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The Slanket
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The Pitch: "The best blanket ever!"

April 2009. The Slanket (which actually beat the Snuggie to the market) is an oversized, body-length wearable blanket with flared sleeves. It's made of 100 percent machine-washable polyester and comes in a variety of colors, ranging from apricot to "Texas tea."  The adult-sized Slanket measures 60 inches by 95 inches, but this product is also available in a scaled-down child's size.

Reviews of the Slanket are generally favorable, especially compared to other wearable blankets like the Snuggie or the Blankoat. In a comparison test of four wearable blankets, gives the Slanket top honors, saying it's warm and comfortable, and its flared sleeves allow for added maneuverability; the Slanket also receives a rave review from, which calls it "the most comfortable, softest, warmest, and best engineered blanket ever made." Other, individual reviews on the web more or less echo these sentiments. Even so, these blankets with sleeves are cult hits, the subject of dozens of YouTube parodies.

  • Comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Available in various colors
  • Expensive
  • Some complain of backlogged orders
  • Not must better than a blanket

While in reviews the Slanket is often judged better than the Snuggie, we're not sure either one of them is with $40. Some reviewers are less impressed with the Slanket, though this is often because they doubt the utility (or social value) of wearable blankets in general. True to her name, the Paranoid Mom wonders if it's advisable to cook while wearing a Slanket, and worries that its baggy sleeves may pose a fire hazard. Other sources point out that using a wearable blanket isn't exactly an incentive to getting up and getting out of the house; how you stand on this issue is a matter of personal preference.

Our Sources


Ultimate Battle: The Snuggie vs. Slanket vs. Freedom Blanket vs. Blankoat, Jason Chen, March 30, 2009

The Slanket emerges as the clear winner in this informal, but fairly rigorous, comparison test of four wearable blankets; Jason Chen says the Slanket is warm and comfortable, and "the sleeves are wizardy enough to allow space for maneuverability."


Review: The Slanket, Editors of GadgetMadness, Dec. 12, 2006

This rave review speaks for itself. "After 35 days of using the Slanket for my sleeping blanket I came to this conclusion: the Slanket is the most comfortable, softest, warmest, and best engineered blanket ever made," the anonymous reviewer writes. "It stays soft after washing without fabric softener, and even on the coldest night the Slanket kept me (and my cat) super toasty warm." The only improvement the review would make would be to add Velcro closures to the back of the Slanket.

3. I Hate My Message Board

The Paranoid Mom Reviews New Products: The Slanket, Tracy O'Conner, Oct. 6, 2008

Tracy O'Conner, a blogger who sometimes goes by the name "The Paranoid Mom," points out the potential fire hazard involved in encasing yourself in on oversized, wearable blanket while near an open flame like a candle. She also cautions against eating while wearing the Slanket because it's massive sleeves are a potential crumb magnet. Although she raises legitimate concerns, O'Conner's snarky tone may diminish her credibility slightly for some readers who seek objective testing, rather than mere opinion.

4. Ridiculous Infomercial Review

Blanket with Sleeves Grudge Match: Slanket vs. Snuggie, Paul Lucas, Nov. 25, 2008

Despite the promising title, blogger Paul Lucas doesn't actually try out these blankets, but rather compares their marketing pitches. He does point out that "the Slanket actually looks like a big blanket whereas the Snuggie makes you look like you are returning from the evening vespers at your monestary." Helpfully, this article has nearly a hundred comments from owners of the Slanket and/or Snuggie, most of which are divided between complaints of backlogged orders and people who see little difference between the Slanket and an ordinary blanket.

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