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The Pitch: "Leaves your grill spotless and sanitary!"

April 2009. The Grill Daddy cleaning brush is advertised on TV as "the last grill-cleaning tool you'll ever need." All you do is pour water into the hollow handle, preheat your grill and start scrubbing. Water drips out from between the wire bristles, creating a steam-cleaning effect that washes away caked-on grime. Those who put the Grill Daddy to the test have mixed reactions, with most finding it to be a great cleaning solution, but others failing to see what makes it better than a regular grill brush.

Some people who buy the Grill Daddy say it easily brushes away all sorts of caked-on food and grease and can be used with one hand. Although the brush never seems to leave a grill spotless, it cleans well enough to satisfy most users. Other consumers, however, aren't as impressed with the Grill Daddy and say it doesn't clean a grill any better than water and a wire brush do. Other complaints are that the steam the Grill Daddy creates is too hot, which makes using it a challenge, and that the bristles sometimes fall out after using it.

  • Easy to use
  • Works on a variety of grills
  • Easily cleans for most
  • Steam may be too hot
  • Doesn't leave grill spotless
  • Bristles sometimes fall out

Several professional sources conduct tests to see if the Grill Daddy cleaning brush works. A reporter for tests the Grill Daddy and is happy with the results, saying it cleans more thoroughly than a regular brush. In a test for KLRT in Little Rock, Ark., however, users say the steam burned their hands and the grill doesn't get any cleaner than when cleaned with a regular brush. Reporters at KFVS in Cape Girardeau, Mo., and KCBD in Lubbock, Tex., both find the Grill Daddy easy to use. Meanwhile, customer reviews on are mixed. Some consumers are happy with the Grill Daddy results, while others fail to see what makes it better than a regular brush. Interestingly, none of the reviews we found mention whether the Grill Daddy actually sterilizes a grill (as mentioned in the ad), and we have no way of knowing how such a claim could be objectively measured.

Our Sources

1. Popular Mechanics

Does the Grill Daddy Pro Work? As Seen on TV Lab Test, Harry Sawyers, April 10, 2009

Harry Sawyers tries the Grill Daddy out on a dirty grill and finds that its steam-cleaning function works pretty well. The brush has a tendency to leak a bit before the valve is opened, but when used on the hot grill, it easily cleans off the caked-on grease. Sawyer also says that the bristles on the front of the Grill Daddy allow him to thoroughly clean in areas that a regular brush would have trouble reaching.

2. KLRT (Little Rock, Ark.)

Deal or Dud: Grill Daddy, Kevin Kelly, Aug. 7, 2008

Kevin Kelly gives the Grill Daddy to some viewers who are avid outdoor cooks to test on their dirty grill. They have trouble using it, saying that the steam produced by the Grill Daddy is too hot and burns their hands (one of the testers describes the experience as "a painful cleaning"). Once done, the grill isn't any cleaner than it would be when cleaned with a regular wire brush, and they deem the Grill Daddy a dud.

3. KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Mo.)

Grill Daddy: Does it Work?, Lauren Keith, May 20, 2008

Lauren Keith tests the Grill Daddy with a local radio host on his overworked grill. They say it cleans the grill easily, even removing caked-on melted cheese. They also use the Grill Daddy on a charred grate from a meat smoker without preheating it, and it manages to remove most of the mess. It doesn't leave the grills sparkling clean, but they are clean enough to cook on, so the Grill Daddy gets an A-minus in this test. A video of the report accompanies this page.


Grill Daddy Reviews and Ratings, Contributors to

About a dozen consumers review the Grill Daddy on, and their reactions are mixed. Some find that it works just as advertised and does a great job of cleaning their grill. Others say that the Grill Daddy doesn't get their grill any cleaner than water and a regular brush do, and a few complain that the bristles easily fall out after using it.

5. KCBD (Lubbock, TX)

The Grill Daddy: Does It Work?, Editors of KCBD, Oct. 15, 2008

A station editor uses the Grill Daddy on a grill that has gone without a cleaning for a month. With very little effort, he easily cleans the grill, leading him to conclude that the Grill Daddy works.

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