Titan Peeler

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June 2010
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Titan Peeler

No faster than other peelers, and some complaint

  • Peels and slices very thin
  • Julienne tool works well
  • Easy to cut oneself
  • Serrated blades leave marks on food
  • No faster than an ordinary peeler
  • Complaints about online ordering
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The Titan Peeler is a handheld kitchen tool with dual stainless-steel serrated blades, designed to peel very thinly. The basic kit includes a multi-bladed julienne tool, and sometimes it's sold with an accessory that converts the Titan Peeler into a mandoline slicer.

The TV ad claims that the Titan Peeler cuts food-preparation time because it can slice while being pulled or pushed in a back-and-forth motion. Some users say this makes the peeler more versatile, while others find this awkward or dangerous. Several reviewers conclude that an ordinary peeler is actually faster to use.

In tests we found, the serrated blades peel and slice tomatoes well, and are tough enough to peel the skin of a pineapple or butternut squash. The peelings are very thin, so no food is wasted. However, the serrations do leave marks on the food, which might bother some users. Using the Titan Peeler to slice food gets mixed reviews, especially when it comes to cheeses. Overall, reviewers disagree about whether or not the Titan Peeler is worth the money, but they agree that the sharp blades make it very easy to cut yourself if you're careless.

Reviewers say you are better off buying the Titan Peeler at a store than online. If you order it from the official Titan Peeler website, some users complain, shipping charges are higher than the cost of the peeler itself. What's more, we found many complaints from owners who say their credit cards were charged without first seeing the final cost of the order. Users also report that it's very difficult to cancel orders and that shipping charges are not refunded -- even if the product is never received.

The Titan Peeler blades are advertised as carrying a lifetime warranty. However, with such extreme complaints about the Titan Peeler website, it seems unlikely that warranty fulfillment would prove satisfactory. One user reports that he bought a defective peeler, but the company wanted to charge $10 to exchange it for a new one.

We found the most thorough and critical review at Popular Mechanics, where Harry Sawyers not only tests the Titan Peeler on a pineapple and several vegetables, but also compares it with some other competing peelers. Quite a few TV stations review the Titan Peeler; we found the best review at KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Mo.), where three deli employees test it. Tests at KIDK (Idaho Falls, Idaho) include a timed race to see if the Titan Peeler really does save prep time. Owner-written reviews at Amazon.com, Walgreens.com and at RootsToTheSea.com are useful, as are complaints about the Titan Peeler website's ordering, pricing and refund policies -- posted at ConsumerAffairs.com and at RipoffReports.com.

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Our Sources

1. Popular Mechanics

The Titan Peeler is reviewed in detail here, based on peeling tomatoes, onions, a cucumber, pineapple and a butternut squash. The peeler is judged effective but expensive compared with several good competitors. The serrated blades are good for tomatoes and tough skins, but leave ridges after each stroke. After using it on a cucumber, Sawyers says "its surface looked like a wall with a badly painted faux finish." The main criticism is based on the shipping and handling charges -- which exceed the cost of the product itself -- when ordering online or by phone.

Review: Does the Titan Peeler Work? As Seen on TV Lab Test, Harry Sawyers

2. KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Mo.)

Lauren Keith asks three women who work in the deli at a local grocery store to try out the Titan Peeler. Although the women say it does a decent job on potatoes and apples, they end up with a carrot that's shredded rather than peeled. These testers report that it doesn't save time, and is awkward and dangerous to use; two of them cut themselves while using the device.

Review: Titan Peeler: Does It Work?, Lauren Keith, June 9, 2009

3. KIDK (Idaho Falls, Id.)

Tom Hersh, owner and manager of a local diner, tests the Titan Peeler on a potato, carrot, cucumber and two cheeses. Slicing cheese results in uneven, unattractive slices, but the Titan Peeler peels the vegetables easily with less waste than an ordinary peeler. A timed test, though, shows that peeling is faster with an ordinary peeler than with the Titan.

Review: Does It Really Work? Titan Peeler, Tommy Noel, April 9, 2009

4. WMBF (Myrtle Beach, S.C.)

Local chef Darren Daugherty tests the Titan Peeler for this review, finding it effective in peeling and slicing a tomato as well as slicing cheese, peeling and julienning a cucumber, and slicing a potato thin enough for potato chips. The only caveat is that the sharp blades are too dangerous for kids to use.

Review: Untitled, Editors of WMBF, June 26, 2009

5. RootsToTheSea.com

This anonymous blogger posts photos of the Titan Peeler peeling and making julienne cuts on a carrot, potato, cucumber and apple, as well as slicing cheese. She finds it effective in peeling and julienne slicing as long as the tool is pulled toward the user. It also does a good job of slicing cheese, but slicing vegetables into small pieces is awkward. She reports that she's continued to use the Titan Peeler, finding it useful and worth its price. A few readers add comments; one says the manufacturer wanted $10 to exchange a defective unit.

Review: Utitled, "Cheryl", March 7, 2009

6. KCBD (Lubbock, TX)

This article gives the Titan Peeler and its julienne accessory a thumbs-up on all counts. Testers find it effective for slicing and shredding potatoes, carrots, zucchini, cheese and chocolate.

Review: The Titan Peeler: Does It Work?, Editors of KCBD, June 17, 2009

7. Amazon.com

A clear majority of the dozen-plus owners reviewing the Titan Peeler here are quite happy with it. Some find it awkward to use, and even the enthusiastic users note that it can be dangerous.

Review: Titan Peeler, Contributors to Amazon.com

8. ConsumerAffairs.com

Several people complain that the official Titan Peeler website takes credit card information before providing a total, so they were charged for Titan Peeler orders they never completed. The company only refunded the price of the peeler, not the large shipping and handling charges. Complaints also cover poor customer service.

Review: Titan Peeler, Contributors to ConsumerAffairs.com

9. Ripoff Report.com

Complaints here echo those at ConsumerAffairs.com and cover a wide time span, indicating that problems have not been resolved.

Review: Titan Peeler, Contributors to RipOffReport.com

10. Walgreens.com

There are only two reviews here, but both give the Titan Peeler a perfect 5-star rating.

Review: Titan Peeler and Julienne Tool, Contributors to Walgreens.com

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