6.99, buyers can get a free second set in navy, brown and ivory. However, many customers who ordered their Cami Secret directly from the product website complain of being overcharged for shipping for extra sets. They caution that there's no way to review your order total before it's put through, so you're not sure what you're being charged until it's too late. If you really want to try Cami Secret, we suggest ordering through Amazon.com so that you know what you're getting. And, as many users note, for the price there -- $8 plus free Prime shipping -- there may be no reason not to.

Our Sources

1. Amazon.com

Cami Secret Clip On Mock Camisoles (3 Pack) White Black Beige, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of July 2017

Amazon users are divided about the Cami Secret. Fewer than half of the nearly 550 reveiwers are satisfied that these mock camisoles add some versatility to their wardrobes, giving it an overall rating of 3.6 stars out of 5. Most say that Cami Secret won't fasten properly to wider bra straps and is made of flimsy, cheap fabric that simply isn't large enough to cover the subject. Quite a few wish they could get it without lace, either because they dislike the look or because the lace is itchy.

2. DoesItReallyWork.org

Does Cami Secret Really Work?, Editors of DoesItReallyWork.org, Not Dated

This thorough review, accompanied by a video showing the reviewer putting on a Cami Secret, is largely positive. The reviewer notes that "they didn't invent anything mind-boggling here," but that the simple design actually works. Ultimately, she says most people probably don't need this, although for the price it's probably worth a shot for those occasional needs.

Kymaro New Body Shaper
Bottom Line

The Kymaro New Body Shaper is one of many products aimed at women that claims to take inches off their figures. The main undergarment is worn over the midsection to smooth out any bulges or rolls, giving the body a sleeker silhouette and the appearance of being slimmer. A second undergarment is worn like shorts to smooth the hip area.

Users who have tried the Kymaro New Body Shaper report mixed results. None have found that it takes off "10 to 20 inches" (as the package claims), but most say it does smooth their figures, making clothes fit better. Satisfied users also say the Body Shaper is comfortable to wear, and some note that it improves their posture. Customers disappointed with their results say the Body Shaper rides up easily and doesn't do much improve the look of their figures. Both happy and dissatisfied customers agree that figuring out the right size to order can be a bit tricky. It seems that the Body Shaper is a good solution for customers who want to make the clothes they already own fit a bit better, but not for those who are looking for a miraculous answer to dropping garment sizes.

  • Smoothes and softly shapes
  • Comfortable
  • Improves posture
  • Tends to bunch up
  • Difficult to determine size needed

A reporter at KFVS in Cape Girardeau, Mo., tests the Kymaro Body Shaper with a viewer and gives it a B-plus for being comfortable and smoothing her figure, but noting it does not take off inches. The Good Housekeeping Research Institute also puts the Body Shaper to the test, finding that it comes up short by being stiff and likely to bunch up. Users on Viewpoints.com are split down the middle; half say the Body Shaper smoothes their figures, while the other half see little to no results. Reviewers on Amazon.com are more satisfied, with most saying they like how the Body Shaper smoothes their figures and offers extra back support. A handful of reviewers on Walgreens.com also like the Body Shaper, pleased with how it smoothes and supports.

Our Sources

1. KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Mo.)

Does it Work Wednesday -- Kymaro Body Shaper, Lauren Keith, Dec. 22, 2010

As part of a regular "Does it Work Wednesday?" segment, Lauren Keith tests the Kymaro Body Shaper with a viewer who volunteers to try it on. The viewer says the Body Shaper is comfortable and doesn't roll up when she sits down. Both Lauren and the viewer agree that the Body Shaper helps to smooth out the shape of her body, but dismiss the claim that it will make wearers look 10 to 20 pounds thinner as false. When Lauren measures the viewer's waist, she finds that the Body Shaper has taken off half of an inch. Overall, they give the Kymaro Body Shaper a grade of B-plus.

2. Good Housekeeping

The Best (and Worst) Infomercials!, Good Housekeeping Research Institute

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute puts several infomercial products to the test, including the Kymaro Body Shaper. All of their testers find the Body Shaper to be stiff, uncomfortable and likely to bunch up and feel overly constricting. The only tester who sees a difference in her size also complains of a noticeable ridge where the Body Shaper ends. The fact that the Body Shaper material washes well is the only positive outcome of the Good Housekeeping test.

