Clever Clasp Review

Updated August 15, 2016
Clever Clasp
Bottom Line

The Clever Clasp is designed for people who have difficulty connecting the tiny clasps of necklaces and bracelets. Simply attach the hooked tails of the Clever Clasp to those of a necklace or bracelet; when you put on your necklace or bracelet, the magnetic heads of the Clever Clasp connect, eliminating the need to fumble with the tiny clasp. As an additional security feature, a twist lock allows the magnets to be screwed together. The set includes four clasps (two gold and two silver).

The Clever Clasp has been given a test run by four local news stations, and the results are mostly positive. The women who are asked to test out this product say it's easy to use, and the magnets are impressively strong. However, these reviewers -- as well as some users on -- agree about a major drawback: The Clever Clasp adds 1 or 2 inches to the length of jewelry, which may not a big deal for necklaces, but can make bracelets or anklets too big to wear comfortably.

  • Easy to use
  • Strong magnets
  • Works well for necklaces
  • Makes bracelets and anklets too long
  • Nickel coating may provoke metal allergies

We also found a handful of complaints about delayed shipping or shoddy construction, but not enough to indicate that Clever Clasp is an unreliable product, as far as infomercial merchandise goes. In one review, a jeweler says Clever Clasp's nickel coating might not be good for people with metal allergies.

Our Sources

1. KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Mo.)

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Reporter Lauren Keith asks three women to try the Clever Clasp. The test subjects all have some trouble getting it to work, but they are mostly satisfied with the results. Keith says the Clever Clasp adds length to bracelets, making them more prone to slip off, and she gives the Clever Clasp an overall grade of C.

2. KDKA (Pittsburgh)

Clever Clasp: Does It Really Do That?, Yvonne Zanos, April 30, 2007

Reporter Yvonne Zanos asks customers at a local jewelry store to try the Clever Clasp. They find that it works well with all types of necklaces, even heavier ones with stone accents. Zanos says the product adds an inch of length to bracelets, making them more prone to slip off. Testers also report that it doesn't work on certain bracelets because of their design.

3. WLWT (Cincinnati)

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A reporter asks a local jewelry store owner to evaluate the Clever Clasp. He likes the way it works, but points out that the nickel coating might not be good for people who have allergic reactions to metal.

4. KOVR (Sacramento, Calif.)

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A TV news reporter asks three area women to try the Clever Clasp. They like the strength of its magnets and the way it works on necklaces, but one points out that it adds too much length to bracelets.


Clever Clasp, Contributors to

Most of the three dozen or so users here are very satisfied with Clever Clasp, as evident by a perfect rating of 5 stars. Customers say its magnets hold bracelets and necklaces together securely. However, there are scattered complaints of bulkiness or shoddy construction, and one user says her order never arrived.