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Updated August 15, 2016
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No problems here. The aim of toilet training your cat is to eliminate the mess, odor, labor and cost associated with using a litter box. The CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit consists of a training seat that's supposed to fit any toilet, plus a training guide, tip card and a cat treat to use as a reward during training.

The training seat has a series of rings in the bottom, designed so the owner can gradually enlarge the waste hole as their cat learns to balance on the toilet. Initially, the training seat lacks any hole at all, so it amounts to a toilet-mounted litter box, requiring the use of flushable kitty litter. Once the cat becomes accustomed to using the litter box, the first ring can be cut away to open a small waste hole in the base. As training progresses, the hole should be enlarged. Several users complain that if the cat regresses, the rings cannot be reattached.

ProsSturdy, Eliminates litter box – when it works, Fits all toiletsConsNo warranty, Training period can be messy

A few owners say the rings are difficult to punch out, but most report no serious issues. "It is a little difficult to punch out, but I don't see why there [are] so many complaints on this," writes one owner at "I used a pocket knife and it took a whole 2 minutes to punch out the first hole."


Messy learning curve. Reviews say the CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit does work for some cats -- as long as the owner is willing to devote the several days or weeks that training can require. Some cats take to it right away; others don't. One owner sums it up well: "Bottom line, it's not just the product. It's your cat, and your dedication."

It's also important to note that you'll need to use flushable kitty litter during the initial training period, and training is easiest if you can devote a toilet solely to the cat's use – which may be a tall order for people who only have one bathroom. Also worth noting: Most owners say their cats can scatter quite a bit of litter around the toilet during the initial training period.

Unfortunately, it seems to be impossible to predict which cats will succeed with the CitiKitty. We found many reports of cats that will urinate in the toilet, but insist on defecating elsewhere. Based on reviews, the CitiKitty kit looks like a 50-50 bet; only about half of owners seem to be happy with it.

We found the most reviews of the CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit at, where nearly 275 owners comment on their experiences. The far fewer user reviews at echo the same pros and cons. TV station WZZM (Grand Rapids, Mich.) publishes a review that includes a video, and we found even more detail written by a blogger at

Customer service

Mixed reviews. We could not find any guarantee or warranty for the CitiKitty. The official product website states that returns are only accepted for unopened products within 30 days of receipt.

Of the customer reviews we read, only a handful mention seeking customer service or attempting to return the product. Of these, about half received friendly, helpful service, and the rest found customer service unresponsive.

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