Crunchless Abs DVD Review

Updated August 15, 2016
Crunchless Abs DVD
Bottom Line

According to developer and fitness expert Linda LaRue, Crunchless Abs is a revolutionary method of training your entire core and abdominals. By following these exercise videos and working out only 10 minutes per day, the manufacturer claims you'll get a flatter, more sculpted stomach.

The majority of user reviews we found, however, are consistently negative; many consumers who buy Crunchless Abs say the workouts are too challenging and not exactly "crunchless." Some users say the moves strain the neck and lower back the same way crunches do. Users also caution that you must read the fine print: After your initial payment, you are automatically enrolled into a monthly DVD club and your credit card is charged each time (this scheme is called a "continuity program" in the infomercial industry).

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Challenging exercises
  • Automatic billing, shipping after initial purchase
  • Exercises not exactly "crunchless"
  • Neck and lower back strain

On the other hand, some reviewers like Crunchless Abs and say the DVD exercises are a quick and easy way to tone your abs each day -- if it's used in conjunction with a cardio and strength training routine. A few users find the workouts interesting and challenging.

Many sites, such as,, and feature a diverse amount of consumer feedback, mainly negative reviews of the Crunchless Abs DVDs. Testers weigh in on other sites, such as Associated Content and the blog Crunchless Abs Review, offering their personal feedback on the products.

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Crunchless Abs Three Workout DVD Review, Contributors to

This user-review site gives the Crunchless Abs workout DVDs a low rating of about two stars out of a possible five. More than 80 percent of users say they would not recommend this product. Over half of owners describe the automatic monthly billing of new DVDs as a "scam." Some reviewers say the workouts are boring, the exercise moves pull on the neck and strain the lower back, and there is not a warm-up or cool-down session. The few users who do like the Crunchless Abs DVDs say it's a quick workout to do each day and it actually does challenge the abdominal muscles.


Crunchless Abs DVD Review, Contributors to

More than 15 users review the Crunchless Abs DVDs, assigning it an overall score of just 1.5 stars out of a possible five. The majority of reviewers complain about the automatic billing and shipping of new DVDs each month and don't discuss the workouts themselves. A handful of users say the exercises are effective and challenging, but are geared toward seasoned exercisers rather than beginners. One user says that the exercises caused neck and back strain, resulting in an injury.


Crunchless Abs Review, Editors for

This site explores all aspects of weight loss and reviews products based on their safety and effectiveness. The Crunchless Abs DVDs receive mainly negative comments, most of which focus on the automatic shipping and billing issues. This is the cause of a large percentage of consumer complaints. The reviewer also says the DVDs are not a good value for your fitness dollars. On the other hand, a positive comment is that there is little to no specialized and expensive exercise equipment to buy. The workouts can be done almost anywhere and the 10-minute sessions easily fit into a daily exercise routine.


Review of Crunchless Abs, J. Rica Middlebrooks, Sept. 10, 2008

While it is unclear whether reviewer J. Rica Middlebrooks tests the Crunchless Abs DVD, she does offers a thorough description of the workouts. Middlebrooks claims it is an "excellent program for reducing the fat around the abdomen area as well as for strengthening one's core region." Although Middlebrooks does not mention the issues with the auto-enrollment DVD program, two users post comments to warn of the problem.

5. Crunchless Abs Review

My Honest Review of Crunchless Abs, Doris Winters, Jan. 11, 2009

Blogger Doris Winters, a self-described diet and fitness expert, says she has tried almost every weight-loss and exercise infomercial product out there. She is very happy with the results she's seen in her abs over the past six months. Winters says she loves the variety in the Crunchless Abs exercises and encourages users to rotate the workouts to keep it interesting. She also says the workouts are quick and easy, helping her to relax throughout the day. She advises consumers to read the fine print and be aware of the automatic billing issue.

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