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Updated August 15, 2016
Ped Egg
Bottom Line Performance

Effective and easy. Most reviewers agree the Ped Egg works well and is cheaper than having a pedicure; it is faster than using a pumice stone, which requires soaking feet first, or an emery board. The main drawback is mess. Contrary to the ads, users say, not all the dead skin it removes is captured inside the Ped Egg. Some reviewers also say that while the Ped Egg is painless, overuse can result in tenderness that causes calluses to form. Also worth noting: The manufacturer warns that the Ped Egg should not be used by diabetics.

We found the best reviews of the Ped Egg at, which consults a podiatrist ; KCBD (Lubbock, Tex.), where testing is conducted by a pedicurist; and KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Mo.), whose test is done by three reporters. We found the largest number of user reviews at, where almost 600 owners comment on the Ped Egg and about 120 rate the blade refills. We also found several user-written reviews of the Ped Egg at, and, plus a video review at

  • Painless to use
  • Easy to handle
  • Works well for many users
  • Some mess escapes
  • May leave skin tender
  • May leave skin tender

Our health and beauty editor, Gina Colonette, can attest to the Ped Egg's good performance as well: "I was surprised at how much dead skin came off of my foot without having to soak." Although her foot didn't feel noticeably softer after use, it looked less dry. "I would definitely need to use a thick cream after using the Ped Egg to get super-soft feet," she says.

Ease Of Use

No soaking. The Ped Egg is an egg-shaped foot file designed to remove calluses. The shavings are captured in a storage compartment that doubles as an ergonomic handle. The Ped Egg comes apart when you're ready to discard the shavings. The file contains more than 135 stainless-steel blades that scrape off rough skin as you move the file back and forth over your foot. Very little effort is needed, users say, although it may take some care to remove calluses evenly. "Lots of stuff comes off even with the lightest motions," says Colonette. "I have a high arch, so it was difficult to reach all of that area."


Iffy replacement blades. With regular use, replacement blades eventually will be needed. While the Ped Egg itself earns good reviews, users are less satisfied with the replacement blades. We read a number of complaints about poor quality control, blades not fitting or not working properly. The replacement blade that comes with the product seems to work just as well as the original, however, based on feedback we read.

Customer Service

Buy in stores. As often is the case with As Seen On TV products, ordering a Ped Egg directly from the infomercial can result in extra fees and customer-service issues, as owners attest. The safest bet is to purchase the Ped Egg from a reliable retailer with a flexible return policy.

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