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Updated August 15, 2016
Easy Feet
Bottom Line

Reviewers say Easy Feet is one of those products that should be easy to like -- in theory. It's a sandal-shaped, plastic gizmo packed with over a thousand bristles and a pumice stone on the heel. Using suction cups, Easy Feet is supposed to adhere to the bottom of your tub or the side of your bathroom wall, allowing you to stick your foot in during your shower or bath without having to bend over. A few back-and-forth rubs, and voila! Your feet are clean.

In reality, reviews indicate that Easy Feet falls short of most users' expectations. Most of the owners posting to Amazon.com, HSN.com, Viewpoints.com and other sites complain that Easy Feet's suction cups are ineffective, so the product slides all over the tub surface. A test of Easy Feet by a TV news reporter in Missouri reaches the same conclusion; neither of the local women asked to try this product could get it to adhere to their tubs, and the reporter adds that "this thing looks nothing like the commercial, definitely disappointing my testers." The one promising review we found comes from Idaho TV station KIFI. Two local spa owners initially have a hard time getting Easy Feet to stick, but it stays in place as long as they don't apply too much pressure when using it. When the product doesn't slide around, reviewers say, Easy Feet works as advertised.

  • Innovative concept
  • Pumice stone makes feet smooth
  • Won't stick to tub or tile
  • Iffy construction
  • Numerous complaints about overcharging

But overall, consumers are disappointed in Easy Feet. In addition to the several negative reviews we found, numerous consumers posting to the AsSeenOnTVOnSale.com website recount their experiences with overcharging, inflated shipping charges, and other marketing shenanigans when ordering from Easy Feet's toll-free number.

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Our Sources

1. KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Mo.)

Easy Feet: Does it Work?, Lauren Keith, March 1, 2011

A TV news reporter asks a couple of local women to try Easy Feet; neither has any success getting this product to adhere to the floor of their tubs. Reviewer Lauren Keith concludes: "The bristles are very cheap and fray easily. The sandal slips and slides. This thing looks nothing like the commercial, definitely disappointing my testers."

2. Amazon.com

Easy Feet, Contributors to Amazon.com

The 20 or so owners posting here give Easy Feet mixed reviews; many say they like the idea of this product better than the execution. The most common complaint is that Easy Feet's suction cups don't work very well, making it hard to anchor the product to the floor of your tub.

3. Viewpoints.com

As Seen on TV Easy Feet Reviews, Contributors to Viewpoints.com

Of the half-dozen or so owners posting here, a majority says Easy Feet doesn't adhere well to their tub. As at Amazon.com, users seem to be more impressed with the idea of this product than with the actual thing.

4. HSN.com

Easy Feet Foot Cleaner and Massager 2-piece Set, Contributors to HSN.com

The users at HSN give Easy Feet a middling average score of with 3.6 out of 5 stars. As other reviewers have indicated, users complain that Easy Feet just don't stick to the tub floor as advertised. Others also noted that the bristles are very rough on their feet. Another interesting comment is that it was difficult to produce the abundant soapsuds that are indicated in the commercial.

5. KIFI (Idaho Falls, Idaho)

Easy Feet, Tommy Noel, Feb. 1, 2011

Reporter Tommy Noel brings Easy Feet to the owners of the Retreat Day Spa and lets them test it. Initially, it does not stick to the floor of the pedicure tub and it also slips a lot on the granite floor. Finally, both women take the product into the shower where they give it a try without any running water. Both women find it works best when less pressure is applied. Once getting it to stay in place, tester Kim Wolfley says, "The bristles are really soft, but they're stiff enough to do some work… I would want to use it everyday."

6. WNDU (South Bend, Ind.)

ASOTV: Easy Feet, Terry McFadden, April 12, 2011

This review also refers to problems with Easy Feet adhering to surfaces. The tester concludes that while it did stick to glass, there was an issue making it stay on the ceramic tile.

7. AsSeenOnTVOnSale.com

Easy Feet, Contributors to AsSeenOnTVOnSale.com

Very few of the reviewers posting here have anything to say (good or bad) about how Easy Feet actually works; rather, there are numerous complaints about overcharging, inflated shipping charges, and other marketing hijinks. One user says she was sent six Easy Feet when she ordered just one, incurring $55 in shipping charges and a $20 return charge.