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The Pitch: "Just stick it up, and you've got light -- anywhere, any time."

April 2009.  The Westinghouse Stick Up Bulb is a wireless, battery-powered light fixture designed for closets, sheds, hallways and other places where light is needed for brief periods. The Stick Up Bulb is one of the best known as-seen-on-TV gadgets out there. The self-adhesive base sticks to a wall (or can be mounted with screws), and a pull-string turns the light on or off. The light itself is shaped like an ordinary light bulb, but it's made of translucent shatterproof plastic that stays cool to the touch. Inside is a krypton bulb, as in a flashlight.

In professional reviews, the Stick Up Bulb works, but not for everyone. Professional reviews at KDKA in Pittsburgh, WZZM in Grand Rapids, Mich., and at Popular Mechanics say it's the brightest of the stick-on wireless lights, but still fairly dim. Editors at Popular Mechanics point out that you could hang a good LED flashlight for better light at lower battery cost. User-written reviews are also mixed. Some hope for brighter light or longer-lasting batteries, but the main complaints seem to be about quality-control issues. Quite a few users say they are happy with the Stuck Up Bulb and find it convenient, but many report receiving devices that fail after a very short time. Reviews find that its four AA batteries keep the light going for only about 3.5 hours.

  • Battery-powered
  • Cool to touch
  • Shatterproof plastic
  • Can be handheld
  • Fairly dim light
  • Batteries last only 3.5 hours

We found the most useful review at KDKA, where the Stick Up Bulb and two competing products are discussed. A review from WZZM posted on covers the Stick Up Bulb, but doesn't evaluate durability or battery life. Tests at Popular Mechanics are more critical and objective, and we found several owner-written reviews and ratings at We found fewer reviews at, and a handful of owners review the Stick Up Bulb at

Our Sources

1. KDKA (Pittsburgh)

Stick Up Lights: Do They Really Do That?, Yvonne Zanos, Consumer Editor, May 14, 2007

This review is especially useful because the tester, Dina Clark, tests both the wireless Stick Up Bulb and two competing products. The Westinghouse Stick Up Bulb works and proves the brightest, but its batteries last only 3.5 hours. The competing lights, by contrast, last 100 hours but prove disappointing because they dim noticeably from the initial bright light.


ABC Reviews the Stick Up Bulb by Telebrands, Dec. 16, 2007

In this enthusiastic video from WZZM in Grand Rapids, Mich., reporter Lauren Stanton recommends the Stick Up Bulb for closets and hallways where it would be expensive to wire in a standard light fixture. The bulb is tested in a walk-in closet, where the closet owner agrees that it's "bright enough to pick out your brown socks, compared with your black socks."

3. Popular Mechanics

Does the Stick Up Bulb Work?, Editors of Popular Mechanics, Jan. 8, 2009

Tests of the wireless Stick Up Bulb (in a closet and in a tool shed) find that the four AA batteries last 3.5 hours, producing a " wan, squint-inducing light." Editors say a flashlight or a stick-on LED light would be more useful, calling this bulb's krypton technology outmoded.


Stick Up Light Bulb, Contributors to

More than 30 owners review the Westinghouse Stick Up Bulb here, giving it a low average rating of only 2.5 stars out of a possible five, with only about a third of the reviews positive. Complaints include dim light, the bulb falling off the wall, using batteries too fast and the bulb burning out almost immediately.


Stick Up Bulb Reviews, Contributors to

More than a dozen owners review the Stick Up Bulb here, giving it a relatively low average rating of three stars out of a possible five. Owners seem to go to one extreme or the other: either finding the bulbs durable and very convenient, or reporting that the bulbs burned out way too soon. A separate page at this site publishes owner-written reviews of competing products, which get the same average rating but for different reasons.


Stick Up Bulb, Contributors to

The handful of owners reviewing the Westinghouse Stick Up Bulb here give it mixed reviews. Some find it very convenient, while others complain that it worked for only a day or two.

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