Doggy Steps Review

Updated August 15, 2016
Doggy Steps
Bottom Line

Doggy Steps is a miniature, portable staircase that allows smaller pets and pets with mobility issues to climb from the floor to furniture surfaces. According to the manufacturer, Doggy Steps are the perfect height for pets to reach sofas and beds, or to step into vehicles.  

Most consumers who buy Doggy Steps say the product works as advertised. They also say the steps are easy to assemble and their animals have no problem using them. Most people who buy Doggy Steps do so for small pets that can't reach the furniture or for older pets that have mobility issues.

  • Easy to assemble        
  • Works for most pets
  • Doesn't always stay in place
  • Too short to reach higher furniture
  • Too flimsy for heavier pets

Of the few customer complaints we found, the most common one is about the lightweight plastic that Doggy Steps is made out of. These pet owners say the steps sometimes shift and slide while being used, which causes their animals to become afraid of using the product. The plastic is often too flimsy to support heavier animals, and a few users say the steps are too short and don't reach the top of their furniture.

Pet owners posting at the online community give Doggy Steps an overall glowing review. Customers on vendor sites, and also give mostly positive reviews, with only a small percentage complaining about the product. A handful of reviewers on are also primarily positive and find that Doggy Steps work just as advertised.

Our Sources


Deluxe Doggy Steps, Contributors to is an online community for pet owners to find and share information on all things pet-related. More than 80 members review Doggy Steps, giving it a very good overall rating. They say that Doggy Steps work great for older pets with arthritis or other mobility problems, as well as for smaller pets who have trouble jumping onto furniture. A few say their pets refuse to use the steps, and some animals become scared of the steps because they sometimes shift when in use.


Deluxe Doggy Steps Customer Ratings and Reviews, Contributors to is a vendor site that sells pet merchandise and allows customers to post reviews of their products. More than 50 customers review Doggy Steps, and the majority says they would recommend it to a friend. Most say the steps are easy to assemble and allow old or small pets to join their owners on furniture. While most consumers are happy with Doggy Steps, a few complain about the steps' construction, saying that they aren't sturdy enough for some animals and have a tendency to slide around when being used.


Deluxe Doggy Steps, Contributors to

More than 40 customers review Doggy Steps on, and most echo the consensus that it works easily for most pets. A handful of people who buy Doggy Steps complain that the steps are flimsy and too lightweight, so they have trouble keeping the steps in one location.


Deluxe Doggy Steps, Contributors to

More than 20 customers review Doggy Steps on, and most are happy with how the steps help their pets reach the furniture. A small percentage of people who buy Doggy Steps complain about how lightweight the steps are, and a few say the product is too short to be of any help to their pets.


Doggy Steps Reviews and Ratings, Contributors to

More than a dozen customers review Doggy Steps on, and most of the reviews are very positive. Like most other customer reviews, the steps work well for most pets while a few customers are disappointed by the lightweight material.

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