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Updated August 15, 2016
Perfect Pushup
Bottom Line

Invented by an ex-Navy SEAL, the Perfect Pushup is a pair of rotating handles designed to augment this most basic of calisthenics. The majority of reviews we looked at laud the Perfect Pushup's effectiveness and versatility. Most users say how much more comfortable pushups turned out to be with the aid of the device's swivel handles. A large number mention that they've incorporated the device into their regular workout routines and feel the device helps stimulate more muscle groups than the ordinary pushups. Convenient storage and portability are also big advantages with many users. Another plus is that they don't cost much.

Very few reviews we looked at had anything at all negative to say about the Perfect Pushup. Of those negative reviews, about half have to do with concerns about further straining an injured or recovering rotator cuff. This is a legitimate concern to be sure, and potential users obviously should use common sense and proceed cautiously if convalescing from shoulder injury. The other caution we read is that the claim they'll "get you ripped" is exaggerated; while pushups are a great workout move, they aren't going to build muscle mass like weight lifting will.

  • Comfortable rotating handles
  • Ease of storage and portability
  • Works more muscle groups than traditional pushups
  • May stress rotator cuff
  • Some packages don't include instructional DVD
  • You don't need them to do a good pushup

The only other complaints we saw were about pricing for the Perfect Pushup. The device is now available online and at retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods and Wal-Mart, as well as from telemarketers. The pricing varies from about $20 to $40, but reviewers caution that consumers may not receive the same extras, depending on where you buy the Perfect Pushup; some buyers say their purchase didn't include the instructional DVD. Others say the versions sold for around $20 at Walmart are of lesser quality than the pricier ones available online through the manufacturer or at sporting goods stores. reviews the Perfect Pushup, but the article is limited. We found more detailed testing at, where a self-proclaimed "fitness nerd" thoroughly tests the Perfect Pushup and details his results and opinion. Pittsburgh news affiliate WTAE also gives the Perfect Pushup a workout and deems it a success. Fitness guru Chad Davies posts a well-written critique on his website, but he doesn't discuss how he tested it. We found also reviews from more than 500 consumers at

Our Sources


Get Fit? Get Real., Editors of, January 2009's editors assemble two panels to evaluate various as-seen-on-TV exercise products. The Perfect Pushup is among the products studied. The first panel's users were asked to report on how well they felt a product lived up to its advertisement. In a second panel, the editors compared users' muscle activity and calories burned while both working out with the Perfect Pushup and doing traditional pushups.

2. AnswerFitness

Perfect Pushup Review: Is the Perfect Pushup Hit or Hype?, "Matt", Nov. 16, 2008

This self-proclaimed "fitness nerd" publishes reviews of exercise equipment, among other things. He posts an exhaustively thorough review of the Perfect Pushup, summarized in a helpful bullet list of pros and cons. He finds the product sturdy and well constructed and says that the ergonomic design protects against wrist strain and the rotation may protect against shoulder strain. He admits that they are more challenging than a standard pushup, although he's careful to say that pushups won't build a lot of muscle mass. On the down side, he finds the price a bit high for what they are, and says the workout plans included are a bit limited.


Test It Tuesday Returns: The Perfect Pushup, Andrew Stockey, Jan. 29, 2008

In this TV segment, the Perfect Pushup is tested by the station's meteorologist and a fitness specialist. They conclude that it does what it claims, but you don't need the Perfect Pushup to do a pushup effectively.

4. Exercise-Equipment-

Perfect Pushup Review, Chad Davies

A certified personal trainer, nutritionist and test engineer, Chad Davies also runs a website dedicated to reviewing exercise equipment. Davies strongly recommends the Perfect Pushup. The swivel handles, he says, are helpful to build muscle and reduce strain on joints. He mentions the device is particularly suited to those with injured or weak wrists, as well as expressing concerns that the device's plastic construction may be unfounded.


Review: Yes, the Perfect Pushup, Nicholas Deleon, March 2, 2009

Nicholas Deleon says the Perfect Pushup works well because he is able to increase his pushup repetitions quite a bit. He concludes, "I can think of far worse ways to spend $30."


Perfect Pushup -- Original, Contributors to

Nearly all of the roughly 600 user reviews for the Perfect Pushup are mainly positive, awarding an average score of 4.5 stars out of 5. Dozens say it's the best piece of exercise equipment they've ever owned. A couple of posts discuss quality differences between the $20 version of this product that Walmart sells and the $40 one available online or at sporting goods stores. Some think that the Walmart version is more cheaply made. Some users with a history of shoulder problems caution that the device places undue stress on the rotator cuff.