Strap Perfect Review

Updated August 15, 2016
Strap Perfect
Bottom Line

Most users of the Strap Perfect agree that it keeps loose bra straps from slipping and turns a regular bra into a racerback to wear under strappy tank tops. However, there is a definite learning curve involved. When initially attaching the plastic Strap Perfect, bra straps have a tendency to get tangled, users say, and once in place, it can be tricky to adjust it. However, after following the accompanying instructions closely, most users say it got easier with practice.

The Strap Perfect seems to work best for women with smaller busts. In user ratings, women with large chests (bigger than a C-cup) say the plastic disc digs into their backs and can become itchy or uncomfortable. Some owners also say the Strap Perfect won't stay in place and keeps sliding down their backs, while others report that it broke soon after purchase.

  • Hides bra straps
  • Gives some an added boost
  • Improves posture
  • Tricky to adjust
  • Can be uncomfortable
  • Only works for smaller busts
  • Some complaints about durability

We found user reviews for the Strap Perfect at, and Several beauty bloggers and YouTube users contribute reviews with listings of pros and cons as well. Yahoo! Answers has several questions about the Strap Perfect with various consumers giving their opinions. An ABC affiliate in Phoenix has two women test it, posting a video showing how to attach it.

Our Sources

1. KNXV (Phoenix, Ariz.)

Is the Strap Perfect a Solution for Bra Straps Hanging Out?, Daphne Munro, Dec. 10, 2009

KNXV is the ABC affiliate in Phoenix, and reporter Daphne Munro is their consumer reporter. She asks two women test the Strap Perfect for a week, and both say that while it does hide their bra straps, it is uncomfortable. The video review of the report is also available on this site, which demonstrates how the Strap Perfect works.


Strap Perfect Reviews, Contributors to

In more than 60 reviews, users give the Strap Perfect a middling average rating. While some say the Strap Perfect works as advertised, others give it just a single star. Those who are dissatisfied say it's hard to put on, uncomfortable to wear and gives you a "hump back." A few customers complain that their clips broke soon after purchase.

3. Yahoo! Answers

Strap Perfect, Contributors to Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers allows users to post questions and other users can then post answers in response. Several women post questions wondering whether the Strap Perfect works as advertised on TV. Users who already own the product respond, generally agreeing that it works well enough for hiding bra straps. Some even notice an added boost to their bust line, but say it's a bit tricky to initially set up and can be uncomfortable if you don't adjust it to the right position on your back.


Strap Perfect, Contributors to allows shoppers to post reviews of the products they purchase, and about a dozen have done so, giving the product an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Another shopper finds the Strap Perfect to be a great solution to constantly slipping bra straps as long as she loosens the straps before attaching it. One complains that her Strap Perfect clips broke after just a few months, and another says the product gives her an instant backache.


Strap Perfect 6 Pack Bra Strap Solution Reviews, Contributors to

Over a dozen consumers give the Strap Perfect 3.43 out of 5 stars. Some like the way they work and say they'd buy them again, but some unhappy customers say they stretch their bra straps, or are uncomfortable -- and one shares that her chiropractor said the Strap Perfect resulted in a spine misalignment.


As Seen on TV Strap Perfect Reviews, Contributors to

Sears' online community,, allows owners to post reviews of products. Here, the Strap Perfect receives about a half-dozen reviews, all positive, saying that the product works as advertised.


Strap Perfect Reviews, Contributors to YouTube

A handful of reviewers post their opinions of Strap Perfect, some more thorough than others. Most reviews here are positive, with owners saying they like the product and that it works well, although user comments on some videos say it doesn't hide straps and is uncomfortable. Most agree it gives a little lift, but not a whole cup size.


Idea Village Strap Perfect -- The Ultimate Bra Strap Solution -- As Seen on TV Assorted Colors, Contributors to

Similar to, shoppers can post reviews of the products they buy. More than a dozen reviewers give the product 4 out of 5 stars. Several larger-busted reviewers say the product is uncomfortable and doesn't work for them.

9. Lady Lostris Beauty

Review: Strap Perfect -- The Ultimate Bra Strap Solution, "Lady Lostris", July 23, 2009

Beauty blogger Lady Lostris reviews the Strap Perfect, discussing pros and cons and giving it an overall rating of 4 out of 5. On the plus side, she says it's good for racerback-style tops, the clip stays in place and it gives instant cleavage and perkiness. However, it's also difficult to put on and remove, sits high on your back and can be uncomfortable, she says. She recommends adjusting the straps before applying it, but says it can still be tight for some.