3. Viewpoints.com

Kymaro Body Shaper Reviews, Contributors to Viewpoints.com

More than 100 customers review the Kymaro Body Shaper on Viewpoints.com, and their opinion is split almost even on whether they would recommend the product. Many say that the Body Shaper is comfortable to wear and that it works well to smooth their figure, while others do not care for the way it fits and didn't see any noticeable results. There are several comments about how difficult it is to determine what size you will need, which affects the results you will see.

4. Amazon.com

Kymaro New Body Shaper Top/Bottom Set, Contributors to Amazon.com

More than 80 customers review the Kymaro Body Shaper on Amazon.com, and while most of them are generally happy with the product, they do notice a few drawbacks. Many say it works to smooth out their bodies, making their clothes look better, but warn that it doesn't take off the 10 to 20 pounds that the advertisement claims. Some also comment that the Body Shaper makes them stand straighter, and that improved posture also helps to slim down their body shape. The most frequent complaint from both happy and dissatisfied customers is that figuring out what size to get can be a challenge. A few of the unhappy customers also complain that the Body Shaper has a tendency to ride up the longer you wear it.

5. Walgreens.com

Kymaro New Body Shaper, Contributors to Walgreens.com

About a dozen customers review the Kymaro Body Shaper on Walgreens.com, and most rate it at 4 stars out of 5. Many say that the Body Shaper works well to smooth out their figures and offers a nice amount of back support, which improves posture. One customer finds the material around the arms and shoulders to be uncomfortable, and another complains that the material rips after just a few months of use.

Pajama Jeans
Bottom Line

Pajama Jeans claim to be the pants every woman has been looking for; stylish, flattering jeans that are as comfortable as a pair of pajama bottoms. Made from a fabric that is a blend of cotton and spandex, Pajama Jeans pull on like pajamas, but are styled to look like boot-cut jeans --complete with stitched pockets and brass rivets. The pants are available in eight sizes and are advertised as the perfect garment for any occasion where you can wear jeans, but want the comfort of loungewear.

Many customers who have tried Pajama Jeans find them to be very comfortable and stylish enough to wear out and about, but only if you can get past their one big hurdle: sizing. The pants aren't available in standard numbered sizes, so many women have trouble figuring out what size they need to order; they tend to run small and many customers recommend ordering a size larger than what you think you need. They're also available in only one length, which makes it difficult for those needing petite or tall sizes to find a flattering fit. Those who say they love Pajama Jeans recommend only wearing them when it's cool outside due to the heaviness of the material and washing them separately because they aren't colorfast.

  • Comfortable
  • Stylish on some
  • Difficult to find right size
  • Dye may run
  • No petite or tall options

WGHP in Greensboro, N.C., puts Pajama Jeans to the test and find that they both wear and wash well, but recommend ordering a size up. WXIA in Atlanta has a different experience, with their tester giving the pants two thumbs down, mainly due to the poor fit on her body and the running dye. WGRZ in Buffalo, N.Y., tries out Pajama Jeans, and while their tester likes them well enough to wear to casual outings, she's not sure they're worth the $40 price tag. Customers on HSN.com and Amazon.com review Pajama Jeans, and many complain about how difficult it is to find the right size for a flattering fit. Those who have the proper size like the pants, but suggest washing them on their own.

Our Sources

1. WGHP (Greensboro, NC)

Live Deal or Dud: Pajama Jeans, Melissa Painter, May 25, 2010

In a "Deal or Dud" segment, reporter Melissa Painter asks a fellow employee, Katie, test out a pair of Pajama Jeans for a week. Katie finds them incredibly comfortable, noting that she has washed them twice and that they have kept their shape after each washing. Both Melissa and Katie mention that they were expecting the size they ordered to be big on Katie, but they fit well, so they suggest ordering a size larger than what you normally wear.

