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The pitch: "Turns any door into your own personal gym in just seconds."

April 2009. The Iron Gym is an exercise bar for chin-ups and pull-ups. It mounts in a doorway without tools or permanent attachments, except for a small, unobtrusive clip at the top of the doorframe. Although reviews say the Iron Gym works as advertised, it is somewhat limited because it doesn't fit quite a few standard doors.

The doorway must be the right width (24 to 32 inches wide) and exactly 5.5 to 6 inches thick in order for the Iron Gym to work, users say. Otherwise, it's quick to install and remove without tools, and the parts are padded to protect both doorway and user. Most users find it remarkably sturdy, secure and convenient -- as long as they can find a doorway it fits.

Reviewers also say the Iron Gym exercise bar is relatively quick to assemble out of the box, though we found a few reports of missing parts or a flimsy wrench. It's versatile and effective for chin-ups and pull-ups, though you have to bend your knees to fit in the doorway. You can also do knee raises to strengthen abdominals. A pair of ab straps are designed to facilitate the knee raises. They're advertised as free, but don't come in the box. Instead, you have to mail in a form and pay shipping (*est. $8).

  • Installs without tools
  • Easy to remove between uses
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Doesn't fit all doorways
  • Limited range of motion for dips
  • Shipping fee for "free" ab straps

The Iron Gym exercise bar works for sit-ups, deep pushups (with two hand positions) and dips as well. Reviewers say it's fine for all the exercises except dips. The range of motion for dips is so small that you're only doing partial dips, which limits the effectiveness.

Users suggest buying the Iron Gym exercise bar at a local store with a good return policy, since it's hard to tell in advance whether or not it will fit any of your doorways. The Iron Gym website offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but several users note that both the Iron Gym itself and the shipping charges are higher there than at most retailers.

We found the largest number of user-written reviews and ratings of the Iron Gym at The review includes a video review that covers assembly and use. A longer, more critical video review (by an exercise equipment retailer) is posted at We also found useful additional reviews and ratings from users posted at, and 

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An exercise-equipment retailer who also runs discusses the Iron Gym, including the entire process of assembly. He tests it in doorways of different widths, noting that a 30-inch doorway is ideal; a narrower doorway makes it awkward to do wide pull-ups. The wrench that's included with the bar doesn't work very well to tighten the bolts, but a 10mm socket wrench does the trick. He concludes that it "does a decent job for the money" but recommends a competing exercise bar, the P90X, for anyone really serious about working out at home. He also warns that pull-ups and chin-ups are very challenging to do.


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Nearly a dozen users weigh in on the Iron Gym here, giving it mostly positive reviews. One notes that it can scuff a doorframe that's painted white. There's also a complaint about high shipping costs it you buy it from the website.

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