Aqua Globes

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March 2011
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Aqua Globes

Works to evenly water plants in most soils

  • Dispenses water evenly
  • Works on most plants
  • Attractive
  • Tricky to fill
  • Can become clogged if misused
  • Can drain too quickly in some soils
  • Can shatter if dropped

The Aqua Globe is designed to water any kind of potted plant, so you don't have to fret about over-watering or leaving your plants unattended while away (up to two weeks). For the most part, owners say Aqua Globes work pretty well. Most people who put the Aqua Globe to the test find that it dispenses water into their plants as needed, and after just a few weeks, their plants are thriving and the soil is moist.

The most common complaint about the Aqua Globe is that it clogs too easily, but others suggest that following the instructions should alleviate this problem. The opening at the end of the tube is tiny, so it's a bit tricky to fill the Globe with water. Some users who have plants in loose or fast-draining soils find that the Aqua Globe empties too quickly, causing their plants to be over-watered. There are some complaints of the Globes being an eyesore, but others find them an attractive addition to their plants, so it all comes down to personal preference.

Popular Mechanics tests an Aqua Globe on a dying houseplant, and it works as advertised, reviving the plant after a few weeks. Two news stations, KLRT in Little Rock, Ark., and WTVD in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., test the Aqua Globe as part of their regular consumer product reports; both are impressed with the results and give it their seal of approval.'s guide to herb gardens, Amy Jeanroy, tests the Aqua Globe and finds that it's a good product with some limitations. Customer reviews on, and are more mixed, with some loving their Aqua Globes and others complaining of clogs, over-watering in certain soils and filling difficulties.

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Our Sources

1. Popular Mechanics

Harry Sawyers tests an Aqua Globe on a wilting indoor plant. Within two weeks, the once-dry plant soil was moist to the touch and the plant was revived. However, Sawyers complains that the Aqua Globe is a bit of an eyesore. He also warns users to be sure to clear a path for the Globe's stem before inserting it, or it can easily become clogged with soil.

Review: Aqua Globe Review: Do As Seen on TV Products Work?, Harry Sawyers, Nov. 20, 2008

2. KLRT (Little Rock, Ark.)

KLRT, a Fox affiliate in Little Rock, Ark., tests an Aqua Globe at a local nursery, where owner Chuck Walton says the main reason most plants die is overwatering. The test involves three plants: one isn't watered, one is watered by hand and one is watered with an Aqua Globe. After a month, the ignored plant is dead, the hand-watered one is wilting, and the one watered with the Aqua Globe is healthy and thriving. KLRT deems the Aqua Globe to be a good buy that works as advertised.

Review: Deal or Dud: Aqua Globe, June 18, 2008

3. WTVD (Raleigh-Durham, N.C.)

A reporter for WTVD, an ABC affiliate in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., tests an Aqua Globe in a potted houseplant and finds that it works as advertised. She warns users to be sure to follow the instructions, and advises consumers to create a tunnel in the soil so that the Globe doesn't clog. For larger plants, Wilson recommends using two Aqua Globes.

Review: Does It Work: Aqua Globe, Diane Wilson, July 30, 2008

4.'s guide to herb gardens, Amy Jeanroy, reviews the Aqua Globe and awards it 3 out of 5 stars. She says the concept "has some merit" and that the product can be useful, but they're not the solution to all your watering needs. She urges caution with the top-heavy design and thin tube which can get clogged easily. (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)

Review: Aqua Globe, Amy Jeanroy


More than 100 customers review the Aqua Globe on (the Aqua Globes are listed several time on this site), and the reviews are a mixed bag. More than half of the reviewers are very happy with their results, and report that the Aqua Globe does a great job of keeping their plants watered properly. Of the reviewers who are displeased with the Aqua Globe, the most common complaint is that they become clogged with soil too easily. Some also say that the Globes are hard to fill with water, and a few reviewers complain that the Aqua Globe actually overwatered their plants.

Review: Aqua Globes Watering Bulbs 2-pk., Contributors to


About a dozen users review the Aqua Globe on, and while most are happy with the product, they warn that the Globes are tedious to fill and say there's a learning curve to getting them to work properly. Those who don't like the Aqua Globe say it empties the water too quickly in well-draining soil, looks unattractive and breaks easily.

Review: Aqua Globes As Seen On TV 2 Pack, Contributors to


A handful of owners review Aqua Globes at, giving the product an overall score of 4 out of 5 stars. Most customers are happy with their purchase, but one notes that the Aqua Globe is top-heavy when filled and must be placed at the correct angle. The same owner says that the topsoil still gets dry sometimes, so she continues to do some manual watering.

Review: Aqua Globes Watering Bulbs 2-pk., Contributors to

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