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The Pitch: "Changes the pull-up bar into a complete upper-body machine"

March 2009. The Perfect Pullup is a bar that you install near the top of a doorway, letting you perform pull-up exercises. Included is the bar and mounting hardware, plus a pair of handles that hang from the bar. The whole contraption can also swivel down for exercises that are lower to the floor, such as standing rows and squats. The Perfect Pullup's construction, which incorporates several key plastic parts (such as its handles), isn't exactly confidence-inspiring for some users. However, its compatibility with the range of upper-body motion and its overall versatility have won it numerous fans. Strangely, even after trying it out, many users seem incapable of shedding the skepticism that the device will work as well as its infomercials boast it will.

Installation provokes the most complaints. Many users complain about the size and number of the screws provided for mounting (two wood screws are included and may not penetrate the studs beyond some door jambs), and you'll need a drill to install it. Several owners mention being suspicious that they received a product that had been used previously and returned. Some users, particularly those who are nearly as tall as a standard 6-foot-8-inch doorway, find the Perfect Pullup bar placement to be awkward and wish it could be mounted high enough to hang from without touching the floor.

  • Comfortable swivel handles
  • Doesn't interfere with door operation
  • Can be used for more than just pull-ups
  • Keeps body in alignment
  • Cumbersome installation
  • Installation requires a drill
  • Durability concerns
  • Doesn't work as well for tall users

Despite its unique design, the Perfect Pullup's price is pretty steep compared to similar pull-up bars from other manufacturers. In the end, reviews are mixed; while about half of owners say it works well, the other half complains about breaking plastic parts (particularly the handles), cumbersome installation and a high price tag for what you get.  

Consumer Reports includes a short review of the Perfect Pullup, but we found the best cumulative information in user reviews at and other sites, where owners comment on installation and ease of use for the Perfect Pullup. Chad Davies, in a review for writes convincingly in his review of the product, but he doesn't discuss specifically what he and his team did to arrive at their findings.

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The magazine's editors put together two panels to test whether various as-seen-on-TV exercise machines, including the Perfect Pullup, live up to their billing. One panel reviews the ads, uses the devices, then reports on their experiences. The other team works out with the machines but also does traditional calisthenics and uses standard equipment. The editors compare muscle activity and calories burned under both of these trials.

2. Exercise-Equipment-

Perfect Pullup Review, Chad Davies

Chad Davies, a test engineer who is also a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist, doesn't go into the specifics of his team's tests on the Perfect Pullup, but his report is well written, comprehensive and balanced. The Perfect Pullup's unique design, he points out, allows users to perform exercises that are more compatible with the body's natural motions. Its price, however, is a bit higher than similar products, and he raises concerns about some of its plastic parts.


Perfect Pullup Review, Charles Lloyd, Jan. 5, 2009

A fitness blogger, Lloyd writes with light sarcasm that the Perfect Pullup lives up to its infomercial claims to "get you ripped" -- if you actually use it. For an abs workout, he ranks it near the top of anything he's used. He dislikes two things, though: a user must drill into a door jamb for installation (which, in itself, can be limiting for taller people like himself), and its construction incorporates several plastic components.


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Of about 50 reviews posted here, nearly 75 percent are positive. Many users claim to have approached the purchase with skepticism but were pleasantly surprised. Many are impressed with the swivel handles and variety of exercises the device offers. Negative reviews center on iffy durability, cumbersome installation and the logistical difficulty of doing pull-ups in a doorway.


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There aren't as many reviews here as at, but the gist is the same. Some people like the Perfect Pullup, but there are many complaints that the handles break.


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This video review is helpful because you can get a good idea of what it takes to install the Perfect Pullup, along with how it will actually look in your doorway.

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