Invisible Tummy Trimmer Review

Updated August 15, 2016
Invisible Tummy Trimmer
Bottom Line

The Invisible Tummy Trimmer uses a lightweight, stretchy fabric (advertisers refer to it as a "miracle elasta-slim weave") with a reinforced front panel to slim the midriff front and back. There are no ribs or bones to make it uncomfortable to wear. The ads say it will make a woman "look 10 pounds thinner, instantly."

However, we didn't find any reviewers who found this claim to be realistic. The most positive reviewers say the Invisible Tummy Trimmer is reasonably easy to put on, and that it feels light and breathable. However, it provides only a minor slimming effect, at best just smoothing out rolls of fat to some degree. At ABC's "Good Morning America," reviewer Becky Worley concedes that it does have a use, calling it a "muffin top trimmer" for smoothing a roll of fat when worn on top of -- not underneath -- tight fitting jeans.

  • Seamless
  • Smoothes out body fat somewhat
  • Breathable fabric
  • Rides up and down
  • Doesn't flatten tummy much
  • Often shows rolls of fat at top and bottom
  • Doesn't make you look 10 pounds thinner

The main criticism of the Invisible Tummy Trimmer is that, unlike some more expensive midriff slimmers, it has nothing to hold it in place. Quite a few testers report that it rides up, not only making it uncomfortable, but also showing rolls of fat at both the top and bottom. Most reviewers say the overall effect is also quite disappointing.

We found the most recent and thorough review of the Invisible Tummy Trimmer at news station WXIA (Atlanta), which includes a video interview with the woman who tests it. Becky Worley tries out the Invisible Tummy Trimmer in a segment for "Good Morning America," and provides a humorous, detailed critique. A review at KCBD (Lubbock, Tex.) is also based on tests, but no longer includes the accompanying video. We found fewer than a dozen owner-written reviews and ratings at

Our Sources

1. WXIA (Atlanta)

Try It: Invisible Tummy Trimmer, Karyn Greer, March 11, 2009

Viewer Tuwisha Rogers gives the Invisible Tummy Trimmer a mixed review, saying it's easy to slip on, feels light and breathable (not too hot for summer wear), and makes it a little easier to fasten pants. However, the reinforced front panel doesn't pull in her tummy much at all, and the overall effect certainly isn't 10 pounds slimmer.

2. Good Morning America

The Skinny on Spa Infomercial Products, Becky Worley, July 11, 2008

The Invisible Tummy Trimmer earns a grade of B-minus here, but reviewer Becky Worley says it can be useful when worn on top of a pair of tight jeans. "It helped to rein in my muffin top by streamlining the transition zone from tight jeans to loose hip flab," she says. Worn in the usual way under clothes, it rides up and creates rolls of fat at the top and bottom. As an alternative, this reviewer recommends more expensive products that stay in place better.

3. KCBD (Lubbock, TX)

The Invisible Tummy Trimmer: Does It Work?, Editors of KCBD, May 12, 2004

This brief review concludes that the Invisible Tummy Trimmer is awfully tight to put on, and then rolls up and down, showing rolls of fat at both top and bottom -- definitely not making the tester look 10 pounds thinner.


As Seen on TV: Invisible Tummy Trimmer, Contributors to

Less than a dozen owners review the Invisible Tummy Trimmer here, and only about 20 percent are satisfied with it -- though most owners say it does smooth out rolls of fat a little. Complaints include difficulty putting it on and finding that it rides up when you sit, but mainly that it just doesn't do enough.

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