2. WXIA (Atlanta)

Try It Review: Pajama Jeans, Karyn Greer, July 20, 2011

Kayla Greeg, an intern for WXIA, gives the Pajama Jeans a try and is underwhelmed by the experience. She has trouble finding a size that fits her, and the pants wind up being too long and very baggy on her. She says she does find them to be soft and comfortable, but that she wouldn't wear them out since they don't look stylish. Kayla also notices that the blue dye from the pants eventually starts to rub off on her hands, and when she washes them, she notices blue dye all over the washing machine.

3. WGRZ (Buffalo, N.Y.)

Product Test: Pajama Jeans, Mary Friona, May 23, 2011

As one of their "Product Test" segments, reporter Mary Friona asks a WGRZ employee wears a pair of Pajama Jeans around the office. She finds them to be comfortable while still looking stylish, and says she would wear them to casual outings. She finds the price tag of $40 a bit steep for the product, and says she wouldn't pay it.

4. HSN.com

Pajama Jeans Knit-Style Denim Pants with Pockets, Contributors to HSN.com

Nearly 400 customers review Pajama Jeans on HSN.com, and the comments are a mix of good and bad. Most find the pants to be very comfortable, but not all would wear them out due to difficulties finding the right fit. Sizing is the most common complaint; since Pajama Jeans are not available in number sizes, many women have trouble figuring out what size they need. Also, the pants only come in one length, so those who need petite or tall sizes find the length of the pants to be a problem. Customers who manage to get Pajama Jeans in a size that works for them find that the pants look just like regular jeans and they happily wear them anywhere jeans are acceptable. A few mention that the dye tends to run in the wash and suggest that you wash Pajama Jeans separately.

5. Amazon.com

Pajama Jeans, As Seen On TV, Contributors to Amazon.com

Nearly 40 customers review Pajama Jeans on Amazon.com, and while the average rating is 4 out of 5 there are frequent complaints about how hard it is to find the right size. Those who have the pants in the proper size say they are very flattering and comfortable. A few comment that the fabric is a bit heavy and recommend wearing Pajama Jeans only during the cooler months.

Perfect Fit Button
Bottom Line

The Perfect Fit Button is designed to change the fit of waistlines that fasten with a button. By installing the Perfect Button alongside the original button, you can extend the waistband or make it smaller. You can also use a Perfect Fit Button to replace a lost button. One part of the Perfect Fit Button has a sharp post to stick through the fabric of the pants or skirt; then a cap snaps onto the post to keep the button in place. Since the post is very sharp, it's recommended that you attach the button when you're not wearing the pants. The $10 Perfect fit Button kit comes with eight metal buttons in four colors: black, brown, tan and silver.

Reviewers agree that the Perfect Fit Button really does work, making it easy to adjust a waistband so pants are comfortable to wear. Most reviewers say the buttons are easy to put on and remove, but several say they had to use pliers to get them off. The instructions recommend removing the button before washing or dry cleaning, which is an inconvenience.

  • Easy use
  • Makes pants bigger or smaller
  • Can be used to replace lost buttons
  • Saves you the cost of having to buy new clothes
  • Must be removed before cleaning
  • Some users find them hard to remove
  • Clothing can look funny with two buttons

Reviews also note that it can look odd to have two buttons on one item of clothing. In most cases, you'll want to cover the buttons with a belt or a shirt. Overall, however, the reviews are quite positive.

We found the most thorough tests of the Perfect Fit Button kit at TV station KPLC (Lake Charles, La.), where Jeff Jumper tests it on a variety of fabrics, attempting to make a waist size smaller as well as larger. At another station, WGRZ (Buffalo, N.Y.), the tester tries it on a pair of jeans, evaluating the whole process, including the removal of the button. Tests at a third station, WVEC (Norfolk, Va.), only demonstrate how to attach the button and evaluate comfort.

We found mostly positive owner-written reviews at Amazon.com and Walgreens.com, as well as a very detailed and enthusiastic review at Hubpages.com.

Our Sources

1. KPLC (Lake Charles, La.)

Does It Work? Perfect Fit Button, Jeff Jumper

In this video review, reporter Jeff Jumper tries Perfect Buttons on pants made of different fabrics, finding that it's easy to put on and remove, though it does leave a pinhole. He finds that it works just as well at extending the waist as it does making it smaller. The cap doesn't press against his abdomen, so the pants stay comfortable, he says.

