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The Pitch: "Space-saving solution organizes and protects shoes."

April 2009. The ShoesUnder infomercial boasts that users can reduce clutter by storing shoes in the drawerlike organizer which features compartments for 12 pairs of shoes and fits under a bed.

However, most people who buy the ShoesUnder storage device say the product is nothing like the sturdy-looking item shown in the as-seen-on-TV ad. Instead of a rigid, boxlike structure with neat, rectangular compartments, they say the ShoesUnder more closely resembles a floppy plastic bag. The dividers aren't attached to the bottom of the organizer, so shoes can get mixed up. Users say it doesn't slide under the bed like a drawer, either -- it's more like trying to stuff a flimsy plastic bag full of shoes under the bed. And although the ad promises that "the double-stitched reinforced seams guarantee long-lasting durability," some owners report rips in the seams.

  • Fits under the bed
  • Inexpensive
  • Flimsy construction
  • Shoes migrate between compartments
  • Hidden charges

Users who have bought ShoesUnder at Target and other well-known retailers complain about the quality of the product. Some people who ordered ShoesUnder directly from the manufacturer (over the phone after viewing the infomercial or on the Internet) say their credit cards were overcharged, and they couldn't get the company to remedy the situation.

One of the best reviews we found comes from an Idaho TV reporter who enlists a staffer to test ShoesUnder. Her experience mirrors that of several consumers who post reviews at, and The District Chatter blog. One dissatisfied customer posting at describes a way to make ShoesUnder more useful by bulking it up with cardboard.

Our Sources

1. KIDK (Idaho Falls, Id.)

Does It Really Work? Shoes Under, Tommy Noel, April 2, 2009

Mandy Ward, a staffer at this TV station, tests ShoesUnder in her home. She finds it too flimsy and complains that the compartments aren't secured, which prevents her high heels from fitting in properly. Mandy does say that ShoesUnder fits under her bed, but she finds it troublesome to have to squat down to get the shoes. Since it's a bit of a nuisance, Mandy says she probably wouldn't use ShoesUnder on a daily basis. She gives it a score of three out of five.


Shoes Under, Contributors to

We found half a dozen complaints posted about ShoesUnder at this website. Posters say ShoesUnder is flimsy and nothing like the product advertised on TV. Some users say they were overcharged and unable to contact the company to dispute the charges.


Shoes Under, Contributors to

Another half-dozen or so owners post negative reviews for ShoesUnder, saying it is flimsy. Only one review is positive. The rest say this product wasn't anything like the infomercial suggested it would be.

4. The District Chatter

Shoes Under Fire, "missbiscuit", Jan. 13, 2009

About a dozen readers respond to this anonymous blogger's post about the ShoesUnder commercial (she doesn't actually review the product). The complaints from these dissatisfied customers echo those at Some users say ShoesUnder is floppy and doesn't stop shoes from moving between compartments, comparing it to a messy plastic bag. Others complain of overcharging or unauthorized charges to their credit cards.


How to Make Your "Shoes Under" More Like the Product Shown in the Commercial, Karen Eisenbraun

Dismayed when the ShoesUnder she ordered turns out to be flimsy and useless, Eisenbraun inserts cardboard to make it sturdier. She provides step-by-step instructions, illustrated with before-and-after photos, for those who have already purchased ShoesUnder and want to make better use of it.

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