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August 2013
by ConsumerSearch

With an excellent customer-service reputation, 90-day money-back guarantee and high recommendations from actual homeowners, the nuvoH2O is worth a try if you have hard-water issues.

  • Small and convenient to place
  • Does not produce waste nor require electricity
  • Excellent customer service
  • Lifetime warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Few users have trouble installing
  • Rare cases of ineffective use


The nuvoH2O claims to produce softer water by using citric acid rather than sodium. However, experts in water technology, like Mark Timmons from, say getting softer water from a salt-free system is impossible; the only way to soften water is to use sodium. A salt-free system like nuvoH2O produces conditioned, not softened, water.

While some may question the science, most customers who have nuvoH2O in their homes, such as those who review it on, are happy with the results of the system, saying they see a reduction in hard-water spots and that their water both feels and tastes better. Only a small percentage of users contend they see no improvement.

Ease of use

NuvoH2O claims to remove hard-water buildup in water heaters and plumbing fixtures, and to produce softer water that leaves less residue on dishes and your body. The nuvoH2O uses citric acid rather than salt to condition the water, though, and the various systems can be attached to a water supply by anyone -- no plumber needed. However, a notable number of people find the installation process trickier than promised.

Customer service

Whether or not nuvoH2O owners are satisfied with the performance of their system, they all agree the customer service is excellent. contributors attest that nuvoH2O customer service representatives are quick to respond to emails or phone calls, and only one user (out of nearly 100) reports having trouble receiving their 90-day refund when requested. NuvoH2O even goes so far as to respond to each partially negative review, explaining that they "wanted to comment on your experience with us. We just recently created an account to respond to these types of issues."

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Our Sources

1. contains feedback on the nuvoH2O from just over 90 customers. It scores an average rating of 3.85 stars (out of 5). More than half of the reviewers find the nuvoH2O to work as promised and are more than pleased with the customer service. Others question its effectiveness.

Review: NuvoH2O Home Complete Salt-Free Water Softening System, Contributors to, As of August 2013

2. allows dissatisfied customers of any product or service to share their experiences. In this case, one such disgruntled consumer submits a long rant against nuvoH2O. He is met by several existing or potential nuvoH2O customers who call into question his evaluation process and specific claims. The Director of Business Development of nuvoH2O attempts to answer his complaints, including explaining in great detail the water-softening process of the nuvoH2O, complete with works cited.

Review: Complaint Review: NuvoH2O, Contributors to, As of August 2013


Mark Timmons, who has been working in the water-treatment industry for more than 38 years, addresses water-related questions on, a site that sells water-treatment filters and accessories. When a contributor asks specifically about the nuvoH2O system, Timmons admits he has never used it, but believes the results it promises to be scientifically impossible to achieve.

Review: Saltfree Water Conditioners -- Boom or Bane?, Mark Timmons, Jan. 14, 2011


In the user forums section of, several contributors discuss the pros and cons of different water-softening processes. Within the answers posted by several well-informed users we found useful information regarding the value and effectiveness of different units, including the nuvoH2O. Currently, does not evaluate water softeners.

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