2. WGRZ (Buffalo, N.Y.)

Product Test: Perfect Fit Button, Mary Friona, April 12, 2010

In this brief video review, a tester named Barb gives the Perfect Fit Button a thumbs-up after trying it with a pair of jeans. She says it's as easy to remove the button as it is to put it on, and reports that it's comfortable. The review notes that this would be helpful for growing children as well as for adults gaining or losing weight. (Note: The manufacturer says the product is not designed for clothing for kids under 10 years of age.)

3. WVEC (Norfolk, Va.)

Does It Work? Perfect Fit Button, Sandra Parker, Feb. 3, 2010

This video test shows the tester adding a Perfect Fit Button to a pair of black pants, but not taking it off. The tester is enthusiastic, saying it "works great" and that she'd purchase this herself.

4. Amazon.com

Perfect Fit Button Deluxe (Set of 8), Contributors to Amazon.com

The dozen owners who review the Perfect Fit Button here are enthusiastic, reporting that it works well either to tighten or loosen pants. Users disagree about how easy it is to remove the buttons before laundering pants.

5. Walgreens.com

TeleBrands Perfect Fit Buttons 8's - As Seen on TV, Contributors to Walgreens.com

Only a couple of users review the Perfect Fit Button here; both say they work well. However, one user says it took pliers to get the button off.

6. HubPages.com

Perfect Fit Button Review, "Seen On TV", Feb. 2010

This long, enthusiastic review is written by an anonymous man who says his hobby is buying and reviewing As Seen On TV products. He says his weight fluctuates a lot, and that the Perfect Fit Buttons enable him to wear all the different sized pants in his wardrobe. Half a dozen or so readers weigh in with mixed opinions about how easy or hard it is to apply and remove the buttons.

7. ComplaintsBoard.com

Perfect Fit Button Complaints, Contributors to ComplaintsBoard.com, March 3, 2010

The sole complaint on this site is in regards to ordering the Perfect Fit Button by phone. The user says the automated system kept offering one upgrade after another until he finally gave up.

Bottom Line

According to the infomercial, which features pitchman and comedian Gilbert Gottfried, the ShoeDini helps people with limited mobility get their shoes on without having to bend over. The ShoeDini is a shoe horn with an adjustable, telescoping handle that extends as long as 30.5 inches. A clip on the back of the shoe horn is designed to grip a shoe securely, so the ShoeDini can be used to remove shoes and pick them up, as well as put them on. The ad claims that the ShoeDini works well on all styles of shoes, including shoes that are already laced.

Reviewers seem to agree on one thing: Assembling the ShoeDini is easy. Yet when it comes to performance, opinions are mixed. Most reviewers say that the device works well with shoes that have a solid, stiff heel that's thin enough for the clip to grab -- even if the shoes are laced. For other shoe styles – particularly those with soft sides or sling backs -- many testers find the clip to be more a hindrance than a help.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • Works well on shoes with thin, stiff heels
  • Clip may break
  • Clip doesn't grab all shoes
  • Handle may not stay extended
  • Requires balancing on one foot

In one review, the telescoping handle on the ShoeDini repeatedly collapses and the clip breaks after only four uses. Another big hitch revealed in testing: once you get one shoe on successfully, you may have to balance or teeter on one foot while putting on the other shoe. Thus it may not be very helpful for the elderly or people with disabilities, even though it's marketed to this demographic.

The review at WalletPop.com recommends purchasing the ShoeDini from a local store; according to the author, shipping and handling costs can more than double the price if the product is bought by phone or from the official website.  

We found the most useful review of the ShoeDini at WalletPop.com, where its rating is based on tests by three people (including a woman with multiple sclerosis) using a variety of shoes. We also found several hands-on tests conducted by news stations. At KIDK (Idaho Falls, Idaho), seven employees give ShoeDini a try with varying results. The tests at KPLC (Lake Charles, La.) reveal major issues with durability, while a reporter for KCBD (Lubbock, Texas) says the ShoeDini works wonders. Despite all this mixed feedback, keep in mind that most of these tests involved healthy, limber people who don't really need the ShoeDini. The one report we found from a disabled user says the ShoeDini isn't helpful at all.  

