Glass Wizard

Updated August 15, 2016
Glass Wizard
Bottom Line

The Glass Wizard is a tool for cleaning glass that has a swiveling, wedge-shaped, flexible foam head for getting into corners. The head is designed to be covered with one of the two machine-washable, reversible bonnets provided. A mesh "grime-buster bonnet" -- intended for heavy-duty cleaning -- is also included, along with a spray bottle that you can fill with either water or glass cleaner. The handle is about 18 inches long, and it's covered with soft foam for comfort. You can use it with a standard extension handle for a longer reach. The contraption is similar to the Windshield Wonder, another as-seen-on-TV cleaning tool.

Reviews are mixed when it comes to whether or not the Glass Wizard cleans better than -- or even as well as -- a regular cleaning solution plus rags or paper towels. Reviewers agree, though, that attaching a cover to the head is a tricky, tedious process. Two reviewers also note that it can be hard to apply pressure except right where the handle backs the pivoting head.

  • Reaches tight places
  • Reusable, reversible covers are machine-washable
  • Comes with mesh cover for sticky debris
  • Can attach to threaded extension handle
  • Tedious to attach cover
  • Uneven pressure across surface of head
  • Doesn't fit curved windshields well
  • May leave streaks
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