Windshield Wonder Review

Updated August 15, 2016
Windshield Wonder
Bottom Line

The pitch: "Makes windshield cleaning fast and easy."

As infomercial products go, the Windshield Wonder is simple -- perhaps too simple, according to reviewers. Essentially, this is a microfiber towel attached to a 16-inch, curved plastic handle. Each Windshield Wonder comes with a kit that includes the handle, a 12-inch microfiber towel, two microfiber bonnets, a spray bottle and a storage pouch. To use it, you wet the towel with tap water and wipe the interior of your windshield. It's specifically designed to reach the corners between the glass and the dashboard, which can be difficult to clean.

No less than four local TV news affiliates have tried out the Windshield Wonder, and the results are mixed. Although KFVS gives it an A plus, a couple of testers are indifferent at best, saying Windshield Wonder will do if you don't have anything better on hand. A handful of users at are uniformly positive and each gives this product a five-star rating. The blogger at, who has yet to meet an infomercial product she doesn't like, raves about it as well.

  • Easy to use
  • Good at getting hard-to-reach areas
  • Removes mild amounts of dirt and grime
  • Uses plain tap water
  • Mediocre cleaning ability
  • Other tools work just as well

A rigorous blogger at Popular Mechanics says that Windshield Wonder "isn't exactly a complex piece of engineering." He points out that you can clean your windshield with a rag on a stick just as easily.

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Our Sources

1. Popular Mechanics

Does the Windshield Wonder Work? As Seen on TV Lab Test, Editors of Popular Mechanics, May 29, 2009

Popular Mechanics editors hail a taxi and ask the driver to test the Windshield Wonder. The cab driver, who's identified only as Jordan, says the Windshield Wonder works pretty well overall, even though he finds the pivoting head a bit floppy. The magazine's verdict: save your money and make your own out of a rag and a stick.

2. KDKA (Pittsburgh)

Does It Really Do That: Windshield Wonder, Yvonne Zanos, July 20, 2009

Reporter Yvonne Zanos asks test subject Robert Nesmith to try Windshield Wonder on the exterior and interior windshield of his car. Although Nesmith is impressed by the smooth way it handles, he finds it doesn't clean very well, leaving streaks and blotches. The Windshield Wiper removes some dirt, but not all of it. Nesmith concludes that the Windshield Wonder and water alone won't do the job.

3. WCPO (Cincinnati)

Try it Out Tuesday: Windshield Wonder, Editors of WCPO, July 21, 2009

WCPO editors say the Windshield Wonder is "easy to put together," but when their tester uses it on the glass of the station's car, it only does a so-so job of cleaning. Like Robert Nesmith at KDKA, WCPO editors say it removes some dirt, but not all of it. The conclusion: It might work "if you have nothing else to clean with."

4. KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Mo.)

Windshield Wonder: Does it Work?, Lauren Keith, June 16, 2009

Reporter Lauren Keith asks viewer Jeanette Patterson to see if the Windshield Wonder really works. The Windshield Wonder aces KFVS' test, earning an A plus for its convenience and ability to clean the inside of windows. However, Keith notes that the product "makes no mention of cleaning outside windows. It does work outside, but you'll probably want some sort of solution other than tap water so you can take off bugs and other markings."

5. KLRT (Little Rock, Ark.)

Deal or Dud: Windshield Wonder, Editors of KLRT, July 10, 2009

This news station asks a woman named Jenna to try out Windshield Wonder on her dirty car. In a few minutes, she is able to clean the entire interior windshield. Her only complaint is that the detachable handle gets in the way at times. In a subsequent stress test, mud is tossed on the windshield and left to dry in the sun. The Windshield Wonder removes most of the caked-on mud. Jenna's verdict: "I think it did a pretty good job. Maybe not for heavy-duty stuff, but if you just need a quick cleaning, I say it's a deal!"


Windshield Wonder, Contributors to

At last look, there were less than 10 reviews of the Windshield Wonder at, and every user gives it a five-star rating. Users say it's easy to use, and effective at removing dirt and accessing hard-to-reach places. There are only two minor complaints -- one user notes that the head doesn't firmly attach to the handle; the other reports an issue with customer service.


Windshield Wonder Reviewed, "Jenny", April 13, 2009

This blogger raves about the Windshield Wonder, wondering why no one had thought to create it sooner. She tries the gadget on her front and back windshield, saying it easily wipes off all of the dirt. Be aware, however, that this blogger raves about virtually all products she reviews and also includes retail links, so we judge this review highly suspect.

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