Our Sources

1. DailyFinance.com

ShoeDini Review: Not a Joke, But Maybe it Ought to Be, Lisa Kaplan Gordon, Sept. 9, 2010

In this punchy review, which includes a video, Lisa Kaplan Gordon tries the ShoeDini with mixed results. Her main criticism is that the clip only grips shoes well if they're stiff at the heel. Gordon says that the ShoeDini "has trouble gripping soft-sided shoes," and says it's almost impossible to pick up a sling back. She also notes that it's better to sit down to put on shoes anyway -- otherwise you have to balance on one foot while trying to put on the other shoe. Gordon has her husband try the ShoeDini, and he says it works as advertised on a pair of stiff-heeled loafers. However, her friend who suffers from multiple sclerosis also gives it a try and says the ShoeDini didn't help her in the slightest. The review warns that shipping and handling costs more than double the price unless you buy from a local store. Gordon gives the ShoeDini a rating of only 2 on a 5-point scale.

2. KIDK (Idaho Falls, Id.)

Does it Really Work? -- ShoeDini, Tommy Noel, April 9, 2010

Reporter Tommy Noel asks seven of his coworkers to test the ShoeDini. Testers agree that the clip proves to be a hindrance rather than a help, but ratings vary drastically by individual. Some users say the product is completely useless because they had to bend over to get the clip in place, defeating its whole purpose. One tester, who gives ShoeDini a near-perfect score notes one major drawback, says, "If you put on your shoes while standing up, you still have the problem of bending over to tie them." The consensus: the products works for some, but not for the people it's intended for -- those who having trouble bending or reaching down.

3. KPLC (Lake Charles, La.)

Shoe Dini, Jeff Jumper, 2010

Reporter Jeff Jumper tries the ShoeDini on four different types of shoes. He has initial success both putting on and removing all of the shoes from a standing position. However, the clip breaks after four uses, leaving a sharp edge and rendering the ShoeDini unusable. Although the ad claims the handle extends up to three feet, Jumper finds that it only extends 30.5 inches. He gives ShoeDini a failing grade due to its poor construction, and says a regular shoehorn would do a better job.

4. KCBD (Lubbock, TX)

Shoedini: Does It Work?, Joe Terrell, Aug. 11, 2010

Reviewer Joe Terrell gives the ShoeDini a thumbs-up after testing it on a pair of laced dress shoes. It only takes him one minute and 17 seconds to use the device to remove both shoes, place them in a shoebox, and then put them back on -- all without bending over.

5. WVEC (Hampton Roads, Va.)

Does It Work? Shoe Dini, April 14, 2010

Nicole Spano, a mom and volunteer tester, tries the ShoeDini on a couple pairs of shoes. She says the clip doesn't attach to a pair of slip-on shoes, but the shoe horn itself works if you slip it into the shoe. The shoe horn doesn't work as well with tall boots. Overall, Spano concludes that -- even without the clip -- the ShoeDini works fairly well.

Bottom Line

The Snazzy Napper is a travel blanket designed to block out light and provide privacy on a plane or bus. A tester at television station WCIU (Chicago) says it looks like "a giant bib for a giant baby." An opening allows just the nose to poke through so you can breathe, and a soft metal clip surrounds the opening, allowing the blanket to hug the contours of your face. An adjustable Velcro strap wraps around the head to hold the Snazzy Napper in place. A larger version (*Est. $25) also serves as a blanket, and is equipped with a pocket. Both versions come with a carrying case.

Although the Snazzy Napper is intended as a serious product, it has been the butt of jokes and spoofs in the media, including "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." When reporters from CNN and WCIU asked consumers about the Snazzy Napper on the streets of New York City and Chicago, it got extremely negative reactions.

  • Blocks out light
  • Provides privacy
  • Larger version combines blanket with sleep mask
  • Many say it looks ridiculous
  • Not for the claustrophobic
  • Could make you vulnerable to theft

We also found brief but useful video reviews at NBC's "Today" show and at WRC (Washington D.C.). Gadling.com's Mike Barish reviews both versions based on his own tests riding in a chilly, air-conditioned car. A critical review at the San Francisco Chronicle is based on the commercial alone, but about 40 readers add comments. The review at a humor blog The Mother Load is also based on the commercial. An article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution doesn't review the Snazzy Napper, but discusses its development and rise to fame. 

