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Space Bags Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line

The Pitch: "Triple Your Storage Space!"

March 2009. Reviewers say that Space Bags -- when they actually work -- do what they're supposed to do: create additional storage space by compacting the bag's contents with a vacuum seal (using a standard vacuum cleaner to suck excess air out of the bag). Unfortunately, most people who buy Space Bags report that they rarely work as they should. Space Bags are made of nylon, but most consumers find the material to be very flimsy and prone to rips, tears and leaks. The bags also tend to not keep their airtight seal over time -- anywhere from a few hours to a few months. Other customers say that although the bags work, they leave their contents smelling like plastic.

There are a handful of owners who have had positive experiences with their Space Bags. When handled carefully, they say the bags remain sealed and help to create more storage space. A news crew in Raleigh, N.C., tries out the Space Bag in one of their regular "Does It Work?" segments, and comes back with a somewhat positive review. One test bag leaks, but another seals properly and stays airtight when submerged in water. Regardless, the reporters say the overall construction of the Space Bags is flimsy.


  • Saves space
  • Keeps contents dry


  • Material isn't durable
  • Bags tend to not stay airtight
  • Leaves contents with a plastic smell
Our Analysis
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Customer reviews on both InformercialRatings.com and Amazon.com are mostly negative, with most users saying that the Space Bags do not remain airtight and rip too easily. InfomercialScams.com, a site dedicated to customer complaints, has over 100 Space Bag customer grievances, many citing instances of ripping, tearing and broken zippers. Customer reviews on Epinions.com are almost entirely negative, citing the same complaint that the Space Bags rupture very easily.

Our Sources

Editors of WRAL, Nov. 28, 2005

WRAL reporters test vacuum-seal Space Bags with both stuffed animals and clothing. The first bag seals without any problem, but a seam springs a leak after a few minutes, causing the bag to expand. The second bag works better, flattening the contents and remaining sealed. They test out the promise that Space Bags lock out moisture by submerging the second bag in a hot tub, and after a few minutes underwater, the contents were still dry. Space Bags are advertised as being made of nylon, so they're more durable than plastic bags, but the WRAL team found the material to be very thin and susceptible to puncturing. Overall, the WRAL team says that Space Bags could help alleviate some storage issues, but being prone to popped seams and punctures, they may not be worth the cost.

Contributors to InfomercialRatings.com,

More than 120 customers who bought Space Bags post reviews to InformercialRatings.com with mixed results. Some of the users say that the bags work as advertised, keeping their contents vacuum-sealed. But the majority of users report that their Space Bags didn't work very well, the most common complaint being that they simply don't stay airtight. Some users also struggle with the zippers on the bags and say that the material tears and punctures easily.

Contributors to InfomercialScams.com,

InfomercialScams.com allows customers to post gripes about infomercial products they purchase, and over 100 report complaints about Space Bags. Again, the most common complaint is that the bags do not remain sealed. Customers also complain of broken zippers and flimsy material that tears easily. A select few say that their Space Bags remain airtight, but leave their clothes smelling of plastic.

Contributors to Amazon.com,

Out of more than 30 customer reviews on Amazon.com for Space Bags, more than half are negative. Some users report that the seams of the bags easily pop, thus losing their airtight seal. There are also complaints that the zipper can easily slice the material if you're not careful. A handful of reviewers have positive experiences with the Space Bag, though some of them express concern about the flimsy bag material.

Contributors to Epinions.com,

Over 15 customers review Space Bags for Epinions.com, with only a couple having positive things to say. Once again, the complaints are that the bags don't remain sealed and they rip easily. One positive reviewer finds that Space Bags work well if handled carefully, and another has good luck with the bags after going through a couple that didn't work.

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