Mighty Mendit Review

Updated August 15, 2016
Mighty Mendit
Bottom Line

According to the manufacturer, Mighty Mendit is a liquid adhesive that will permanently repair rips and tears in any fabric, able to hold its bond even after washing. The commercial shows an actor mending everything from torn trousers to a parachute with ease. But most Mighty Mendit users find that this as-seen-on-TV product is not a permanent solution to any of their mending needs.

When put to the test by reviewers, Mighty Mendit works as a temporary fix on some fabrics, primarily denim, but it fails to hold a bond on most other fabrics, including cotton, leather and furniture upholstery. When fabrics are washed afterwards, the bond almost always comes apart. It's also described as sticky and messy to work with, which leads most users to deem it suitable for emergency fixes only. Consumers who try Mighty Mendit also say the commercial doesn't mention the two-hour drying time that's required or the strict washing rules (cold water only and no dry cleaning).

  • Works okay on denim
  • Doesn't bond permanently
  • Doesn't work on all fabrics
  • Long drying time
  • Messy to use

Several TV news reporters try Mighty Mendit to see if it works, and they all have disappointing results. KDKA in Pittsburgh tests Mighty Mendit with a professional seamstress and finds that it only holds up when used on denim. KLRT in Little Rock, Ark., tries it out with a clothing-store owner and deems it a dud when it fails to hold a bond on any of the test fabrics. KFVS in Cape Girardeau, Mo., also tries Mighty Mendit on a variety of fabrics, and it fails on every one. A YouTube.com user posts a video in which he tries Mighty Mendit on a few fabrics, and finds it only works on denim. A few customers on Amazon.com have success using Mighty Mendit, while others say it doesn't work for them and complain that it stains some fabrics.

Our Sources

1. KDKA (Pittsburgh)

Does It Really Do That: Mighty Mendit, Yvonne Zanos, Oct. 20, 2008

Reporter Yvonne Zanos brings Mighty Mendit to a professional seamstress to test it on a variety of fabrics. They use it on denim, leather and upholstery fabric, and are discouraged by the two-hour setting time that isn't mentioned in the Mighty Mendit commercial. When the test fabrics are checked after 24 hours, the denim holds up to a tugging test but the leather and upholstery do not. Since there are similar products available for less money, testers say they won't be using Mighty Mendit again.

2. KLRT (Little Rock, Ark.)

Deal or Dud: Mighty Mendit, Jeremy Baker, March 27, 2009

Jeremy Baker tests Mighty Mendit with the owner of a men's clothing store. They use it on a pair of jeans, a shirt pocket, a teddy bear and a pillow. While it initially holds each item together, it doesn't achieve a permanent bond. When the jeans and shirt are washed after a few days, the Mighty Mendit fixes fall apart. The seal on the pillow doesn't hold up, either. Although Mighty Mendit works as a temporary fix in an emergency situation, Baker says the product is a dud.

3. KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Mo.)

Mighty Mend-it: Does it Work?, Lauren Keith, Jan. 22, 2009

Lauren Keith tries Mighty Mendit on several fabrics and products. She finds it stringy and hard to squeeze out of the bottle, and it gets all over her hands. After using Mighty Mendit to fix a torn pant seam and allowing it to dry for two hours, the seam holds. Once the pants are washed a few days later, however, the seam rips apart. The Mighty Mendit bond doesn't hold on a torn purse, pillow, watchband or leather suspenders. It works on some non-clothing items, like a broken mirror and a metallic box, but she gives it a D-plus grade due to its price and the fact that it is neither a permanent solution nor easy to work with.

4. YouTube.com

The Product Tester: Mighty Mendit, "TheProductTester", Jan. 18, 2009

In this video, Mighty Mendit is used on denim, leather and a cotton fabric. After two hours of setting, only the denim holds up. The Mighty Mendit seams on the leather and the cotton easily pull apart. Although the denim patch does hold, the tester isn't convinced it will hold up permanently.

5. Amazon.com

Mighty Mendit, Contributors to Amazon.com

About 10 customers review Mighty Mendit on Amazon.com, with mixed results; it works for some users, but not for others. Some users have success using Mighty Mendit on vinyl tile, sofa fabric and ripped clothing; others find that it does not hold its bond to anything they try it on, and also complain that it stains some fabrics and leaves a visible glue-like seam.