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Updated August 15, 2016
Topsy Turvy
Bottom Line

The Topsy Turvy planter is advertised as the gardening solution for those with limited space and gardening ability. The plastic planter hangs upside down from a tree, or out on your balcony or terrace, with the soil on the top and the plant growing out of the bottom. The planter can be hung virtually anywhere, so the need for an actual garden is eliminated. There are Topsy Turvy planters available for a variety of plants, including tomatoes, strawberries, hot peppers and fresh herbs. By having the plants suspended, the manufacturer claims they will be safe from pests and won't need to be weeded.

Most consumers who buy the Topsy Turvy say they are pleased with the planter, which is praised as being easy to assemble and hang nearly anywhere. The claim that the plant will be safe from pests and weeds holds true, and most users see their plants blossoming within a month of planting them.

  • Easy to assemble
  • No garden necessary
  • Eliminates pests and weeds
  • Works for various fruits and vegetables
  • Heavy once assembled
  • Needs constant watering
  • Can only handle small plants
  • Plastic planter may tear
  • Best used outdoors

While the Topsy Turvy planter works well for most users, some are disappointed that it can only handle small plants. It also needs constant watering, so leaving the Topsy Turvy unattended could result in dying plants. Even those who are happy with the Topsy Turvy say that it gets very heavy once it's filled with soil, which can make hanging it a hassle. A few customers say the plastic can tear easily when the planter is emptied, rendering it unusable. And it certainly works best outdoors, since water will drip after watering.

A reporter at KFVS in Cape Girardeau, Mo., tests a Topsy Turvy planter at a viewer's home, noting that tomatoes are ripening after just a few weeks. Customer reviews on,, and are generally positive, but a few are disappointed by some of Topsy Turvy's shortcomings. One review at Associated Content is very positive: She's able to hang her plants indoors during the winter, allowing her to grow fruits and vegetables all year.

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1. KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Mo.)

Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Planter: Does it Work?, Lauren Keith, June 4, 2008

Reporter Lauren Keith tests a Topsy Turvy tomato planter at the home of a KFVS viewer. They find the planter easy to assemble, though it's a bit heavy once all of the soil is added. A friend who assists them with hanging the planter from the porch says that he's had a Topsy Turvy planter for a month and the plant is already blossoming. Keith follows up to see how the plant is doing about a month later, and finds there are tomatoes ripening on the vine. Based on all of the success factors, Topsy Turvy earns an overall grade of "A." A video of this test is also available at the site.


Felknor Ventures 82506 Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter, Contributors to

More than 100 customers review the Topsy Turvy planter, and most are at least moderately pleased with their results. They say the planter is easy to assemble and are happy with the quality of tomatoes that grow. Many customers warn that the planter is heavy once the soil is added, which can make hanging them tricky. Consumers also recommend guarding the planters during heavy rains so they don't get over-watered. The most common complaint is that the plants have to be watered too often, as the water runs right through the planter; if left unattended for too long the plants will die. A few customers who prefer larger tomatoes are disappointed that the Topsy Turvy can only handle small plants.


Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter, Contributors to

Around 10 customers review the Topsy Turvy planter. The majority find the planter easy to assemble and care for, and they are happy with the fruits and vegetables that grow. One customer says that the planter's plastic material is a bit flimsy and fell apart when emptied at the end of the season.


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A handful of customers review Topsy Turvy on, and most say the planter is easy to put together, yields great results and keeps the plants safe from bugs and animals. The most common complaints are that the planters get heavy once they're filled with soil and require constant watering.


Topsy Turvy Vegetable Planters, Alexandra Romanov, May 1, 2009

Reviewer Alexandra Romanov tries out several Topsy Turvy planters and is very happy with her results. Within three weeks her plants blossom, and she finds the tomatoes and peppers ripen faster than they do in the ground. She hangs the plants indoors during the winter and they continue to flourish, allowing her to enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs during the holidays.

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