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No! No! Hair

Est. $200
August 2013
by ConsumerSearch
No! No! Hair

According to overwhelming customer feedback, you have a very slim chance of achieving the promised results: the steep price is not worth the risk.

  • Painless
  • Easy to use
  • Ineffective
  • Expensive
  • Burning hair odor
  • Time-consuming


Many reviewers have put No! No! Hair to the test, and the results are dismal: the product rarely works. The primary complaint in user reviews (other than it not working) is the large time commitment. When first using No! No! Hair, it can take 20 to 30 minutes per day a few times a week to use, and it can be several weeks before seeing a reduction in new hair growth.

Only about 25 percent of contributors to the Home Shopping Network website are satisfied with the product, and many note the process often produces an unpleasant burning-hair smell. Some happy customers still question if the results are worth the price. customers have even more depressing feedback for No! No! Hair. In one listing for the product about 350 of the 442 reviews give it 1 star, the minimum rating.

Ease of use

Another common complaint is that No! No! Hair doesn't seem to work on coarse hair; a few have developed ingrown hairs after using the device. Both happy and unhappy customers, however, agree the process is truly painless.

Annie Tomlin, an editor for beauty-focused website, also tried No! No! Hair for a couple of months but, on the contrary, is relatively pleased with her results, though she does mention the massive time commitment she had to make. "Because I often missed a session or two with No! No!, I've had good but inconsistent results… No! No! doesn't magically zap your hair away immediately; it takes time," she explains.

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Almost 450 customers review No! No! Hair on, and an overwhelming majority give the product the lowest possible rating for not working, emitting a burning smell and requiring a lot of time and energy to use. No! No! Hair appears under other listing titles with similar results.

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Although the product is no longer available on the site, still allows visitors to read the 425 customer reviews left for No! No! Hair. Customers give it an average of 2.9 stars, with the same complaints found on other retail websites: ineffective use, burning smell and the lengthy time required to use. The last review was posted on May 24, 2011.

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At (the Home Shopping Network retail site) customers give No! No! Hair similar results to other shopping websites: 2.2 stars out of 5 from 152 reviews. Most users complain the gadget does not work as promised, although a limited few found it to exceed expectations.

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The editor of, the beauty-focused site in the Sugar Inc. network, uses No! No! Hair for a couple of months. She finds using the device time-consuming, but she does see positive results when she puts in the effort. She does comment on the unpleasant smell of burning hair that comes with first using No! No! Hair, though it does diminish the more she uses it since there is less hair to deal with.

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