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The Pitch: "The revolutionary nail trimmer for your dog or cat"

March 2009. PediPaws, frequently featured in as-seen-on-TV infomercials, is designed to trim your pet's nails gently, safely and efficiently. In reviews, users say the PediPaws pet nail trimmer is a lot safer than trimming your pet's nails with clippers, where you run the risk of cutting too much and hurting them. However, reviewers say that the PediPaws doesn't always live up to its claims. The trimmer makes a buzzing noise and takes a lot longer to use than traditional clippers, so it only works for animals (and their owners) that are able to sit still long enough. Customers who have calm pets are in general very happy with the results.

Most customers, however, express disappointment with PediPaws because their pets are either frightened by the buzzing noise or will not sit still long enough for them to use it. Another common complaint is that if you put too much pressure on PediPaws' rotating filing head, it will stop working, making it less likely to work on the thicker nails of larger animals.

  • Safer than clipping nails
  • Cheaper than a groomer
  • Buzzing sound tends to scare pets
  • Not powerful enough for thick nails
  • Time consuming

A reporter at WPVI, an ABC news affiliate in Philadelphia, tries out PediPaws with a dog owner and a pet spa owner, and both agree that it is a time-consuming process that only works on very calm animals. Customer reviews on and are mostly negative, with many reviewers saying their pets are frightened by the PediPaws trimmer. reviewers also warn of problems in ordering from the official PediPaws website. The reviews on and have more positive reviews mixed with the negative, but all agree that PediPaws only works on smaller pets that are well-behaved.

Our Sources

1. WPVI (Philadelphia, PA)

Action News Product Test: PediPaws, Nydia Han, Jan. 30, 2009

Reporter Nydia Han puts the PediPaws nail trimmer to the test with a woman who owns two dogs and a pet spa owner, and neither are thrilled with the product. The dog owner says that the trimmer's buzzing noise doesn't bother her dogs, but they both refuse to sit still long enough for her to use it on them. The pet spa owner has better luck using PediPaws, but only recommends it for pet owners with a lot of time and very calm pets.


PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer Reviews, Contributors to

More than 150 customers review the PediPaws trimmer on, and most don't care for it. The few who give it favorable reviews say that their pets aren't bothered by the noise. They also say the device is safer and leaves fewer jagged edges than traditional nail clipping. However, those same reviewers find the process much more time-consuming. Most reviews say their pets are either too frightened by the buzzing or too hyper to sit still long enough for them to use PediPaws. Another common complaint is that PediPaws doesn't have enough power to work on larger animals that have thick nails.


PediPaws Reviews and Ratings, Contributors to

The customer reviews on are mixed. Those with pets who are calm enough to sit still long enough to have their nails filed like it, but all agree that it takes a while to work. Those who don't care for PediPaws either have pets that are too skittish to sit still, or their nails are too thick for the rotating filer to work properly.


PediPaws Reviews and Complaints, Contributors to

Most of the two dozen customer reviews on are negative ones. In addition to having a lot of problems with the PediPaws official website's ordering system, most users say that their pets won't let the PediPaws trimmer get anywhere near them.


PediPaws Reviews, Contributors to

The customer reviews on are a bit more positive, with three out of the four reviewers reporting favorable results with PediPaws. They say it works well on pets that are willing to sit still, but agree it's not ideal for larger pets with thick nails.

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