Perfect Meatloaf Review

Updated August 15, 2016
Perfect Meatloaf
Bottom Line

Perfect Meatloaf is pretty simple and straightforward in its claim: It will help you bake the perfect meatloaf. When using a regular loaf pan, meatloaf can be difficult to remove and often comes out crumbly and soggy after sitting in its own grease and juices. Perfect Meatloaf aims to fix this problem by adding a perforated, lift-away tray to the loaf pan. This tray allows fats and juices to filter through the holes, making for a less greasy meatloaf. It also makes removing the meatloaf easier; all you have to do is lift it up and slide the meatloaf onto a plate.

When put to the test, the Perfect Meatloaf pan lives up to its promises. Those who try it say their meatloaf comes out of the pan easily, keeps its shape, and is moist and tasty without being greasy. The only complaints? The Perfect Meatloaf is only available in one size, and that the handles are only connected to the aerated tray and not the pan, which makes removing it from the oven potentially difficult.

  • Cooks evenly
  • Removes excess grease
  • Meatloaf keeps its shape
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Available in only one size
  • No handles on the sides of the pan for grip

New England Cable News (NECN) in Boston tests two different meatloaf recipes in the Perfect Meatloaf pan, and both come out perfectly. A reporter at WXIN in Indianapolis has similar results and gives the pan a thumbs-up approval. Reviewers on and are also happy with the Perfect Meatloaf pan and like how it allows their meatloaf to keep its shape by filtering out a lot of the grease and fat. However, several reviewers urge caution when taking the pan out of the oven, saying it can be easy to grab the handles of the lift-away tray by mistake.

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Our Sources

1. NECN (Boston)

Perfect Meatloaf Pan: Does it Work?, Leslie Gaydos, Oct. 12, 2011

Reporter Leslie Gaydos tests the Perfect Meatloaf pan by baking two different kinds of meatloaf in it. Both come out moist and keep their shape, she says, and the excess grease collects at the bottom of the pan. Gaydos' only complaint is that the pan is a bit small, so making a larger meatloaf in it isn't an option.

2. WXIN (Indianapolis)

Does it Work: Perfect Meatloaf Pan, Sherman Burdette, Oct. 19, 2011

Sherman Burdette tests the Perfect Meatloaf pan at viewer's home and by himself. In both tests the meatloaf is easily removed from the pan, is moist and tasty and the excess grease pools at the bottom of the pan. Sherman gives the Perfect Meatloaf one thumb up.


As Seen on TV Perfect Meatloaf Pan, Contributors to

About 40 customers review the Perfect Meatloaf pan on, and the vast majority would recommend the product. Echoing the findings of other sourcers, users at this site say meatloaf bakes evenly in the pan, is easy to remove and keeps it shape, and unwanted grease easily filters through the lifting tray. The only complaint was from an owner who says the product would be even better if there were handles on the sides of the pan to remove it from the oven.


Perfect Meatloaf Pan Set, Contributors to

A handful of customers review the Perfect Meatloaf pan on, and those who review the product are very happy. They say that meatloaf cooks evenly in the pan, removes easily and fat and grease collect at the bottom. A few reviewers warn to be careful when taking the pan out of the oven and not grab the handles of the inner lifting tray.

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