The main drawback noted in reviews is that the Snazzy Napper looks silly and is embarrassing to wear in public. Some reviewers find it claustrophobic, while others say it can make you a target for extra security screenings in airports because your face is hidden. Reviewers also point out that the pockets on the larger version of the Snazzy Napper make your personal items easily accessible for theft. Overall, a regular sleep mask -- plus a blanket if needed -- looks like a much better bet.

Our Sources

1. CNN.com

Jeanne Moos Tests the 'Snazzy Napper', Aug. 20, 2010

Reporter Jeanne Moos interviews the creator of the Snazzy Napper, and tries it out in New York City. Moos wears it in Central Park and on the subway -- provoking smiles, giggles and stares but not, apparently, any admiration or envy.

2. WCIU (Chicago)

Will It Work? Snazzy Napper, Editors of and contributors to WCIU, Nov. 3, 2010

In this news segment, several people on a Chicago street try on the Snazzy Zapper. All but one say they wouldn't buy or use it -- except possibly as a gag gift. Users say it doesn't seem comfortable; one girl says it would be impossible for her to sleep with a big piece of cloth over her face.

3. Today

Kathie Lee and Hoda Nap in Comfort and in Style, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, Sept. 9, 2010

In this short video segment, the hosts both don Snazzy Nappers to see what they're all about. They don't provide very much insightful feedback, instead, they laugh at the absurdity of the design. This demonstration concludes with Kathie Lee Gifford saying that she finds it much too claustrophobic to wear.

4. WRC (Washington, D.C.)

Hot Talk: Snazzy Napper, Sarah Fraser, Nov. 8, 2010

The Snazzy Napper is mocked in this brief video review, where its main purpose is presumed to be covering the face during sleep in case the mouth drops open. Sarah Fraser, along with the two hosts of Hot Talk, all agree that they would never wear the Snazzy Napper.

5. Gadling.com

Review: The Snazzy Napper, Mike Barish, Aug. 30, 2010

After a brief test of the Snazzy Napper in a car with the air conditioning on full blast, Mike Barish recommends the larger version for people who need both a sleep mask and a blanket -- but he says a regular sleep mask does as good a job as the smaller Snazzy Napper. He also brings up a good point: If the Snazzy Napper helps you get to sleep in public, it doesn't really matter how ridiculous you look to other people because you'll be completely unaware of it.

6. San Francisco Chronicle

Forget the Snuggie, try the Snazzy Napper, Kristi Gustafson, Aug. 20, 2010

This brief review at the San Francisco Chronicle's website calls both versions silly, and says the larger one looks like a cross "between a ghost costume for Halloween and a KKK robe." About 40 users leave comments and most of them also mock the Snazzy Napper.

7. The Mother Load

Stupid Product: Snazzy Napper, Sarah Clark, Aug. 25, 2010

This review at a humor site scoffs at the Snazzy Napper based on the commercial, without any testing -- because the author says she's too claustrophobic to consider putting it on. Her main criticisms are that it looks infantile and claustrophobic, and makes you more susceptible to theft. (You can't watch your purse, cell phone or carry-on bag while wearing it.)

8. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlantan Makes Sleeping Snazzy, Nedra Rhone, Sept. 24, 2010

This short article in the business section of the Snazzy Napper's home town chronicles the development of the Snazzy Napper, along with its quick, viral rise to fame. The author does not evaluate the product itself.

Strap Perfect
Bottom Line

Most users of the Strap Perfect agree that it keeps loose bra straps from slipping and turns a regular bra into a racerback to wear under strappy tank tops. However, there is a definite learning curve involved. When initially attaching the plastic Strap Perfect, bra straps have a tendency to get tangled, users say, and once in place, it can be tricky to adjust it. However, after following the accompanying instructions closely, most users say it got easier with practice.

The Strap Perfect seems to work best for women with smaller busts. In user ratings, women with large chests (bigger than a C-cup) say the plastic disc digs into their backs and can become itchy or uncomfortable. Some owners also say the Strap Perfect won't stay in place and keeps sliding down their backs, while others report that it broke soon after purchase.

