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Mighty Putty
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The Pitch: "Fix, fill, seal and repair fast and make it last"

March 2009. Mighty Putty claims to be the ultimate solution for a number of household problems. According to the infomercial, it can be used like an epoxy to fill holes, seal leaks, mount objects on the wall, bond like glue and support up to 350 pounds. Those who have put Mighty Putty to the test, however, say that although it works for some minor household repairs, the as-seen-on-TV Mighty Putty fails to perform in other circumstances.

Many users find that Mighty Putty cannot support a lot of weight, certainly nowhere near 350 pounds as advertised. Others complain that the putty dries and crumbles as it ages, only holds temporarily and doesn't work on certain metals. A handful of users are happy with Mighty Putty and say they have used it to attach wall hangings, seal small leaks, repair figurines and fix bathroom tiles. But even the positive comments come with caveats. They say that the putty has to be kneaded for a lot longer than the two minutes the directions say in order to work, and most users suggest letting it cure for longer than the directions instruct, too.

  • Variety of applications
  • Works on some household repairs
  • Not reliable
  • Has to be kneaded frequently to work
  • Needs a lot of time to cure

PopularMechanics.com puts Mighty Putty to the test by mimicking some of the claims made in the commercial. Most of their tests are successful, with the exception of sealing a leaky copper pipe and supporting a concrete block. A reporter at WBRE in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., has a completely different experience, however, with Mighty Putty failing nearly every test. Customer reviews on InfomercialRatings.com and Amazon.com are mixed, with some having great success with their Mighty Putty uses, and others claiming total failure.

Our Sources

1. Popular Mechanics

Mighty Putty Lab Test: Do As-Seen-on-TV Products Work?, Editors of PopularMechanics.com, Feb. 5, 2009

Editors at PopularMechanics.com put Mighty Putty through a variety of tests, including sealing a leaking pipe, mounting a hook on a door and creating a handle on a glass bottle. The Mighty Putty passes most of the tests, though it takes a lot longer to knead than the directions imply; the directions say to knead for two minutes, but they have to work the putty for 20 minutes before it is ready to use. Mighty Putty doesn't work on a leaking copper pipe and it isn't a complete success at filling a hole in a wooden door. The one major failure is when Mighty Putty is used as a link in a chain used to lift a concrete block (as is done in the commercial).

2. WBRE (Wilkes-Barre, Pa.)

Tuesday Tryout: Mighty Putty, Jeff Chirico, Jan. 15, 2008

Jeff Chirico tries Mighty Putty out on several broken items at a viewer's home and is disappointed with the results. The putty doesn't hold when applied to a broken tea cup handle; every time they try to wipe away the excess putty, the handle moves. After letting Mighty Putty set according to the directions, it does successfully reattach the head on a figurine. However, Mighty Putty can't reattach a pedal on a stainless-steel trash can. It holds the corners of a plastic picture frame together, but putty residue on their fingers ruins the finish on the frame. Chirico is completely dissatisfied with Mighty Putty, and says that it isn't any different than any other epoxy you can get at a hardware store.

3. InfomercialRatings.com

Mighty Putty Reviews and Ratings, Contributors to InformercialRatings.com

More than 90 customers review Mighty Putty on InfomercialRatings.com, and while their reactions are mixed, most are dissatisfied with the product. Customers use the putty for a variety of applications, including fixing leaking pipes, mounting objects on the wall, repairing broken figurines and fixing loose wooden banisters, all with mixed results.

4. Amazon.com

Mighty Putty MP-1001 Fix, Fill & Seal Epoxy Bond, Contributors to Amazon.com

About 20 customers review Mighty Putty on Amazon.com, and their opinions are split into the "love it" or "hate it" camp. Half of the users are happy with their Mighty Putty purchase and have had success using it on such repairs as attaching shelves to the wall, repairing bathroom tiles, and sealing water leaks. Other users complain that the putty does not support significant weight, becomes brittle once dry and doesn't hold under heat or moisture. Even those who are happy with Mighty Putty warn that it needs to be kneaded longer than the directions say in order to work, and it doesn't always bond to metal.

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