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Auto GPS: Ratings of Sources

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Not Dated
GPS Ratings
by Editors of
Our buys products anonymously to ensure unbiased, objective tests. Editors currently cover more than 100 car GPS systems on the site, but some are discontinued models. GPS systems are ranked from best to worst in a handy chart. Each model gets a one-page summary with pros, cons and user ratings, but there's no detailed discussion.
2. GPS Tracklog
Not Dated
Auto GPS Buyers Guide
by Rich Owings
Our AssessmentThis blog is operated by Rich Owings, who posts information about most major-brand GPS devices, personally reviews some of them and links to reviews and ratings by others. Site users add opinions and occasionally contribute reviews. This fairly up-to-date buyer's guide lists Owings' picks in budget, midrange and high-end car GPS systems.
May 17, 2013
The Best GPS Devices
by Wendy Sheehan Donnell
Our has slowed way down on reviewing GPS navigation systems. Still, editors have tested a few of the latest car GPS systems from Garmin, Magellan and TomTom, identifying each product's place in the market and assigning an overall rating. Reviews are consistently high-quality and easy to read, even though they aren't as exhaustively detailed as those at dedicated GPS-review websites.
Updated July 3, 2013
Best GPS Navigation Systems
by Antuan Goodwin
Our AssessmentCNET has tested only two new car GPS systems this year: high-end units from Garmin and Magellan. They take the top two spots on this list, followed by three less expensive, older (but still current) GPS systems. A link leads to the reviews, which are critical -- but they devote more attention to features than performance. Testing is typically limited to a couple of test drives around San Francisco.
5. Choice magazine
March 11, 2013
Car GPS Reviews
by Denis Gallagher
Our AssessmentChoice, an Australian consumer-testing organization, is similar to It doesn't accept freebies to test, and it accepts no advertising. This year, Choice tests nine current car GPS systems in both the city and the country (prior years' tests are still available on the site, too). All but one of them are recommended. Three of the top picks are widely available in the U.S.
6. Which? magazine
Not Dated
Sat Nav Reviews
by Editors of Which? magazine
Our AssessmentWhich? is the U.K.'s answer to It tests GPS (or sat nav) systems and smartphone apps on busy city streets, complicated highway intersections and roundabouts. Each is rated on 19 performance and ease-of-use criteria. Some of the named Best Buys are older models, but three are among the latest U.S. car GPS systems.
Sept. 13, 2013
Buyer's Guide: The Best Sat Navs
by Fabien Pionneau
Our AssessmentThis is the English-language version of the French electronics testing site Tests here are thorough and easy to read, but many of the tested models aren't available in the United States. The top-rated car GPS is, though -- the Garmin nuvi 2597LMT.
June 14, 2013
Magellan SmartGPS Review: Further Proof Your Phone Is the Only Navigator You Need
by Darren Murph
Our AssessmentA week-long test of the Magellan SmartGPS convinces Darren Murph to stick with his smartphone for navigating. He finds the SmartGPS too big and way too confusing: "You'll probably kill yourself and a handful of others if you try to use it while motoring."
As of October 2013
Vehicle GPS
by Contributors to
Our sells all major brands of car GPS units and encourages customers to submit ratings of products they've used. Garmin models dominate's bestseller list, and they earn the highest average ratings. The reviews don't offer the depth of those written by professional reviewers, but this is a good place to learn how auto GPS units work in everyday use, as well as over the long haul. The website is easy to navigate, but discontinued models -- many of which are still available -- are mixed in with current ones.
As of October 2013
Portable GPS
by Contributors to
Our is another rich source of owner reviews. Owners aren't shy about pointing out duds here. As at, Garmin GPS systems come out on top.
As of October 2013
GPS and Navigation
by Contributors to
Our doesn't sell as many car GPS models -- or attract as many owner reviews -- as and, but it's still a pretty good place to read reviews. There's a wide range of ratings between good, mediocre and bad car GPS systems, so it's easy to find the best performers.

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