  • Hides bra straps
  • Gives some an added boost
  • Improves posture
  • Tricky to adjust
  • Can be uncomfortable
  • Only works for smaller busts
  • Some complaints about durability

We found user reviews for the Strap Perfect at Amazon.com, Target.com and Walgreens.com. Several beauty bloggers and YouTube users contribute reviews with listings of pros and cons as well. Yahoo! Answers has several questions about the Strap Perfect with various consumers giving their opinions. An ABC affiliate in Phoenix has two women test it, posting a video showing how to attach it.

Our Sources

1. KNXV (Phoenix, Ariz.)

Is the Strap Perfect a Solution for Bra Straps Hanging Out?, Daphne Munro, Dec. 10, 2009

KNXV is the ABC affiliate in Phoenix, and reporter Daphne Munro is their consumer reporter. She asks two women test the Strap Perfect for a week, and both say that while it does hide their bra straps, it is uncomfortable. The video review of the report is also available on this site, which demonstrates how the Strap Perfect works.

2. Amazon.com

Strap Perfect Reviews, Contributors to Amazon.com

In more than 60 reviews, users give the Strap Perfect a middling average rating. While some say the Strap Perfect works as advertised, others give it just a single star. Those who are dissatisfied say it's hard to put on, uncomfortable to wear and gives you a "hump back." A few customers complain that their clips broke soon after purchase.

3. Yahoo! Answers

Strap Perfect, Contributors to Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers allows users to post questions and other users can then post answers in response. Several women post questions wondering whether the Strap Perfect works as advertised on TV. Users who already own the product respond, generally agreeing that it works well enough for hiding bra straps. Some even notice an added boost to their bust line, but say it's a bit tricky to initially set up and can be uncomfortable if you don't adjust it to the right position on your back.

4. Target.com

Strap Perfect, Contributors to Target.com

Target.com allows shoppers to post reviews of the products they purchase, and about a dozen have done so, giving the product an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Another shopper finds the Strap Perfect to be a great solution to constantly slipping bra straps as long as she loosens the straps before attaching it. One complains that her Strap Perfect clips broke after just a few months, and another says the product gives her an instant backache.

5. Viewpoints.com

Strap Perfect 6 Pack Bra Strap Solution Reviews, Contributors to Viewpoints.com

Over a dozen consumers give the Strap Perfect 3.43 out of 5 stars. Some like the way they work and say they'd buy them again, but some unhappy customers say they stretch their bra straps, or are uncomfortable -- and one shares that her chiropractor said the Strap Perfect resulted in a spine misalignment.

6. MySears.com

As Seen on TV Strap Perfect Reviews, Contributors to MySears.com

Sears' online community, MySears.com, allows owners to post reviews of products. Here, the Strap Perfect receives about a half-dozen reviews, all positive, saying that the product works as advertised.

7. YouTube.com

Strap Perfect Reviews, Contributors to YouTube

A handful of reviewers post their opinions of Strap Perfect, some more thorough than others. Most reviews here are positive, with owners saying they like the product and that it works well, although user comments on some videos say it doesn't hide straps and is uncomfortable. Most agree it gives a little lift, but not a whole cup size.

8. Walgreens.com

Idea Village Strap Perfect -- The Ultimate Bra Strap Solution -- As Seen on TV Assorted Colors, Contributors to Walgreens.com

Similar to Target.com, Walgreens.com shoppers can post reviews of the products they buy. More than a dozen reviewers give the product 4 out of 5 stars. Several larger-busted reviewers say the product is uncomfortable and doesn't work for them.

9. Lady Lostris Beauty

Review: Strap Perfect -- The Ultimate Bra Strap Solution, "Lady Lostris", July 23, 2009

Beauty blogger Lady Lostris reviews the Strap Perfect, discussing pros and cons and giving it an overall rating of 4 out of 5. On the plus side, she says it's good for racerback-style tops, the clip stays in place and it gives instant cleavage and perkiness. However, it's also difficult to put on and remove, sits high on your back and can be uncomfortable, she says. She recommends adjusting the straps before applying it, but says it can still be tight for some.