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July 2011
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Ahh Bra

A comfortable bra, but not enough support

  • Comfortable
  • Doubles as a layered camisole
  • Pregnant women find it comfortable
  • No support
  • Flimsy material prone to runs
  • Rolls up
  • Inaccurate size chart
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Reviewers say the Ahh Bra is basically a cut-off T-shirt, made of 96 percent rayon and 4 percent spandex, that incorporates "soft, full-coverage cups." Functioning as both a bra and a layered camisole, the Ahh Bra lacks the wires, hooks and adjustable straps found on most ordinary bras; it's also easy to put on (and presumably take off) and comfortable to wear.

According to the numerous user reviews we found, the Ahh Bra delivers on at least one of its promises: comfort. Hundreds of women have registered their opinions about the Ahh Bra, and most say the product is comfortable to wear. Even many of those who are otherwise displeased say the bra is easy to wear. By the same token, however, even some fans of the Ahh Bra say it falls short in one crucial respect: It offers virtually no support for women with average to large bust sizes. However, many pregnant women seeking comfortable, minimal support say the Ahh Bra suited their needs.

We also found many complaints about the Ahh Bra's thin material, and several owners say it runs after just a few wears. In addition, several users dispute the claim that the bra will smooth out lines and bumps, saying that the Ahh Bra doesn't stay in place and rolls up frequently. Our research also shows that the size chart runs small.

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Our Sources

1. Does-The-Product-Work.com

While most of the infomercial products featured on this site receive only a handful of user reviews, the Ahh Bra gets dozens, most of them 1-star pans saying the bra does not work. The women posting here mainly complain about a lack of support and material that's not substantial enough. Another negative is that the material tends to roll up and shift even though the Ahh Bra is supposed to give the wearer a smooth look and feel. To be fair, however, even many of the users who criticize the Ahh Bra do say it's very comfortable to wear.

Review: Does Ahh Bra Really Work?, Contributors to Does-the-Product-Work.com

2. HSN.com

The Ahh Bra receives more than 300 reviews from HSN customers, who give this product an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Most users are reasonably pleased with the Ahh Bra, but a significant proportion (including women who like the product) complain about its lack of support. A number of the 1-star reviews also state that the material runs and shrinks after being washed. Many were disappointed that the size chart wasn't accurate and ran small.

Review: Rhonda Shear "Ahhh" 2-Pack Seamless Leisure Bra, Contributors to HSN.com

3. AssociatedContent.com

In this user review, Patteson recounts her experience with the Ahh Bra. She says the bra was "not at all comfortable" and very difficult to put on. It also doesn't give the support needed. She concludes: "It's a great bra if you don't really need a bra. If you are a real woman with real curves and you need real support, this may not be the right bra for you."

Review: The Ahh Bra: Product Review, Lisa Zapico Patteson, Feb. 8, 2011

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