Buxton Bag

*Est. $20
June 2010
by ConsumerSearch
Buxton Bag

The cheap price is indicative of poor quality.

  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Made of real leather
  • Poor construction
  • Flimsy materials
  • Cell phone compartment too small for most phones

The Buxton Bag is an over-the-shoulder leather bag with numerous zippers and compartments designed to store all the things (wallets, clothes, cell phones, water bottles, etc.) folks carry around in the course of a day. For about $20, plus $8.95 shipping and handling, you get the bag and a free My Li'l Reminder, a digital voice recorder that fits on your keychain (we have a separate review on that gadget). For an extra $8.95, you have the option to get a second bag. The Buxton Bag is made of genuine -- albeit very thin -- leather, and is available in red, tan or black. http://www.consumersearch.com/as-seen-on-tv/my-lil-reminder

Most reviewers don't have very kind things to say about the Buxton Bag. Users say the bag's leather has a plasticky feel and that it doesn't seem very sturdy. We also found reports of zippers falling off or leather separating from the seams after only a day of use. Others complain that the cell phone compartment won't snugly hold most popular models. When it comes to carrying things, a reviewer for AssociatedContent.com says the bag was "more of an inconvenience and aggravation than it was a super organizer as the infomercial claimed."

Although the bag has an enticing price tag, reviewers say, you are better off spending more for a durable, well-constructed leather bag that will hold up over time.

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Our Sources

1. On Common Ground

This blogger says the Buxton Bag's shoulder strap is too wide, the leather feels like plastic, and there are too many zippers and pockets. Numerous comments attest to the bag's flimsiness and shoddy construction.

Review: Ugliest Bag Ever: Buxton Bag, Dec. 30, 2007

2. AssociatedContent.com

Reviewer Donna Thacker buys a Buxton Bag and tries to fit her stuff in it. She complains that the cell-phone compartment is too small to fit her LG Shine, and concludes that the bag is "more of an inconvenience and aggravation than it was a super organizer as the infomercial claimed."

Review: Product Review: Buxton Over the Shoulder Organizer Bag, Donna Thacker, July 1, 2009

3. HonestInfomercialReviews.com

After sifting through comments about the Buxton Bag sent in by consumers, this reviewer provides a synopsis. He says the bag is flimsy, its zippers break easily, the leather quickly comes apart from the stitching, and the cell-phone compartment is oddly configured.

Review: The Buxton Bag from Hell, Editors of HonestInfomercialReviews.com, Jan. 4, 2009

4. Amazon.com

More than 70 owners post reviews of the Buxton Bag, where it earns an unimpressive rating of 2.5 stars. The majority of users are disappointed by the flimsy material, which began to fray and tear almost immediately in some cases. One user says that the outer zipper fell off after only three days of use, and "it's very clumsy to carry if you load it up like they demonstrate on TV."

Review: Buxton Bag, Contributors to Amazon.com

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