Your Baby Can Read

Updated August 15, 2016
Your Baby Can Read
Bottom Line

"Your Baby Can Read" is an interactive educational program designed to help parents teach infants and toddlers to read. The complete set includes flash cards and a series of five DVDs, each to be used twice a day for 30-minute sessions over a period of one or two months. Books that go with the program are also available.

Robert Titzer, the author and founder of the company, began selling a videotape version in 1998, based partly on his own experience of teaching his two daughters to read at very young ages. He says the ideal time to learn to read is between birth and 4 years of age, and that learning to read early has a direct influence on later success.

  • Works for many kids
  • Multisensory, interactive
  • Involves parents
  • Poorly produced
  • Expensive
  • Boring for many kids
  • Time-consuming for parents
  • Some experts advise against it
  • Complaints about customer service
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