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June 2010
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Save your money and buy a brush instead.

  • Picks up some pet hair
  • Noisy
  • Most pets don't like it
  • Inadequate suction
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The PetVac is a grooming tool designed to remove loose fur and dander. You attach the PetVac's 15-foot hose to your vacuum cleaner, and then groom your pet far from the noisy vac, which tends to disturb most cats and dogs. The pets in the infomercial appear happy, and the results are predictably impressive.

However, the PetVac doesn't fare nearly as well in real-life testing. Reporters at TV stations in San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Erie, Pa., all test the PetVac, either on their own or with the aid of professional dog groomers. The results are unanimous. The PetVac is described as mediocre at best, and the grooming unit doesn't dig deep into fur. Although the PetVac is not supposed to be noisy, all three TV reporters say it's quite loud, which bothers many of the pets used in the reviews.

Even when the unit works, reviewers say the PetVac collects only small amount of pet hair, suggesting that it isn't doing a good job. A professional groomer that tested the PetVac for Pittsburgh's KDKA says, "I think it's a waste of money... a hairbrush would get that much hair out and in quicker time."

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Our Sources

1. KGO (San Francisco)

A reporter at KGO tests the PetVac at a San Francisco pet boutique. Most of the dogs seem frightened by the rubber device, and the professional groomers say regular brushes are a better grooming tool.

Review: The PetVac Gets Put to the Test, June 6, 2006

2. KDKA (Pittsburgh)

A pet groomer tries out the PetVac on a cat and dog that are accustomed to professional grooming. She says the vac is noisy and doesn't pick up all that much pet hair. Her verdict: "I think it's a waste of money... a hairbrush would get that much hair out and in quicker time. On a rate of 1 to 10, I would give it a minus 1."

Review: Does It Really Do That? PetVac, Yvonne Zanos

3. WICU (Erie, Pa.)

In its test of the PetVac, a WICU reporter echoes the conclusions of other reviewers: This gizmo is too noisy for nervous pets, and even when it seems like it's doing a good job, a quick check of the attached vacuum shows that it picks up only small amounts of pet hair.

Review: Pet-Vac, Aug. 30, 2007

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