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January 2011
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Bumpits leave some buyers feeling deflated.

  • Durable
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Works fairly well for an up-do
  • Hard to conceal in thin or fine hair
  • May be difficult to remove
  • Finished look may be too dramatic for some
  • Not suited to redheads
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Bumpits are plastic, arch-shaped inserts edged with grippy teeth that promise to make hair look fuller. Designed to be concealed, they can be placed beneath bangs or behind hair at the crown. Bumpits work best in hair that's at least chin-length; any shorter and the plastic teeth are likely to show, reviewers say.

Reviews for Bumpits hair accessories are mixed. Some women say that they're easy to use and give the illusion of greater volume. We did, however, read numerous complaints from women with thin or fine hair who say that Bumpits are hard to hide. Some of these women say that they manage to secure and conceal the inserts by teasing their hair and spritzing it with hairspray, but others cannot manage to conceal Bumpits no matter what they try. We also read complaints from women with thick hair who say that the plastic teeth become entangled in their hair, making removing Bumpits a pain -- literally. Other users say Bumpits give their hair a cone-shaped or unnatural appearance.

Women who use Bumpits as part of an up-do seem happier than women who use them in hair that is worn down. Many women say that Bumpits simply are unnecessary. Instead of adding plastic inserts, they tease and spritz their hair with hairspray, mound it at the crown and secure it with bobby pins. A set of Bumpits contains two 1.75-inch inserts, one 4.5-inch insert and one 5-inch insert. Bumpits accessories come in four colors: light blonde, dark blonde, brunette and black.

We found one editorial review of Bumpits at WalletPop.com, where tester Lisa Kaplan Gordon says she was able to get them to work with a little experimenting, "more or less" meeting the product' s claim. Bumpits also have been reviewed by dozens of users who post videos on YouTube, demonstrating how to use them and sharing opinions. We found more than 100 reviews by owners at HSN.com and quite a few detailed reviews at Epinions.com and Viewpoints.com.

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Our Sources

1. DailyFinance.com

Lisa Kaplan Gordon puts Bumpits to the test, trying them in her own hair. She says they require teasing and spray to hold the shape, especially with thick, shiny hair. She was able to get them to work "more or less" according to their advertised claim -- but it took practice. Bumpits merit a 4 out of 5 rating on WalletPop.com's Buy-O-Meter.

Review: As Seen on TV Bumpits Review: Small Price for Big Hair, Lisa Kaplan Gordon, July 1, 2010

2. YouTube.com

Dozens of users have posted reviews and tutorials for Bumpits on YouTube. Most are positive, although they admit that Bumpits require teasing, hairspray and know-how (hence the tutorials) to get them to look good. Some users say they don' t like the Bumpits and couldn't get them to stay in or look natural, and they say Bumpits give a strange shape to the hair or a cone head look, although using two Bumpits can minimize that effect.

Review: Bumpits Reviews, Contributors to YouTube

3. HSN.com

Bumpits hair accessories earn slightly more than 3 stars out of 5 in more than 100 owner reviews here. Reviews are decidedly mixed: Some owners say that Bumpits are light, comfortable and secure, but others say that they fall out or show. Many owners find the large Bumpits too big. Others say that women with fine hair should avoid these inserts.

Review: Big Happie Hair Bumpits Volumizing Hair Inserts, Contributors to HSN.com

4. Epinions.com

Bumpits earn an average rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars at Epinions.com. Reviewers either love or hate the product. One says that they aren't suitable for fine or thin hair and others say they give a very unnatural look and require a lot of teasing and spraying to secure them. Several Bumpits owners post positive reviews, however, saying they love Bumpits and that they work well with some effort.

Review: Bumpits Big Happie Hair in Box 1, Contributors to Epinions.com

5. Viewpoints.com

More than two dozen reviewers give Bumpits an average rating of only 2.13 out of 5 stars at this consumer-review website. While some reviewers love them, the complaints are mostly from people who say they don't work with thin hair and are hard to use. Some report that no matter what they did, you could see the Bumpits through their hair.

Review: Bumpits Hair Volumizing Inserts Reviews, Contributors to Viewpoints.com

6. BeautyBroadcast.net

Reporter and beauty blogger Emily Eddington reviews Bumpits, complete with pros and cons, on her blog. She says they stay in easily with just a little bit of hairspray, and likes that they are inexpensive, come in a variety of shades and sizes and are "overall, easy to use." On the con side, different hair types may require more teasing. For those with long hair who want to use Bumpits but keep the back of the hair hanging down, two Bumpits might be needed so there is no drop-off at the back of the head.

Review: Bumpits Review!, Emily Eddington, Jan. 21, 2009

7. J. Rose Online

Blogger Jaclyn Rose, who describes herself as "a girl who likes to talk about beauty, technology and life," tests all four Bumpits hair inserts and finds that they work well in her thick hair, but they are not completely invisible. She finds them quick to insert and easy to use, but she notes that they will likely show through thin hair.

Review: Review: Bumpits, Jaclyn Rose, March 20, 2009

8. Purseblog.com

Anonymous contributor "SpoilMeRotten" asks for opinions about Bumpits and members chime in with reactions. There are more than 150 replies (some on topic, others less so), with many saying that these inserts work well and you can use them to create a French twist or a bun. However, some contributors say that you can see the teeth of the Bumpits through most hair and that they slip. A few also report that they are not fans of the cone-headed look they get with Bumpits.

Review: Reviews of Bumpits, Contributors to Purseblog.com

9. A Beautyful Sentiment

Guest blogger Kayvid tries Bumpits and finds that they work well in her difficult-to-manage hair. She says that they require little effort and "deliver what they promise." She does note that larger Bumpits do not match the curve of her head, but "if you place it right and pull hair over it," the Bumpits hair accessories work beautifully.

Review: Guest Review: Big Happie Hair Bumpits, "Kayvid", Nov. 7, 2008

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