Big City Slider Station

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Big City Slider Station

Fun gadget for making mini burgers

  • Easy to use
  • Faster and less messy than frying or grilling
  • Cleanup is a hassle
  • Nonstick coating can flake off

The Pitch: "Make the perfect mini burger every time"

April 2009. The Big City Slider Station is advertised on TV as an easy way to make up to five mini burgers in a matter of minutes. The station consists of an aluminum pan with individual patty compartments that can be used on any stovetop. Its lid is designed to trap heat and cook burgers evenly, eliminating the need for flipping. In user reviews for the Slider Station, most owners say it's fun and easy to use, and the mini burgers taste good. However, some customers who have used it multiple times say the build quality isn't great, making this kitchen gadget something fun to use for Super Bowl parties rather than every day.

In reviews, the Big City Slider Station easily cooks up juicy mini-burgers in just a few minutes and creates less of a mess than frying or grilling. Cleaning this infomercial gadget is a bit trickier; its nonstick surface isn't dishwasher-safe and cleaning inside the grooves is tricky. Some customers who have used the Big City Slider Station multiple times complain that the nonstick surface peels off after awhile, sometimes right onto their food.

Several TV stations give the Big City Slider a shot to see if it works as advertiesed. A reporter from KDKA in Pittsburgh tests the Big City Slider Station at a viewer's home, and is happy with the burgers themselves, although the pair have some trouble getting the gadget clean. WVEC in Norfolk, Va., and WGHP in Greensboro, NC, test it with professional cooks, and both have positive results. A user posts a video in which he tries the Slider Station on burgers and eggs. He is happy with how convenient it is and how good the food comes out. Customers on bring a serious problem to attention: While most find the Big City Slider Station easy to use, the nonstick coating has a tendency to peel off after a few uses.

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Our Sources

1. KDKA (Pittsburgh)

Yvonne Zanos tests the Big City Slider Station at a viewer's home and, despite a few minor complaints, she and the viewer are pretty pleased with the results. The burgers take a few minutes longer to cook than the instructions indicate, but they come out tasty. They find the Slider Station to be less messy than frying in a regular pan. Cleaning the Slider Station isn't as easy as the commercial makes it look, as it's hard to get inside the grooves. They determine that the Big City Slider Station works as promised, though clean up is a bit of a hassle.

Review: Does It Really Do That: Big City Slider Station, Yvonne Zanos, March 5, 2009

2. WVEC (Norfolk, Va.)

Sandra Parker brings the Big City Slider Station to a professional cook for a test run. He finds it easy to use, though the cooking time is a few minutes longer than advertised. Once done, the burgers pass his taste test and the Big City Slider Station gets a double thumbs-up.

Review: Does it Work: Big City Slider Station, Sandra Parker, March 31, 2009

3. WGHP (Greensboro, NC)

Melissa Painter also brings the Big City Slider Station to a professional cook for a test. He finds it easy to use, though he's only moderately pleased with the results. He says the burgers look boiled and taste like they were cooked in a skillet. The Big City Slider Station gets a mediocre review since it works as advertised, but they call it a "novelty item" that will likely go unused.

Review: Deal or Dud: Big City Slider Station, Melissa Painter, March 19, 2009


In this video, a user puts the Big City Slider Station to the test on burgers and eggs. He's pleased with the results, claiming the Slider Station is easy to use and makes good food. His one complaint is that it's tricky to clean inside the grooves, but he still gives it a high overall rating.

Review: Big City Slider Station at StarReviews, "StarReviewsDotCom", March 27, 2009


Around 20 customers review the Big City Slider Station on A handful give it the highest possible rating, saying it's easy to use and creates tasty, juicy burgers. Most reviews are negative and claim that the non-stick coating peels away after a few uses, sometimes right onto the food. Dissatisfied customers also complain that the Slider Station is difficult to clean.

Review: Big City Slider Station Review, Contributors to

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